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Anaksa, the arbok [Ilex, Johto]


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Anaksa, the arbok [Ilex, Johto] Empty Anaksa, the arbok [Ilex, Johto]

Post by Silverishness Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:42 am

Anaksa, the arbok [Ilex, Johto] 170px-024Arbok

Hex Color #B62084
Item None
Gender Female
Age Adult (27 in Human terms)
Species #024/ Arbok, the Cobra Pokemon
Height 11'6”
Weight 143.3 lbs
Pokédex Entry This Pokémon is terrifically strong in order to constrict things with its body. It can even flatten steel oil drums. Once Arbok wraps its body around its foe, escaping its crunching embrace is impossible.
Level 44
Ability Shed Skin
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Somewhat vain
Moves -Crunch
-Poison Jab [TM]
-Earthquake [TM]
History Anaksa had been one of those pokemon a trainer caught for shiggles. Just another pokemon for the pokedex, in some cases, or for the sheer fact it was one of two snake pokemon. Not very sought after, and, once caught, was shoved into the PC to rot for the rest of her days. She felt she had been doomed to his fate, not because of her type or anything that she could control, but it was because of how weak she was.

She hated it.

Her trainer, like so many others, had shoved her aside, looking for stronger, better pokemon. One day, however, she was taken out for a trade, and her new trainer was massively different. The new trainer, a boy named Liam, thought that with enough training, any pokemon could have the power to fight a Legendary and win. So he trained her, ad she loved every moment of it.

She soon evolved into a graceful arbok, and with her powerful repitoire of moves, she became his strongest pokemon. Her power and blinding speed provided her trainer quick victories, and they were on their way to Indigo Pleateu when the horrors began. Demons with red eyes and what stank of death filtered into the land, causing nothing but chaos in their wake. They attacked her team, her trainer, and killed them all. She was only able to escape with her quick slither, and her great ability to hide.

She now roams, not truly sure what to do with herself. However, she only knows that she is strong enough to overcome this challenge and live.
Appearance Lean and lithe, Anaksa is everything an arbok should be. Her serpentine form can be spotted gliding over whatever terrain she's traversing. Agile and elegant, her power is no secret by the way he conducts herself.
Personality A true fan of Darwinism, Anaksa is probably not the first pokemon to go to when looking for pity or sympathy. The weak are simply there to fuel the powerful. Because of this belief, she is a little power hungry, surrounding herself with powerful pokemon so that she may become so herself. She is cold, calculating, and almost every action she performs has been thought over and executed for some ulterior motive. Other pokemon may find her to be underhanded and sneaky, and she would simply admit they're right.
The loss of her trainer and team is partially to blame for this, as well as her time being boxed and traded. If they just weren't strong enough, it's easier to bear it that way rather than viewing it as some mindless, thoughtless killing.
Though she doesn't mind killing or other pokemon killing other pokemon, she does have a problem with mindless killing. Such acts are brutal and unnecessary, even if the victim wasn't strong enough to survive. She would still not pity the victim, but would hold the killer in a less favorable light.
User Notes -Has eaten Infected meat, but it doesn't do anything
Not trusting of those with type advantages over her

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Anaksa, the arbok [Ilex, Johto] Empty Re: Anaksa, the arbok [Ilex, Johto]

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