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    Samuel the Manectric (Cherrygrove, Johto)


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    Samuel the Manectric (Cherrygrove, Johto) Empty Samuel the Manectric (Cherrygrove, Johto)

    Post by Abysswalker Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:01 pm

    Samuel the Manectric (Cherrygrove, Johto) 310Manectric


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    #310: Manectric, the Discharge Pokemon


    89 lbs

    Pokedex Entry:
    It discharges electricity from its mane. It creates a thundercloud overhead to drop lightning bolts.




    Alert to sounds

    -Quick Attack
    -Thunder Wave

    Born in a breeding mill, Samuel was taken away from his mother and placed with the other baby Pokemon, and there was an abundance of them. The scraps they were given was not enough to feed everybody-therefore, they would have to brutally fight each other for the limited resources. Because of his muscular weakness, Sam was unable to fight the others properly, and stayed alive through the intervention of an older Pikachu named Scarlet. Even though she was very serious and strict, Scarlet and Sam had an unspoken, unbreakable bond. Nobody really knew why she had chosen that skinny, weak Electrike out of all the other starving Pokemon, but if it wasn't for Scarlet, Samuel would've died a long time ago. And so life continued as a constant struggle for survival, one where you got accustomed to others dying or disappearing. It was a harsh life, until the day every remaining Pokemon in the group Sam had lived with was rounded up. It had been one of the hottest days of the summer, and Samuel was becoming slightly dizzy from the heat as they stood there for what seemed like hours. Then the humans began to take out what Scarlet had called 'guns'. His mind was working poorly that day, and Sam completely forgot how dangerous such things were.
    Then the humans began to open fire. Pokemon after Pokemon began to drop to the ground, their bodies ruined by the impact of the bullets. Terrified, the rest attempted to flee, only to be shot down or torn to shreds by the human's brutal Pokemon servants. Samuel was barely able to realize what was going on before Scarlet shoved him underneath some bodies, hiding him from the guns of the humans. Samuel was trapped, smothered by the stench of death, blood and guts, forced to listen to the agonized screams of the dying Pokemon, their calls for help. The humans eventually left, leaving them all for dead, abandoning the mill. When Samuel was able to free himself from the cold grip of the dead bodies, Scarlet was nowhere in sight. He searched for such a long time, but the Electrike found no trace of the Pikachu anywhere, and was forced to travel alone.

    Samuel wandered through the unfamiliar region, steering clear of the human towns that seemed to be everywhere. He settled down in the dark forest, one known as Ilex, where he lived alone. Samuel wanted to find Scarlet again, but this outside world terrified him. Only the forest was a safe place for Sam. The Electrike stayed there for many, many years, and nothing really changed until he was nearing adulthood. The Electrike, still unevolved, had been foraging for berries when suddenly a flock of birds surrounded him, pecking and tearing at the weaker Samuel. He tried to fight back, but being at such a low level gave him a severe disadvantage. The birds would have killed Sam if it wasn't for the assistance of an older, more powerful Ninetales and her trainer. The blazing flames drove off the flock, while the trainer's other Pokemon-a Vaporeon-prevented the forest from catching on fire completely. They took the wounded Electrike back to their home in Azalea Town.
    As Sam recovered, the Ninetales' trainer and his family realized there was something off about the Electrike's behavior. They performed physical therapy for his muscular problems, but his emotional issues were a lot more difficult. Samuel preferred to stay around the Ninetales who had saved him; her name was Time. Like Scarlet, Time became a motherly figure to Samuel. She taught him fighting skills, how to survive if he was on his own, and tried to get him to socialize with others. Samuel became accustomed to Time and her human family, becoming a companion to the latter. However, outside of the home, Samuel still suffered from emotional and social problems that prevented him from fully interacting with others.

    Samuel spent many years with his family, not really paying attention to making himself stronger, until the day the worst disaster happened. He had just learned how to control his electricity at a stronger level, and for the first time used the move Spark. However, something went wrong, and the home caught on fire. The blaze erupted before it could be stopped, all of the Pokemon and humans except Samuel and Time perishing from the flames. Right when they were about to escape, the roof collapsed completely. Time only had the chance to save Samuel before she was crushed completely. It was around this time the emotional ruin Samuel experienced made the schizophrenia that had been there his entire life really kick in-and that was when she came.
    Samuel became haunted by a Ninetales, one with severe injuries, and eventually the fox began to speak to him. Her name was 'Natallia,' and she began to control Samuel's life. He never realized that she was controlling or a hallucination. When the Epidemic came, it was her that kept him alive. Natallia kept the memories away. She helped him become strong enough to evolve into a Manectric.
    Samuel stayed alive despite the infected that hunted him. And it was all because of her.........

    Sam is a completely normal Manectric when it comes to physical appearance-there's nothing really special about him there. But his body posture gives away that there's something going on with the Manectric. Samuel is constantly attempting to hide himself, to look smaller. He's always shivering and looking behind his shoulder or to his side, as if 'someone's' there. His expression, more often than not, is one of extreme paranoia or anxiety, due to his personality.

    Samuel is extremely nervous and afraid of other people, almost completely unwilling to socialize unless Natallia tells him to. He is also scared of disappointing or making others angry at him, so he tends to agree with everything and everyone, even if his opinion is something entirely different. Sam is easily influenced and persuaded, especially by Natallia, and sometimes suffers from extreme depression. Due to his schizophrenia, Sam also is afflicted with a loss of motivation and has emotional troubles. He also has difficulties with his attention span and long-term memory. Samuel, very rarely, has moments of extreme violence, where he tears apart anything that comes near him, friend or foe.
    One strong point Sam has is that he is extremely cautious and paranoid, and so he is often the one who spots danger first and never does anything reckless.
    Samuel's behavior would most likely be strange to a normal Pokemon. He is always, always shivering, and constantly looks over his shoulder as if expecting someone to be there. Since Sam is haunted by his hallucination, a Ninetales that calls herself 'Natallia,' he often talks to it, and so to anyone else it looks like he's talking to himself. When in a group, Samuel distances himself and attempts to hide in place sight. However, probably the weirdest thing to others is how he 'interacts' with his hallucination, Natallia-he 'talks' to her, gets food and water for her, and anything she does, Samuel believes it is real. Whenever others tell him Natallia doesn't exist, Samuel gets extremely defensive and angry.

    User Notes:
    -The most unusual thing about Samuel is that he is haunted by a hallucination, a female Ninetales known as Natallia who is covered in severe injuries. To Samuel, anything Natallia does is real-though in reality, no one else can see, hear or feel the Ninetales. She basically controls Sam by persuading him, bending the Manectric to her 'will.'

    .Samuel is afflicted with the mental disorder known as 'schizophrenia.' This affliction is what causes his paranoia, anxiety, depression, and other problems. It is also what caused the Natallia hallucination to appear.

    .Samuel cannot remember most of his past due to the effects schizophrenia has on his long-term memory.

    .Samuel has the disease Becker's muscular dystrophy-because of it, his legs are weak. He frequently falls down and sometimes has trouble breathing. Sam also has trouble performing various movements, such as running, jumping, and walking. Sometimes he also walks on his toes, and is easily fatigued. All of this is due to the disease.

    .Both his schizophrenia and muscular dystrophy were genetically passed.

    .Samuel suffers from astraphobia-he is afraid of thunder and lightning, so he never uses his Electric-attacks unless absolutely necessary. It is possible that this phobia was caused by the accident that occurred when Sam first used his Spark attack.

    .Time taught him most of what he knows about fighting, well 'Natallia helped' him gain the last few levels to evolve.

    .Samuel speaks with bad stutter-whether or not his disorders are the cause is a mystery.

    .When he is able to speak properly, Samuel has a Russian accent, though it is not extremely thick-some might have trouble pinpointing what kind of accent it is. He picked up on the accent after being taken in by Time's family, since they were Russian.

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