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    Alphonse the Albino Phanpy [wip/inactive]


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    Alphonse the Albino Phanpy [wip/inactive] Empty Alphonse the Albino Phanpy [wip/inactive]

    Post by Negative10 Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:17 pm

    Alphonse the Albino Phanpy [wip/inactive] Zjgfmg
    Pokemon Portraits:

    Name: Alphonse
    Age: Childhood
    Gender: Male


    Ability: Pickup: Has a 10% chance of finding and holding an item after battle. Will not work if this Pokémon is already holding an item. In Black & White, it allows for the user to pick up the item of its opponent or ally if they used up the item in battle.
    Nature: Gentle
    Characteristics: Good perseverance
    National Dex No./Species: #231 Phanpy / The Long Nose Pokemon

    Height:1’08” / 0.5m
    Weight:73.9lbs / 33.5kg
    Pokédex Entry: It is strong despite its compact size. It can easily pick up and carry an adult human on its back. (BW Pokedex)

    Item: None


    Other than being an albino Phanpy, he is of normal weight and height, and when given the chance enjoys giving others rides. He almost always has a pleasant look on his face, and likes to sniff the area frequently with his nose. Alphonse has a spring in his step and doesn't mind cramped places.

    Very upbeat, Alphonse will try to always make everyone around him happy. If it's by way of making a fool of himself to trying to crack a joke, he has an innocence about him that very few can keep during an epidemic.

    Negative's Notes:
    - He's too cute c:

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