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    Erik the Undead Kricketune


    Erik the Undead Kricketune Empty Erik the Undead Kricketune

    Post by Guest Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:22 pm

    Erik the Undead Kricketune Iaza18167494103600

    Name: Erik

    Species: Krickitune

    Approximate time of infection: 6 weeks ago

    Known Moves:
    Echoed Voice(TM)

    Height: 3’03

    Weight: 54.5

    Erik had always been a part of the theater, as a kricketot he would sneak to human concerts and try to get copy their dancing, acting and singing. One day the manager caught him trying to sneak on stage and after catching him she began to actually use him in plays, dances, concerts but he was always used as backup. That was until he evolved.
    After that his singing and dancing where magnificent and the manager used him as a main role, he loved it more then anything in the world. In his free time he would practice and it showed very well. He even participated in contest to show how well he could use his move-set to dazzle the crowd.
    The cavern he was in traveled throughout different regions to have their plays and musicals.
    When they went to Johto a strange growlithe attacked Erik and bit into his side, and it used flamethrower on him and burned away at his scales(?). A wartortle in their group was able to stop the fire before it killed the kricketune but he was permanently disfigured.
    Erik was devastated.
    He knew that the theater was cruel and didn’t know what to do about. The manger though gave him a mask and a cape to cover up the scars and burn marks on his face and back. Since his songs sounded like they where played by a violin it suited an image.
    Over the next few weeks though his temper flared and he seemed angrier and angrier with each passing day. He tried to cover it all up by doing his best on stage, but a part of him hated the fact he was always given the role of a bad guy now.
    Then one day on center stage he collapsed, everyone crowded around him and flinched when he began to pick himself up with his claws. Erik began singing a dreadful tune and before anyone could do anything he attacked someone killing them with a swing of his blade.
    He was able to get away and now travels throughout Johto playing his beautiful and dreadful music

    User Notes:
    -Using his music he attracts Pokémon and once they’re close enough will use Sing to make them go to sleep and then kills them
    -he’s still wearing his mask and cape
    -I’m going to get an image edit

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    Erik the Undead Kricketune Empty Re: Erik the Undead Kricketune

    Post by Suicune Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:02 pm

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    Erik the Undead Kricketune Empty Re: Erik the Undead Kricketune

    Post by Suicune Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:26 pm

    You'll be placed on the New Bark Team as the last member.

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    Erik the Undead Kricketune Empty Re: Erik the Undead Kricketune

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