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Shiro the Human


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Shiro the Human

Post by Maximum on Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:50 pm


Shiro Takahashi
Text Color FAFAFA
Theme(s) THEME
Item -Lighter with some oil. Not used much
-Broken plate shard
-Universal Communicator
-Handheld game system with some cartridges and charger.
-Sleeping bag
Weapons -Pocket Knife
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Birthdate January 24th
Age 14-15 years
Species Human
Weight 110 lbs.
Height 5'6"
Region of origin Sinnoh
Occupation Student
Party Kazuya was the only Pokemon he owned before the Epidemic, and he wasn't really supposed to have any Pokemon. He picked up the other post the Mansion from Hell
Pkm 1

Name- Kazuya
Gender- Male
Text colour- 9C9C9C
Species- Staraptor
Level- 40
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Close Combat (Evolve)
-Aerial Ace (Level)
-Whirlwind (Level)
-Quick Attack (Level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 2

Name- Garry
Gender- Male
Text colour- BDA0CB
Species- Butterfree
Level- 37
Ability- Compoundeyes
Attack list-
-Bug Buzz (Level)
-Sleep Powder (Level)
-Safeguard (Level)
-Psybeam (Level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 3

Name- Suga
Gender- Male
Text colour- B4CDCD
Species- Swablu
Level- 34
Ability- Natural Cure
Attack list-
-Cotton Guard (Level)
-Disarming Voice (Level)
-Mirror Move (Level)
-Round (Level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 4

Name- Richter
Gender- Male
Text colour- 60AFFE
Species- Gliscor
Level- 40
Ability- Poison Heal
Attack list-
-Earthquake (TM)
-Poison Jab (Start)
-Knock Off (Start)
-Acrobatics (Level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 5

Text colour-
Attack list-
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 6

Text colour-
Attack list-
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
History -Super strict family
-Four brothers more or less forced to compete with each other in specific ways, mainly academic for parental affection
-Shiro is the youngest, smallest, and weakest
-Makes friends with some neighborhood kids
-Kind of pulls away from the competition because it's too much
-Also sneakily catches Kazuya and hides the bird from his parents
-parents don't like any of his friends
-Haruto is too defiant and wild and the others don't see that as weird
-They encourage Shiro to play games with them and try other stuff in school
-Before anything can come to a head, the Epidemic happens
-He was in class when it happened.
-Classmates which include his friends and his teacher stick together. A few people get taken by undead or other survivors.
-Able to stay in a group for the first year, but then something happens to split Shiro's group off from the main group.
-The four of them wander for a while. Something bad happens to Makoto's Pokemon
-End up deciding to take shelter in a boarded up mansion
-They get locked in by a serial killer who turned the mansion into a Jigsaw house
-I mean Jigsaw of the Saw variety
-They get scattered
-There are puzzles and shit hiding keys. Shiro starts solving them while hoping one of them opens the damn front door.
-Shiro and Kazuya witness one of Haruto's mons getting brutally murdered by something
-Rikka and her Pokemon are found dead and being mutilated
-Makoto kills himself in a dark room that had had a conveniently placed noose and stool, and they find the still warm and hanging body
-Haruto gets his head lopped off
-The bodies don't stay still
-Gets fooled by Haruto's body because it almost looks normal and even spoke to him
-Then it lunged at him
-Has to stay on the run from them and whatever else is in the house while solving puzzles to find more damn keys
-Eventually gets the last one
-they get out
-Serial killer lets them leave since they obeyed the rules and "won"
-Traumatized as hell, the two of them run in the rain until they collapse under something to protect them from the elements.
-They eventually have to keep moving
-Pick up more Pokemon along the way because they decide to stick around for various reasons
Accent Nothing noticeable
Appearance -White Hair, kinda short but not very
-White scarf (dirty as hell)
-Purple eye color
-On the taller side for a boy his age
-Clothing is mismatched in sizes, with some things baggy as hell and other things borderline too small
-Underweight as hell
Religion Not really
Personality -Quiet
Kinda couldn't have survived without it
-Prone to defaulting to adults/those who act like they know better
-Nervous around people he doesn't know
-Despite all this, he is more of a people person when allowed to be
-Terrified of losing anyone else.
-Attaches to others way too easily
-Prone to desperate acts if it means saving others
-Deeply misses human conatact
-Deeply traumatized
-Has not processed it at all nope
-Even though he wants love and affection, he withdraws if it looks like he has to fight for it.
-Will put up with it if he has to, but gets depressed if he must
-Can act like a know it all
-He was always the smart kid before, so he kinda keeps acting the part
-Used to being the voice of reason
-Not a risk taker
Affiliations -Haruto- Headstrong Dead friend
-Makoto- Timid Dead friend
-Rikka- Dead friend who loved making Haruto's ideas even worse
-Brothers- Ichiro, Jiro, and Saburo. He... did not have a really good relationship with them. They had advantages by virtue of being older, and they often lorded it over him. He spent as little time with them as possible. There are days he wonders if they're even alive, but he has... very little desire to look for them.
User Notes -I didn' mention it in the history because he didn't know it, but the mansion owner had a zorombra and multiple ghost types helping with the illusions and manipulating the bodies.
-Afraid of deep water due to nearly getting drowned

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