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    Concerning Technology


    Concerning Technology Empty Concerning Technology

    Post by Guest Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:47 pm

    I seem to be obsessed with the technological capabilities of this Universe and Franchise... aye aye aye.

    Anyways. As you are all probably aware, this world has Teleport Pads. Pretty impressive, considering it involves de-materializing animate matter and re-materializing it somewhere else.

    Could said Teleporters be used portably? Maybe for a human charrie?

    This portable device would most likely be short-range teleportation. Maybe 20 feet maximum with it usually only teleporting you in 5 foot bursts.

    I based the design of it after the rechargable LED Flashlights designed for Storms. They recharge when you crank a small lever for a few seconds, giving you two minutes of power. More power the longer you charge, for a maximum charge of 15 minutes and so on.

    You wouldn't find many of these. They'd probably be Military stuff... if this world has any Military at all. If they don't I'm surprised. A bunch of Gangs that wreak havoc and summon Legendaries... but no Military? XD

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    Concerning Technology Empty Re: Concerning Technology

    Post by Lugia Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:53 pm

    While this is a good idea, this device would only be still functioning within human strongholds... And I doubt they'd be salvaged from the few places they were constructed, as evacuation doesn't allow a lot of time.

    So... Maybe. But I doubt it.


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