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Post by Fox Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:13 pm

Jean Luc the Wartortle_Riker the Ursaring_inactive V1r0n

Jean Luc Picard
Text Color #38B0DE
Item Small golden flute with an everstone embedded in it.
Gender Male
Age Aging Adult
Species #008 Wartortle/Turtle Pokemon
Height 3'03"
Weight 48.6 lbs
Pokédex Entry It cleverly controls its furry ears and tail to maintain its balance while swimming.
Level 45
Ability Torrent
Nature Serious
Characteristic Strong willed
Moves - Skull Bash
- Aqua Tail
- Bite
- Protect
History He was always craving for adventure, the unknown, and always wanting to learn more about everything. He's traveled from his hometown in Kanto to Johto and is now in Orre. Throughout his travels, he met a Teddiursa who he became very close with, and they became inseparable as best friends. They both loved learning about the unknown, so they set out together, searching for adventure and mystery. But they got separated when they were captured by the Rockets. They were cruelly experimented on- the scientists were trying to make 'better' pokemon.

Jean Luc had been tortured and indoctrinated by the Rockets, and was forced to join the syndicate as one of the leaders' team...but he broke through the brain washing they had made him and other pokemon endure, and he freed as many as he could. Among them was the Teddiursa he once knew, now known as Riker, the Ursaring. They had made him level up ridiculously fast, trying to make him a ruthless killing machine. But once they both got out, they eventually and slowly began to recover from the cruelties that had been thrust upon them and became themselves once again. Their breakout had happened shortly after the epidemic began, so the 'training' that they had endured from the Rockets payed off in fighting off the infected and staying alive.
Since then, they became vigilante of sorts, trying to destroy everything Team Rocket started, and any other crime syndicates.
During a raid at one of the Rockets' hideouts, they had separated because of the overwhelming amount of infected, each of them agreeing to meet up at a particular place. But when Jean Luc got there, Riker wasn't there to meet him. He had stayed for days, but his friend did not show up. Disheartened, he left his flute there, in the hopes Riker would find it and track him. Ever since then, he's stayed in the region, waiting and searching for him to show up.
Appearance - normal appearance
- Has pale gray eyes
- He's an intellectual, and prefers logic over fighting.
- He's very much a natural leader
- He has a very heavy british accent, giving him a sense of sophistication.
User Notes - Based on the captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek TNG. B) (this is for you, Sui)
- he carries his flute for comfort. He likes to play whenever he is sad. He also doesn't like to fight without it, since it's difficult to hold back evolution without the everstone.

William Riker
Text Color #8B5A2B
Item None
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #199 Ursaring/Hibernator Pokemon
Height 6'7" (larger than most)
Weight 345 lbs.
Pokédex Entry With its ability to distinguish any smell, it unfailingly finds all food buried deep underground.
Level 59
Ability Guts
Nature Rash
Characteristic Strong willed
Moves - Roar
- Thrash

- Stone Edge
- Shadow Claw
History He shares a history with Jean Luc, when he began as a Teddiursa, longing for the great wide open, and new things and new sights. His views had changed since he was captured by the Rockets, however, and he has grown bitter and quiet. The experiments and serums they had tested on him have messed up parts of his mind, and he has trouble functioning like he used to. His temper is extremely short, and he can and will attack anything that upsets him without hesitation. He is tactical, but not nearly as much as Jean Luc. He will obey most orders given him by his 'superior.'
Appearance - He's grim looking and usually silent
- He has brilliant blue eyes
Personality - Riker is more rash than Picard, and prefers a straight-forward approach.
- He deeply respects Jean Luc but doesn't always follow orders. He's strong willed.
- Ever since the imprisonment and indoctrination by the Rockets, he has grown really attached to Picard, on the borderline of needing him to stay sane. Jean Luc is his ground and light back to sanity, and he sees him as his only way of getting back to normal.
-Jean Luc took the indoctrination alot better than Riker.
User Notes - Riker is based off of the first officer on the Enterprise. He's Picards' right hand man.

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Post by Lugia Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:22 am


There's still room on the Shadow Team. :)

Like all crossover characters, be careful with them.



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