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    Bernard the Floatzel


    Bernard the Floatzel  Empty Bernard the Floatzel

    Post by Guest Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:43 pm

    Bernard the Floatzel  419
    Name- Bernard

    Gender- Male

    Level- 40

    -Scald (TM)
    -Aqua Ring (bred)
    -Hyper Beam (TM)

    Ability- Swift Swim

    Nature- Hardy

    Characteristics- Highly persistent

    National Dex No./Species-#419 Floatzel/Sea Weasel Pokémon

    Height- 5'00"

    Weight- 77.7 lbs
    Pokédex Entry- It is a common sight around fishing ports. It is known to rescue people and carry off prey.

    Item- None

    History- Bernard has been a highly esteemed member of the Johto-Kanto National Guard for many years. He, along with fellow members, would regularly patrol the beaches and oceans of Johto and Kanto. They were responsible for many rescues, restorations, and crime bustings. They were the police of the sea. The humans and Pokemon got along wonderfully.
    When the Pokemon of the seas started to show symptoms of an unknown illness, the JKNG was one of the first to notice. As the situation began to grow out of control, many members quit and fled to Kanto. Bernard, however, remained in Johto. He knew it was his job to keep the people and pokemon safe.

    User Note
    - Has a strong sense of duty, and will never abandon someone in need.

    -He targets the infected in the water, knowing that corrupted water will only spread the disease faster.

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    Bernard the Floatzel  Empty Re: Bernard the Floatzel

    Post by Lugia Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:16 pm

    Approved. Please pick a spot to make a new Team in. :)

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