Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    George the Shiny Quilava [Alph|Johto]


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    George the Shiny Quilava [Alph|Johto] Empty George the Shiny Quilava [Alph|Johto]

    Post by Abysswalker Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:14 pm

    George the Shiny Quilava [Alph|Johto] Large_118706




    -Flame Wheel
    -Quick Attack
    -Dig [TM]



    Likes to relax


    46 lbs

    Pokedex Entry:
    This Pokemon is fully covered by nonflammable fur. It can withstand any kind of fire attack.


    George was born on April 1, with his twin brother, Fred. Both of them were born pranksters, and were never seen apart. George, however, was the calmer and gentler of the pair: because of that, most of his relatives preferred him over Fred. But the twins were practically in sync, shrugging off criticism from the family and always plotting new schemes. Only one day the entire family became divided, and George's family immediately hid him from the other relatives. But, without warning, Fred vanished, leaving his twin brother behind. George was at a loss for why Fred had gone without him, but the family division made it too dangerous for the Quilava to search for Fred. Plus, his twin had not left a trail to show where he had gone, making any attempts at tracking him done useless. George was left without his twin brother and best friend, leaving him in a miserable state even after the family war had died down. Everyone noticed how George's humurous and kind nature seemed to have run off with Fred, and it seemed that nothing they could do would ever cheer him up. So Bill, the eldest of George's siblings, took matters into his own paws. He offered George a chance to escape from the family and search for Fred, a chance George immediately accepted. They spent only a week getting a plan ready so the two could slip away. With the use of a few decoys and over fifteen times nearly getting caught, Bill and George had made it to Goldenrod City. George had never seen the huge city or its human inhabitants, but he thought it was unlikely for Fred to have come here. They planned to head east, but unfortunately, their plans were halted when some human trapped George and used a Feraligatr to knock out Bill. The human then took the brothers to some underground tunnel, muttering something about scientists and experiments, whatever those were. George, who had been shut in a cage, attempted to melt the bars. At that same moment, the human jabbed some claw into George's flank, immediately making him fall unconscious. The shiny Quilava would catch a fortune with his unusual fur, so the black-garbed humans didn't hurt him in any way. But most unluckily for them, the epidemic had begun its terrifying rampage, and many of their Pokemon had become infected. Bill just so happened to be amongst that crowd.

    George was woken by someone screaming. The whole place had gone completely dark, and George took this chance to melt the bars of his cage. Finally free, George suddenly realized that he could smell blood everywhere. Terrified now, the Quilava ran to find the way out, his flames lighting the way. Now George could see the bodies of humans and Pokemon alike, all torn apart. The worst shock came, however, when George spotted a lumbering mass ahead of him. It was a Typhlosion-Bill! George called out to his older brother, who didn't respond. That was weird. Suddenly, Bill lungrd at George with his claws outstretched. Now George could see that Bill had been literally torn apart. Fearing for his life, George fled into the Goldenrod Underground and didn't stop until he reached the city itself. Now George had two goals-stay alive, find Fred. Surely his twin brother was much too clever to have been killed by an infected. And so George set off alone, on the hunt for his twin brother, who's fate is unknown to George.

    User Notes:
    -George is much calmer than Fred, much gentler and less cruel. George and Fred do share a sense of humor and love for pranks and sarcasm.

    -He looked exactly like Fred did when the other twin was still alive, minus the hat.

    -Stole the TMs from a human, while Bill knew how they worked.

    (Sorry for the short history, it was kinda rushed.)


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    George the Shiny Quilava [Alph|Johto] Empty Re: George the Shiny Quilava [Alph|Johto]

    Post by Suicune Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:42 pm



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