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    Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma]


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    Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma] Empty Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma]

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    Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma] X4GWK

    Harley by Ciana~

    Item Black vest and black fingerless gloves.
    Gender Male
    Age 17
    Species #514/ Simisear/ Ember Pokemon
    Height 3'03"/ 1.0m
    Weight 61.7lbs/ 28.0kg
    Pokédex Entry A flame burns inside its body. It scatters embers from its head and tail to sear its opponents.
    Level 51
    Ability Blaze
    Nature Docile
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves - Flame Burst (Learned)
    - Brick Break (TM)
    - Rock Slide (TM)
    - Shadow Claw (TM)
    He was born in a pokemon daycare. His trainer James, a biker, came to adore the little Pansear soon after he was born. He was named after James favorite motorcycle company. They traveled everywhere together, but the other pokemon in James party liked to harshly pick on Harley because he had big ears an ridiculous hair. Harley tried to ignore them, but he soon became extremely defensive and more secluded to himself, and began to fight back in rage. Soon after he started standing up for himself, he evolved into a Simisear. This made James even more proud of his beloved pokemon, and he gave him an outfit to wear just like his; sunglasses, some fingerless gloves, and a special motorcycle jacket with a Simisear flame on the back. Harley was so happy his trainer still loved him. But soon, James had not been paying so much attention to him, because he was busy going out with a girl. But after the announcement of the infection, one night, James never came back. Luckily, Harley was out of his pokeball that night. Unluckily for the other pokemon in James team, Harley decided not to release them from their balls on his departure. Why should he when they were never nice to him? And there he went on his own, into the wilderness, without a friend in the world....
    Appearance Quiet healthy. He is right in posture, but his face is sometimes a bit weary looking. Since his arm was horribly broken from a Rock Smash attack, his elbow has a large scar and his left arm is a bit defective when bent.
    Personality Is happy most of the time and a bit cocky when with people he knows relatively familiarly. But he is quiet most of the time and revered, except when he needs to stand up or fight.
    User Notes He was hurt from other pokemon, and never had a friend but James, and even he was left by him. All he wants is a little bit of love.

    Item A Red Bow
    Gender Female
    Age 16
    Species #027/ Sandshrew/ Mouse Pokemon
    Height 2'00"/0.6m
    Weight 26.5lbs/12.0kg
    Pokédex Entry To protect itself from attackers, it curls up into a ball. It lives in arid regions with minimal rainfall.
    Level 32
    Ability Sand Veil
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Capable of Taking Hits
    Moves - Sand-Attack (Learned)
    - Poison Sting (Learned)
    - Swift (Learned)
    - Sand Tomb (Learned)
    History As eggs, Sister and her older brother, Smile, were abandoned, and was born and raised in Floaroma Town, specifically; Valley Windworks. Where the scientists there raised orphaned Pokemon. Sister and Smile were always together in the young years; Smile watching over Sister, Sister watching over Smile. They had each other's backs, despite the fact Sister was always the weak one. Throughout their relationship, the twosome had various ups and downs, still managing to be close, like two peas in a pod. Soon, the scientists in Valley Windworks decided that the two were to be trained. Valley Windworks became a school for them as they moved on with life, the Sandshrews trained there for the time being.

    Time was quick and fast, due to Sister's and Smile's age difference, they were assigned to different classes, but nonetheless, still close. Smile was popular in his class, often surrounded by a flock of girls. He became more popular when he evolved. Sister was proud of her brother, but unlike him, she was alone. The young Mouse Pokemon had no friends, and was considered stuck up. It was true she was stuck up, most of the time believing that the world revolved around her, and that everything was perfect if it's just her and Smile.

    Due to the sibling's closeness, females of Smile's 'fangroup' were often jealous of Sister, and believes that she was a parasite that abuses her brother's kindness. This jealously led to the group of Pokemon to plan and play a prank on Sister, the prank was supposedly harmless, but would give the Sandshrew huge embarrassment, and would leave a emotional scar on her. The siblings were unaware of this, and continued on their daily lives.

    The day that the prank was played, Sister was somewhat happy, because on that very day, she was supposedly had a person willing to be her friend as told to her by a classmate. The Sandshrew waited out the stairs, just as told, waiting.
    The Prank went wrong sadly.
    Not much was known of how the Prank was suppose to be, but it led to the Sandshrew's demise. Sister fell down the stairs, nearly breaking her neck. Luckily it was just her leg. Thanks to the incident, she was hospitalized for months, leaving the females of the group kicked out of Valley Windworks for doing a thing.
    When Smile discovered that his Sister was hospitalized, he rushed to her side, begging what had happened, and if anyone was the cause of this. The Sandshrew was hesistant, reluctantly lying. Forced herself to tell her brother that it was her own fault, and that she was clumsy.

    When Sister was fully healed, she was able to get off of hospitalization, only to find that her brother made a friend that wasn't like those girls; Sabistuki the Weavile. At first, the Sandshrew wasn't fond of the new friend. Especially since she though of Sabi as a rival for Smile's attention.

    Over time, Sister became close to Sabi, it was not that it was on purpose, but the Sandshrew appreciated how there's more company, and someone that didn't degrade Sister that wasn't Smile. She thought of Sabi as a big sister [And maybe as her mother, and acts as if Smile was the father]. Sister was very supporting of having the two be a couple.

    However, due to Smile's popularity, he was once again, distant from Sister and Sabi. This resulted in Sabi and Sister being alone most of the time, and getting bullied from day to day without Smile's knowledge. Sister figured of this as a sign to her, a symbol. A lesson that she is to remember all eternity.

    She never smiled after those incidents occurred.

    When the Epidemic hit, it was quick, already wiping out the entire Floaroma Town. Leaving the three to fend for themselves, because of this, they became close once more.

    However, Sabi left due to some circumstances, which left Sister and Smile to await for her return, and protect the little flowers they had treasured.
    Appearance Sturdy looking, upright in stance. doesn't smile except sometimes in a maniacal way.
    Personality She doesn't really care about a lot of things, but deep down she cares.
    User Notes Adopted from TK~

    Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma] Nuibi | -None-
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    Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma] Empty Re: Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma]

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    Harley and Jeanne: Concealed Emotion Simisear and Blunt Sandslash [Sinnoh, Floaroma] 3Br5nS6

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