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    Amadeus the Infected Ninetales (Hearthome, Sinnoh)


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    Amadeus the Infected Ninetales (Hearthome, Sinnoh) Empty Amadeus the Infected Ninetales (Hearthome, Sinnoh)

    Post by Abysswalker Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:31 pm

    Amadeus the Infected Ninetales (Hearthome, Sinnoh) Amadeus_the_infected_ninetails_by_younabluelovesyou-d5c5a5h


    Text Color:


    Time of Infection:
    About five days ago.


    Adult (28 years.)

    #38: Ninetales, the Fox Pokemon


    34 lbs (is underweight.)

    Pokedex Entry:
    Its nine beautiful tails are filled with a wondrous energy that could keep it alive for 1,000 years.


    Flash Fire


    Alert To Sounds

    -Faint Attack
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Confuse Ray

    Amadeus didn't have an unhappy life. The only son of his Ninetales parents, he was born with a loving family and the humans who loved them. The people were fond of classical music, and so they named the little Vulpix Amadeus. Amadeus was well cared for, and when he reached the age of nine weeks, he was given to the human's youngest daughter as a pet. The Vulpix was no longer one of the family pets; he was hers.

    Amadeus turned out to be an ideal pet for a young child. Patient and gentle by nature, he was able to put up with the many antics of the little girl, and kept her away from danger. Over the years they bonded, until Amadeus and the girl who was not so little anymore were inseperable. When she was eleven, and Amadeus was four, the family decided to move from their native Austria and immigrate to the Sinnoh region. Amadeus was afraid of moving to unfamiliar lands, but he didn't want to leave the family, and especially not his Carina. So he, his parents, and the humans moved to Veilstone. Having been raised in Vienna, Amadeus was used to a city environment, but he was not used to all the new people. The Vulpix refused to leave the house, often staying in Carina's room for days at a time. The girl began to worry for her Vulpix, as he was no longer like his previous, full of energy self. So she asked her brother if she would help her teach Amadeus how to battle other Pokemon, thinking it would bring back his former spirit and energy. He agreed to do so, and they took the Vulpix out of the city to begin the training process.

    Amadeus was not a quick learner. He was hesitant to hurt others; the only reason he even tried was to make Carina happy. For weeks progress was painfully slow, but eventually Amadeus would start coming out of his shell. The Vulpix no longer trapped himself inside, and was less unwilling to battle others for fun. At first it was all just for fun, not anything serious. Two years later, Carina and Amadeus decided to take their goals further and try to win all the badges of Sinnoh. The two set out for Oreburgh (their families knew, of course) to get the first badge. They were excited about being able to freely explore this new region, to be able to meet new Pokemon and people. Carina and Amadeus had been so caught up in the exhilaration, they failed to realize that disaster could strike at any time. The two had just won their fifth Gym badge, and Amadeus had already evolved by then. They decided to go explore Mt. Coronet. This turned out to be a huge mistake. They were attacked by numerous Gravelers and Geodudes; Amadeus was at a disadvantage, and could not fight them all off. But then Carina and her Ninetales tried to flee, one of the Gravelers used Rock Throw, and crushed both of Carina's legs. Amadeus felt a dagger stab deep into his heart, and went to his broken friend's side. Carina was not yet dead. He could save her. Amadeus had to.

    The Ninetales used Faint Attack multiple times to get that boulder off her legs, hurting himself in the process, but Amadeus didn't care. Then came the difficult part. Being as gentle as he could possibly be, Amadeus began to take Carina out of Mt. Coronet. It was grueling, painful work, and despite his immense care, Carina was still agonized by it. Amadeus could only block out the cries as he took his best friend to the nearest city, Hearthome. Her breathing was shallow, and Amadeus was exhausted. He only remembered other humans coming to take Carina away from him.

    The girl had been taken to a hospital for extended care. After seeing her name on her Trainer I.D card, Carina's family had been called, and they came to Hearthome as fast as they possibly could. Amadeus was waiting for them, afraid of what Carina's family would say. How angry they would be at the fact Amadeus had been unable to protect their daughter. But they weren't angry at all, only worried for their daughter's health. Carina's mother went to the weary Ninetales and gave him another dagger to the heart; while they were gone, both of Amadeus' parents had died from illness. Both of them. Amadeus had never before felt so terrible, as if someone had torn out his stomach. That night, Amadeus cried himself to sleep. First Carina had been so injured, now this?

    More terrible news came about a week after Carina had been put under medical care. The Graveler's attack had permanently damaged Carina's legs and spine; she wouldn't be able to walk again, ever. Amadeus shared the same horror as her family; even the Ninetales knew that life for Carina would be extremely difficult if she couldn't walk. But they underestimated her determination. Carina told them if she couldn't use her legs, then a wheelchair would have to suffice. She told them she refused to let this handicap hold her back forever. With her beloved Amadeus by her side, Carina began to slowly recover. Despite her strong words, however, Amadeus could tell she was deeply affected by this permanent injury. He could hear her crying sometimes, when she thought she was alone and out of earshot.

    The years started to pass by. Carina shifted her focus away from winning badges to simply caring for Pokemon. She loved watching over Pokemon for her friends and neighbors, and pretty soon it was common knowledge that Carina had great nurturing skills. Her family inspired her to start a daycare business, and that became Carina's new goal. She went to school to learn about business, and was helped by her brothers. At about 26 years of age, she had finally saved enough money to get a place of her own. Carina took Amadeus, said goodbye to her family and moved to Eterna City. Business was very slow at first; these people didn't know Carina very well. Things soon picked up; Carina was friendly to all, and willing to help them. Amadeus was glad to see his best friend be the bright, happy girl he had always known.

    Three years after their move, Carina met the 'man of her dreams' (in her words.) A year and a half later, they got married. Amadeus was extremely happy for Carina and Aale (who was from Finland), but something changed after this. He had once been in the center of Carina's life, always watching out for her and keeping the girl company. Now, things were different. The Ninetales hadn't been utterly forgotten, he was still loved, but now he was left alone much more often. This got even worse later on, when the couple adopted a child (as Carina was unable to conceive naturally.) Now everything was focused on the baby. Amadeus felt forgotten; he could tell that this baby was important beyond comprehension to his best friends, but that didn't stop him from being jealous. He didn't want to be envious of a small, helpless child, but the Ninetales just couldn't help it.

    The child began to grow up, and Amadeus made it a personal goal to make sure he didn't get into trouble, as the Ninetales had done all those years ago when Carina was little. But Amadeus couldn't possibly protect his family from the arrival of the Epidemic in Sinnoh. They were attacked in the middle of the night; Carina and Aale were torn apart before Amadeus could do a thing about it. The Ninetales wasn't strong enough to fend off the attackers alone, so he took the child, Ambrus, and fled. For a week, Amadeus kept the child alive, hiding in the place he hated most, Mt. Coronet. A week until, as he had done so many times before, he had been unable to protect his loved ones. Amadeus and Ambrus were swarmed by bloodthirsty, undead Golbats, who killed the child before turning to Amadeus. The Ninetales blood had gone cold; now they were all dead. His parents. Carina and Aale. Ambrus. Likely the rest of her family. He hadn't saved even one of them from death. How useless could he be?

    Amadeus took refuge in Hearthome after fleeing from that hated mountain. He survived there for quite a long time, staying away from everyone. But then a Smeargle came and begged Amadeus to allow him to take shelter with the Ninetales. Reluctantly, Amadeus agreed, unaware that the infection lurked inside the Smeargle. Not long after, the Smeargle turned and bit Amadeus right on his left shoulder. Shocked and enraged, the Ninetales instantly killed the undead Smeargle, but the damage had been done. Amadeus now had the infection.

    As the days dragged on, Amadeus' mind began to slip. Convincing himself that he was immune, having not turned into an undead yet, Amadeus hid again. He didn't want the living to find him. They were all liars. They all wanted to hurt him. Kill him. No way would he provide shelter again. Never. They could all be torn apart by the infected for all he cared.

    After all, Amadeus was better off safe than sorry....

    Amadeus is a normal Ninetales in color and body structure; the exception is how his eyes are a dark-gray. He has fur covering his right eye, and the rest of his fur is extremely matted and messy; he hasn't bothered to clean himself up at all. He has a nasty bite on his left shoulder from where the infected Smeargle bit him.

    Amadeus is extremely paranoid and crazy. He is terrified of living and infected alike, and doesn't trust anybody at all. Amadeus is convinced that he is immune to the virus, and refuses to believe that anyone else is. He is not afraid to harm others, and will even intentionally attract the Infected to get rid of other living Pokemon. Amadeus' infection is what turned his mind so quickly, and he has a habit of repeating what he says over and over.

    User Notes:
    .Amadeus is based off The Church Guy from the original Left 4 Dead.

    .His motto is "Better safe than sorry." He repeats it a lot.

    .Has an irrational love of cookies. You give him cookies, he'll be totally different.

    .Despite his extreme paranoia of everyone, there is one person he's not afraid of.....

    .This is Amadeus' song.

    (*sobs* This profile sucks.)

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