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    Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf)


    Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf) Empty Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf)

    Post by Guest Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:45 pm

    Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf) Vera12

    Name: Vera
    Text Color: #D97E16
    Item: none
    Gender: Female
    Age: Teen
    Species: #156/Quilava, the Volcano Pokemon
    Height: 2' 08" (slightly smaller than average)
    Weight: 38 lbs. (slightly lighter than average)

    Pokedex Entry: It intimidates foes with the heat of its flames. The fire burns more strongly when it readies to fight.
    Level: 20
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Naive
    Characteristic: Often dozes off
    -Flame Wheel
    -Quick Attack
    -Extrasensory (egg move)

    History: Vera was born outside of Verdanturf Town to a Ninetales father and a Typhlosion mother. Her parents never really cared for her, and often left her alone for long periods of time. One day, Vera's parents left and they never came back for her at all. Vera slowly learned how to fend for herself. She often went into Verdanturf Town for her food, rummaging through garbage cans like she owns them. Many trainers wanted to catch her, since Cyndaquils are uncommon in Sinnoh, but she was able to stay wild and fight them. The fights were enough to have her evolve into a Quilava.

    One day, she was going through a garbage can for food late at night. An outside light came on and Vera fled into the darkness. The door creeked open to a enderly man named Charles. Charles knew that there was someone out there. He also knew that it was a pokemon who was most likely hungry. His thoughts were right as the hungry and dirty Quilava stepped into the light. Vera was at first scared by the man. Charles took the Volcano Pokemon into his home.

    Charles lived alone as a retired trainer. His wife had passed away and he gave away all of his pokemon to his children, who were now all grown up with families of their own. Vera was cleaned up, given something to eat, and was also given a warm place to sleep. Charles was given a new companion in the form of the Quilava. Vera stayed by Charles's side from that day on. She remained loyal to him, as a way of saying thank you to him. Charles taught her how to control her temper and stubborness. As a reward for her hard work, Vera was given a stuffed Oddish doll.

    However, things took a turn for the worse for the Quilava. One morning, Vera woke up at the foot of Charles' bed. He was still asleep and wasn't moving. She tried everything to wake him up. She tried nudging him awake, licking his face, even going as far as to bite him to see if he would wake up. He didn't respond to any method. Vera soon realized that her master had passed away in his sleep. She began to cry, clinging to her Oddish doll and laying down beside her master's body.

    The infection came and Vera was still mourning the death of Charles. She had never felt so close to anybody other than him. She just wanted the infection to end so badly so everything could go back to normal. But she wasn't even sure if that time would come.

    Appearance: Vera is smaller than most other Quilava, and she rarely has her flames up.

    Personality: Overall, Vera is like a little kid. She is hesitant in fighting enemies, living or dead. She also cowers in fear if intimidated by someone bigger than her. She's very friendly, however, and is very sweet once you get to know her.

    User Notes:
    -Named after Vera Claythorne from 'And Then There Were None'. However, she is not based off of her.

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    Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf) Empty Re: Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf)

    Post by Guest Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:00 pm

    I would like to move her to active please.

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    Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf) Empty Re: Vera the Pet Quilava (Hoenn, Verdanturf)

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