Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Prince the Shiny Haxorus [Lostlorn, Unova]


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    Prince the Shiny Haxorus [Lostlorn, Unova] Empty Prince the Shiny Haxorus [Lostlorn, Unova]

    Post by Min Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:19 pm

    Prince the Shiny Haxorus [Lostlorn, Unova] Shiny_haxorus__dream_world_art_by_muums-d3j3nhx
    [Temporary Image.]





    Swords Dance

    Poison Jab [TM]

    Mold Breaker



    Often lost in thought.

    National Dex No./Species-

    #612 - Haxorus. The Axe Jaw Pokemon.

    5'11" / 1.8m

    232.6lbs / 105.5kg

    Pokédex Entry-
    Its tusks are incredibly destructive. They can easily slice through a thick, sturdy steel column every time.

    Prince's Crown
    A crown with several polished Firestones and a single polished Everstone in the middle. Keeps Prince from evolving.

    Jeweler's Handkerchief
    The old Jeweler's Handkerchief. Does not raise any stats. He uses it as a blanket.


    "What is it like, to be revered and loved right when you open your eyes?"

    Prince was born shiny out of his many siblings, and had immediately caught the eye of his trainers who bred him. All the Pokemon worshiped him as if he were king on the ranch, but he payed no heed to that. Instead of basking in his glory and ordering others around, he sat on a cliff every evening with his half-brother Paladin and good friend Pure. Although no one knew, Prince fell in love with Pure at first sight, but knowing the Deerling's infatuation with Paladin quietly drove him away.

    Eventually, his breeders decided to illegally auction him and took him away to be shipped off into Johto. Luckily he was able to break the cage's locks with his tusks, escaping into the wilderness. He was, however, weak and was immediately picked on by the stronger Pokemon due to being so foreign and with 'weird colours'. One day, an old jeweler had found the shiny Axew up in the tree, and decided to take him in. Prince dedicated his days helping the old man cut up jewels and metals, all the while training to become stronger so he can see his old friends again.

    When he evolved, the old man wanted to make him a gift. Thus asked Prince out of all the stones in the pile, which did he liked best. The shiny Fraxure was immediately attracted to the Everstone, being so ordinary out of all the shiny, gleaming jewels. He wanted to be ordinary like the stone, not some special Pokemon that needed to be revered. The jeweler crafted him a crown with tiny polished firestones and the everstone in the middle, a treasure Prince would forever keep.

    Eventually the jeweler passed away from old age, which left Prince on his own. He took the jeweler's purple handkerchief and fled, the infection now in full-blast. He went to Goldenrod, looking for supplies to meet new friends, but then he had decided he needed to leave. Back to his home near Icirrus, where he knew that his friends were waiting for.

    User Note

    -He dislikes fighting, and will try to avoid it at all costs.

    -He is Paladin's half-brother.

    -He knew Pure before the infection came.

    -If needed, he will sacrifice his life for others.

    -He doesn't like being alone.

    -He loves riddles.

    -He will have, much like Paladin and Pure, an alternate, much more violent and crazy personality known as 'King' when he evolves.

    Prince: Pale-violet. [#A98FF3]
    King: Deep red. [#C22E28]

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    Prince the Shiny Haxorus [Lostlorn, Unova] Empty Re: Prince the Shiny Haxorus [Lostlorn, Unova]

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