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Amelia Renata the human


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Amelia Renata the human

Post by Maximum on Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:47 pm


Amelia "Amy" Renata
Text Color 7CCD7C
Theme(s) THEME
Item -Universal Communicator
-A few jars of honey. Replaced occasionally
-A plastic bag with berries in them
-A few rations of food for herself and her Pokemon
-Flashlight with a spare battery
-Two very old small Pokemon plushies
-One children's book. Very worn
-Sleeping bag
-Spare set of clothes
-Swiss Army Knife
Weapons -Her Pokemon
-Her fists
-A hunting rifle (not used often due to low ammo)
-Walking stick
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Birthdate August 3rd
Age 20 years
Species Human
Weight 98 lbs
Height 5'1"
Region of origin Born in Orre, moved to a different region after her brother's disappearance.
Occupation Farmhand
Party These were all Pokemon that came from the farm she ran.
Pkm 1

Name- Hortense
Gender- Female
Text colour- 8B4513
Species- Gogoat
Level- 50
Ability- Sap Sipper
Attack list-
-Synthesis (Level)
-Horn Leech (Level)
-Earthquake (Start)
-Surf (TM)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 2

Name- Cloud
Gender- Male
Text colour- F7B3DA
Species- Mareep
Level- 11
Ability- Static
Attack list-
-Tackle (Start)
-Cotton Spore (Level)
-Thundershock (Level)
-Thunder Wave (Level)
**Shiny. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 3

Name- Dan
Gender- Male
Text colour- CC1100
Species- Manectric
Level- 44
Ability- Lightningrod
Attack list-
-Thunder (TM)
-Discharge (Level)
-Protect (TM)
-Flamethrower (TM)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 4

Name- Ella
Gender- Female
Text colour- 8E388E
Species- Ribombee
Level- 41
Ability- Honey Gather
Attack list-
-Pollen Puff (Evolve)
-Psychic (TM)
-Dazzling Gleam (Level)
-Stun Spore (Level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 5

Name- Diana
Gender- Female
Text colour- 9D6B84
Species- Vespiquen
Level- 43
Ability- Pressure
Attack list-
-Bug Buzz (Pre-Evolution Level)
-Power Gem (Move Reminder)
-Air Slash (Level)
-Toxic (Level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 6

Name- Abel
Gender- Male
Text colour- 38B0DE
Species- Swanna
Level- 57
Ability- Keen Eye
Attack list-
-Rain Dance (Level)
-Tail Wind (Level)
-Hurricane (Level)
-Scald (TM)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Quote "Yeah, I wish I could do things different. But there's nothing I can do about it now. I have to keep moving forward and take care of who's with me."
History -Normal childhood in Gateon with younger bro until she's about twelve
-Cassian vanishes
-Parents freak out and she feels guilty because she was sick that day and wasn't there
-They keep looking for days, weeks, months, years. Eventually, the chances of him still being alive are slim to none, and parents start panicking over their daughter getting taken too.
-Move to ____ (Solaceon, Olivine, Fallarbor, Floaroma, Floccesy, Mistralton, Dendemill)
-Amelia still keeps waiting for her bro to get back.
-Eventually accepts that he must be dead
-Goes Phantump and Yamask hunting. Gets disappointed when none of them seem to recognize her
-Family starts working on a farm, and she gets drawn into that life.
-Never forgets her brother, but has to move on.
-Sometimes feels guilty over it
-Epidemic happens
-Parents die suddenly, and she's left taking care of all the Pokemon
-Most of the Pokemon die except for the ones on her team
-Trying to survive
Accent Leaning towards American Southern
Appearance Amy is a shorter woman, but she does not have a thin, willowy build. Life on a farm and taking care of chores there helped her build up a decent amount of muscle. Her skin is darker due to extended time in the sun as well. She keeps her long, black hair in a braid that keeps it from getting in the way. She has dark green eyes that sparkle with life and a smile for most people. Her clothing has seen some wear and tear, and several things have had to be patched multiple times. She wears blue jeans and a green plaid shirt. Her supplies are kept in a pink backpack.
Religion Agnostic leaning. She believes in an afterlife, and hopes that she'll be able to reunite with her family there.
Personality -Lively
She loves life and she tries to enjoy it whenever she can. She also tries to encourage others to do the same.
She is a stubborn woman with a hard to deter mindset.
Even before she lost her brother, she had a desire to protect those weaker than her. A sickly brother with somewhat nerdy interests sometimes obtained the attention of jerks at school, and she would fight them off if she had to.
-Mom Friend (tm)
She can't help nurturing those around her. Pokemon and humans alike.
Even as an adult, she enjoys physical activities. She's also generally louder than one would expect for someone so small.
-Afraid she won't be enough to protect the ones she loves again
Cassian, her parents, and most of the Pokemon on her farm were all people she failed. Despite her best efforts, they all died.
Joking and playful teasing are a large part of how she interacts with others.
-100% ready to fight you if pissed off
If one has thoroughly angered her or threatened someone she cares about, she won't hesitate to throw the first punch.
-Surprisingly a pretty good diplomat.
Despite all this, she gets along well with most people.
-Puts others first when dealing with trauma.
Just won't think about how badly whatever happened hurt her as long as someone else needs her to be strong
-Has never truly processed the grief of losing her family so suddenly
Something has always needed her to be the level head when these losses happened. So all of her own grief and anger have had to be pushed to the side as she helped someone else deal with their own feelings.
Affiliations Vitaly- Guess who has a sibling he can't remember
User Notes -Oops

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