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Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone]


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Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone]

Post by Kitty on Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:39 pm

Art by me

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Art by me

Art by me

Lumina E. Crossman
Text Color 665175 (italics)
Theme(s) Meet Me In The Woods
City of the Dead
The Way Home
Item Black backpack containing: Food rations, First aid kit, Small supply of Potions, Heavy duty flashlight, Stainless steel water bottle, 3 Smoke balls, Small roll of duct tape, Binoculars, 2 Small sketchbooks, Worn-down pencil, Small crochet Pikachu, Two books (an educational book on Fairy types and a guide to drawing 151 different Kanto Pokemon), Coloring book of Grass-type Pokemon, Colored pencils, Cat ear headband, Universal communicator
Weapons Engraved Katana, Trench Knife, Pair of brass knuckles
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She/Her
Birthdate May 15th
Age 24
Species Human
Weight 120 lbs.
Height 5'8"
Region of origin Born in Hearthome City, Sinnoh
Occupation Arceist Missionary | Pokemon Trainer | Thief | Prostitute | Killer-for-hire | Ranger
Party Rafael is Lumina's only remaining Pokemon. She is extremely close with the Nitemare and he rarely leaves her side, staying out of his Pokeball almost constantly. The two share a very playful friendship and have unbreakable loyalty to each other.
Pkm 1
   Name/Gender- Rafael (male)
   Text colour- b64345
   Species- Nitemare
   Level- 62
   Ability- Flash Fire
   Attack list-
-Shadow Sneak [Learned]
-Take Down [Learned]
-Poison Jab [Learned]
-Flamethrower [TM]
**Loves making jokes and annoying Lumina with relentless puns **Gruff and sarcastic, but very gentle with children
**"I'm just saying, boss, I think you're kinda beating a dead horse."
Pkm 2
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6

(n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past
For Lumina, “home” had never really meant “house.” For as long as she could remember, her Arceus-adoring parents traveled across the globe with her at their side, their compassion and religion driving them to offer food, medical services, and prayer to the poor regardless of location. They drifted like ghosts through hotels and churches for shelter, never staying tied down to one place for long. Lumina learned invaluable wisdom on their journeys, taking in breathtaking new sights each day and making friends with children from all walks of life. But Lumina never saw the same places or friends twice; the road her parents traveled had a chaotic lack of stability, leaving her lonely and emotionally detached from others.

Hoping to ease their daughter’s troubles, Lumina’s parents gifted her a Skitty for her tenth birthday. She called her new friend Squishy and took him everywhere with her, even arranging a blanket for him next to her bed pillow every night. As they traveled along together with her parents, Lumina befriended and captured other Pokemon from around the world. Star the Purrloin, Houdini the Zorua, and Bogeyman the Haunter formed Lumina's mischievous team alongside Squishy; The gang loved to battle, but they loved quality play-time together and practical jokes even more. Lumina grew up with them like siblings, seeking adventure and getting into all sorts of trouble with the uptight churches surrounding them.

But things were different with Rafael, an elderly Rapidash that Lumina adopted two years later. Ill-tempered and aggressive to all, Rafael had spent years in the care of an overburdened daycare after the death of his lifelong Trainer. Lumina took him in as her own, caring for him just as her other Pokemon, but adjusting to a new Trainer took time for Rafael; Until her battling abilities had gradually improved, Rafael showed little respect for Lumina. Still, she loved and cared for him despite his attempts to distance her, and Rafael eventually found his place among her team as something of a grumpy grandfather figure.

Lumina took her Pokemon wherever she and her parents traveled, helping others as a team and battling whenever the opportunity arose. Life was hectic and unpredictable, but she could always depend on her family and Pokemon for support. "Home" was not so much a single place to Lumina, but a state of mind; Wherever she could be with those she loved, wherever they made her feel safe and at peace, that was home to Lumina.

When Lumina was fourteen, the family signed the lease of a Pyrite Town apartment and took up the most permanent residence they’d had in years. Her parents insisted the town had a desperate need for love, patience, and forgiveness, and vowed to help the locals regardless of how much “time and prayer” it took them to make a difference.
Lumina had no qualms about helping the outcast and downtrodden, but Pyrite was more akin to hell than any other town she had been to with her parents. First, there was the weather - the desert heat mocked all forms of sunscreen, scorching her pale and sensitive skin into a mess of burns and fiery hives. Secondly, Lumina was certain that the local police force would’ve been more successful fighting the devil with a squirt gun than they were at stopping crime. Lumina's parents even forbid her from training Pokemon outside of the apartment, a decision made after she returned from the local Duel Square with two swollen black eyes and a broken rib. A bitter hatred grew quickly and deeply within Lumina's heart; She had no interest in helping nor praying for the god-forsaken town, refusing for the first time to work with her parents as she always had. Instead, Lumina and her Pokemon spent most days in the gloomy apartment like caged animals, making shapes out of wall mold like clouds and groaning in frustrated boredom.

Nevertheless, her parents treated the locals with the same unconditional respect, patience, and kindness as they treated anyone else. They labored and sweat through eight-to-ten unpaid hours each day to provide free goods and services to those who needed it most. Even as they were continuously robbed and ransacked of their supplies, her parents prayed for the town every night in their “humble” apartment. Every morning they woke up and faced danger head-on, their faces stretched into genuine smiles and arms open wide to everyone.
They died within a year of living in Pyrite. Lumina waited all night for them to return to the apartment, blabbering nonsense about how good and productive their day had been, but they just... never walked through the door. It wasn't until the following evening that Lumina learned what had happened to them; Mugged and brutally beaten, the two were murdered in the streets by the very people they reached out to.

Throughout her life of traveling, Lumina and her parents had consoled many grieving individuals - widows, orphans, terminally ill patients, anyone who needed a loving hand placed upon their shoulder. Grief was not a new concept to her. Yet the loss of her parents struck her harder than she could've ever imagined, shattering her entire worldview as she learned that such a common thing - grieving a loved one - was an all-consuming storm of agony that no one had ever described accurately. Even after forcing herself to confront all that she'd repressed, finding a strange relief in recounting the incident to herself, she found that she could never fully restore who she was before; She adapted to the heavier soul she seemed to carry around, thinking of her parents every day even long after they were gone.

With no job to be found and no relatives to rely on for support, dragging herself to and from the Duel Square became part of every day life for Lumina; Some days she won just enough money to buy dinner, some days she lost everything but her Pokemon, and some days she was certain she wouldn't make it to medical care fast enough. Rafael became a fiery force to be reckoned with, his years of battling experience proving invaluable as he protected Lumina with his life and did most of the team's work in the Duel Square. But still, Rafael was but one Pokemon, and it pained Lumina to see the aging Rapidash constantly work himself into a wheezing fit for her.
As she and her Pokemon withered into skin and bones, Lumina thought a lot about the strict morals her parents had raised her by. It filled her with a deep rage to see so many vile thugs taking whatever they wanted - even her parents lives - yet living better off than she and her Pokemon. Kindness was an honorable, priceless quality, but it was a weakness eating her alive; After all, where had it gotten her parents, and where was it getting her? Repressing her conscience, Lumina swiftly spiraled downward into a life of crime.

At first, Lumina’s crimes were petty last resorts; she shoplifted food and medicines for her Pokemon when times were desperate, and occasionally had Star pickpocket other customers as well. Yet still, maintaining enough money to live on was a never-ending battle; Starvation, debt, and injuries long overdue for medical care worsened each day, creating more problems than she could keep up with.
Barely sixteen years old, Lumina became unrecognizeable inside and out. Her body deteriorated along with her morals, transforming her into an opportunistic, cynical mess of scars, protruding bones and filth. She sold all her childhood knick-nacks and her mother's old jewelry for spare cash, no longer remembering why she'd held onto them in the first place. When the money and food ran out - as they always did - Lumina became what her parents would've called a "woman of the night," letting strangers touch and beat her however they pleased as long as they gave her enough money for bread. But there was never enough.

Meanwhile Star and Houdini evolved, wasting no time in using their newfound skill to assist Lumina with burglarizing homes and conning other Trainers. But when Lumina began taking on jobs as a hitman, it was Bogey whose skills proved the most useful; Slipping silently in and out of bedrooms at night, the Haunter's kills were quick, clean, and worthy of his namesake as The Bogeyman. Lumina made a habit of killing off both her targets and employers, ensuring a high profit from each job and no loose ends. While Lumina was cautious to never tear apart families or harm innocents, she felt little remorse for those she did kill; Her victims were all the same in her eyes, scum stuck to the street that should've been cleaned up a long time ago. No one would remember them when they were gone; Not even Lumina, to whom their screams all sounded the same.

The profit from burglary and murder alone was enough to get Lumina and her Pokemon back onto their feet. While far from perfect, life was significantly more comfortable with Lumina able to not only take decent care of her Pokemon, finally, but take decent care of herself too.
But the price paid for comfort was steep; As Lumina fiercely protected her Pokemon from physical harm, it was her own actions that had crushed their spirits beyond repair. With every command they followed they were dragged down to the depths with her, stealing, killing, and stepping on others until they became strangers even to each other. Only Squishy maintained his innocence, mostly do to his small size and inability to fight, but still he had been scarred by the events around him; He shied away from Lumina's cold, boney hands with each attempt to touch him, and the mistrust her own starter had for her was the only thing that could make her cry anymore. In trying to protect her only family left, Lumina had torn it apart.

Lumina became obsessed with leaving Pyrite behind, but it was like trying to escape quicksand; Money and supplies were needed for Lumina and her Pokemon to travel, but sinking deeper into crime and chaos was their only way to get enough. The cycle of crime continued as it had, though Lumina now handled hired hits mostly on her own, unable to let Bogey do her dirty work any longer.
But unlike her trained Pokemon, Lumina was sloppy. Not only were her murders far less precise and humane than the Haunter's, but in her desperation to leave Pyrite, she had little standards for her employers.
The worst was "Mr. Cat", a bizarre and twitchy little man who far from looked like he belonged in Pyrite. Though the deal felt sketchy, Lumina agreed to kill for him for a substantial amount of money, confident that Mr. Cat's frail size and lack of Pokemon would prove easy to overpower in the end. But it was Lumina who was double-crossed; Mr. Cat fired a gun at her on sight as she and Rafael went to collect their payment, tying up his own loose ends with erratic aim. Lumina had no time to even shield herself. Rafael took two bullets to speedily protect her, one in his side and one through his neck, both of them in vain; As he bled out in Lumina's arms, one bullet struck her in her shoulder and another pierced through her eye and out the side of her skull. Mr. Cat's wild shooting left him without ammo, and in a panic, he shoved Lumina out a second-story window for good measure and fled the scene. The chaotic noise drew the attention of two kind strangers, a hulking man with block-like muscles and his small friend; Their miraculous mercy saved Lumina's life, as the men rushed her to a hospital to be treated. Rafael, however, went unnoticed.

Bedridden and utterly broken, Lumina was trapped alone with her thoughts for what felt like an eternity within the hospital. Rafael's death played over and over again in her mind, as did the loss of her parents and how Squishy shied away from her cold hands. It felt as though she was looking in the mirror for the first time; Lumina had never considered just how much she had lost herself. Overwhelmed with grief and her own monstrosity, she begged Arceus for the power to change with the shred of faith she had left. She swore to never steal, kill, or hurt anyone ever again, so long as she didn't lose anyone else; She had done enough harm to her family as it was.
Having lost vision in her right eye, Lumina's road to recovery was a long one. In addition, learning to cope with increased paranoia and anxiety, as well as the newfound terror of heights and loud bangs like thunder, all became a never-ending process for her. Nevertheless, the two men who had saved her - introducing themselves as Duking and Silva - offered her guidance and supplies for leaving Pyrite town, taking nothing but her countless thanks in return. Their kindness sparked a small hope within Lumina that one day she too could be kind again.
On the way out of Pyrite, she spotted a massive Pokemon; Some sort of half-spirit, half-equine beast of burning flesh and scorched bone. Lumina recognized her Rafael even without his face. She ran to him and threw her arms around his blackened skin, swearing to never put him in harm's way again. With her full team of Pokemon she bid her farewell to Pyrite town, spitting on the dusty ground and turning her back to it at long last.

Though the two loved their busy lives as missionaries, Lumina's parents had always dreamed of settling down in Hearthome City as a family. They always joked it was like heaven, big and bustling as a city but friendly and joyous like a small town. Lumina had been born in Hearthome, but whisked away on her parents missions before she could form memory of the city. She did what her parents could not, and took the remainder of her family - her beloved Pokemon - to Hearthome, where they attempted to settle down into a safe, quiet, "normal" life together for the first time.
Finally, Lumina and her Pokemon got everything they had worked so hard for. The contrast between Pyrite and Hearthome couldn't have been more stark. Yet still, like some cruel joke of the universe, Lumina felt exactly the same; One look from a stranger sent paranoia tingling down her back, and she spent more time obsessively scanning her surroundings than she spent actually enjoying them. Even when Lumina felt at ease, life in the perfect city seemed eerily fake and temporary, more like playing dollhouse than living in reality.

Trading in the city for life as a Ranger, Lumina roamed the lush green lands of Route 209 high atop Rafael. Together, alongside her other Pokemon, they kept the peace around the Lost Tower and cared for the route's wildlife. Rarely did they ever go into the city anymore; Aside from making trips to the store, Lumina and her Pokemon spent most of their time on the route, eating meals by a campfire and taking shelter in a tent at night. The carefree lifestyle reminded Lumina of working with her parents, filling her with a bittersweet comfort. The Trainers passing through never stayed long; Lumina enjoyed handing out fresh berries or water, sharing useful tips about the area with them as she let them rest, but after a few moments they were gone. Mostly it was just Lumina and her Pokemon, the green grass, and the fresh ponds around them, just the way she liked it.

But then there was Kita. Lumina first found the tiny teenager within a local stream at night, screaming obscenities at the waters and attempting to wrangle a slippery Magikarp with her bare hands. The Magikarp escaped her grasp, as did others, but the chaotic display did catch the attention of a very angry wild Golduck; Lumina immediately dove into the water, punching the Golduck in the face and dragging Kita back to land unharmed. Apparently, the girl's father had deemed her too irresponsible to become a Trainer, so she had been sneaking outside at night to take matters into her own hands... quite literally. But with no Pokeballs, no other Pokemon, and only a water cooler to store her prospective Magikarp in, Kita was woefully unprepared for life as a runaway Trainer. After patiently answering all Kita's questions - mostly about whether or not she was a pirate, and why she wore an eye patch if she was not - Lumina shooed the girl back home, scolding her with the stern-but-gentle tone Lumina's own mother once used for her. Yet still, Kita returned to the route every night like clockwork, each attempt at catching Pokemon more absurd than the last. Sympathizing with the girl, yet beginning to understand her father's reasoning, Lumina made a compromise with Kita; So long as they remained in sight at all times, Lumina let Kita play with her other Pokemon while she and Rafael patrolled the route each day. This kept Kita out of her usual trouble, and Lumina's Pokemon even grew attached to the girl; Especially Squishy, who bonded with Kita as he once had with his own Trainer. Even Lumina found herself looking forward to her visits, despite their astounding differences in behavior and mindset. Kita's childlike playfulness and optimism was something Lumina hadn't seen in a very long time, and not even she was immune to Kita's contagious smiles and laughter.

Kita's luck eventually ran out, and a massive Houndoom led her panicked father right to Route 209 one night. The stern scolding he gave his daughter made even Lumina feel like cowering in shame. But after learning of all she had done for Kita - not only protecting her from the dangers of wandering alone at night, but teaching her useful traveling and survival tips like how to use a map or compass - the man had nothing but gratitude for Lumina. Kita had a difficult time picking up on typical skills and information, he explained, and was usually too stubborn to be taught. But she looked up to Lumina for some reason, wanting to be just like her. Her father, introducing himself as Salazar Castilla, allowed Kita to continue visiting the route - so long as it was during the day, and with Lumina's Pokemon only. Additionally, Lumina spent extra time each day teaching Kita important skills - particularly how to interact with Pokemon and people safely - in exchange for money and her own education; Interestingly, Salazar was even more knowledgeable about Pokemon than Lumina herself, especially when it came to Rafael's unique being.

Lumina began spending much of her free time at the Castilla's house in Hearthome, working with both Kita and Salazar. She learned about Rafael's evolution - called a Nitemare - as well as how best to not only use him in battle, but tips about how best to use her other Pokemon too. But most importantly, she learned where Salazar's information came from; He ran a gruesome underground fighting ring, where battles had few rules and only ended when one Trainer willingly forfeited and withdrew their injured Pokemon - otherwise, the battles ended when one of two Pokemon remained breathing. Kita grew up around the family business, and as a result, was extremely naive and defensive of it all; She even had her own Pokemon that participated, which were only allowed out of their Pokeballs during matches supervised by Salazar. Lumina was horrified at the discovery, having never harmed a Pokemon even in violent Pyrite. She pitied Kita's innocence in the matter and continued her visits with the family, but the trust they'd built with her had shattered. However, as she spent more time with the family, things began to make more sense; Salazar first started the fighting ring when Kita was two-years-old, in an effort to support her ailing mother. Salazar continued expanding the ring long after she passed away, determined to give Kita the best life he could as a single father through means of money and material things. It was no justification for the horrid practice, yet Lumina's initially-harsh judgement of him softened; After all, she had little justification for the murders she'd committed either, except for the selfish overwhelming need to see her own Pokemon thrive.

Over time, through fiery debates and cold conversations, Lumina gained respect from Salazar and convinced him to moderate the matches more mercifully; However, some long-time participants of the ring refused to change their harsh battling styles, and Salazar valued their business too highly to force them. Through it all, Lumina found herself a part of the Castilla family somehow, almost like a big sister to Kita and valued adviser to Salazar. She spent her first Christmas in Hearthome with the two, and the surprise of her own gifts under the family tree brought tears to her tired eyes; it had been three years since she celebrated Christmas, drank hot cocoa under a fuzzy blanket, or felt the bitter winter wind against her skin. Being in the Castilla's house began to feel like a new home, finally one that stood still and was always there when she needed it.

Kita grew to be a kind and relatively-prepared Trainer, aside from her frequent bouts of memory loss. So long as Lumina went with her, Salazar let her wander through the city and surrounding Routes as an official Trainer, battling and all. Lumina couldn't have been more proud of her. Still, Kita's favorite thing to do in the city was not interacting with other Trainers, but going shopping with Lumina for snacks and ice cream; Their bond grew to sister-like strength, and the two brought out the best in each other - confidence and strength in Kita, and a tender, childlike joy in Lumina.
In turn, despite their many disagreements, Lumina found herself bonding with Salazar as well - After all, they had more in common than not. As per their agreement, Salazar taught her much about battling and self-defense, giving Lumina the perseverance and skill she wished she'd had in Pyrite. An avid collector of weapons, he also taught her how to properly and skillfully wield a katana as she requested, though that was mostly just for fun. For her nineteenth birthday, Salazar gifted Lumina the katana she'd been learning to use; Nicknamed Lucia, the weapon's blade was decorated with the Greek inscription of "And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not", which reminded Lumina much of her parents. Salazar was proud to hand the katana over to Lumina, and did so with great gratitude for all she'd done for the family.
As a Ranger of Route 209, Lumina found herself right in the center of chaos when the Epidemic struck; Trying to restrain the attacking "Pokemon" as humanely as possible, protecting the panicked Trainers flooding out of Hearthome in screaming hordes, keeping her own Pokemon safe as they put their lives in peril for strangers. The Route was a smoking bloodbath of battles and horrendously gruesome deaths. Lumina stubbornly remained in the chaos, naively hoping against all odds that she could save everyone around her. Bogey, Star, and Houdini scattered in different directions out of her sight, doing their best to save others as well. But it was impossible; as the Undead closed in around them, Lumina knew they had no choice but to flee. She found and returned Bogey, but Star had refused to draw near, instead bolting after a young girl under attack. Lumina went after them, but was torn; Houdini's blood was being shed in the crowd behind her. She turned back and urgently rescued Houdini, but her visual of Star was then lost in the chaos. Calling out for Star did nothing but draw attention to Lumina, and she desperately fought Rafael to stay in the crowd; He knew it would mean their death, however, and rushed his Trainer to the safety of the Castilla's along with Bogey and Houdini.

The house was boarded up and booby-trapped to excessive degrees. Inside, only a few duffel bags and a note from Salazar awaited her; Kita had somehow vanished when things started to turn ugly, and her distraught father had gone searching for her. The bags were stuffed full of supplies, weapons, and ridiculous Doomsday precautions left for Lumina, but most disturbingly were Salazar's last instructions for her: Remain in the house as long as she could, do not open the door to anyone or help anyone who looks hurt, and cage up her Pokemon in the basement that she the found boarded-shut. Since she'd been isolated on her Route, Pokemon had been turning against their Trainers and become unkillable beasts, he claimed; If she wanted to live, she had to lock her Pokemon away entirely. Salazar's words were absurd, yet she couldn't deny what she had witnessed on the Route. Still, Lumina refused to lock her Pokemon away as he had; Clearly they were only sick, as evidenced by their wheezing and groaning cries from the basement. It wasn't an uprising, it was an epidemic.
Lumina remained in the house as told, but only because of the immediate care needed by Houdini. She used what little medical knowledge her parents had taught her to patch up his wounds, and let him rest in her guest bed while he regained strength.
Lumina longed to go outside; To find Star, to find Kita and Salazar, to even just get fresh air. But Houdini needed her, and she couldn't leave him. The Pokemon within the basement needed her too, yet what she'd seen on the Route left her to afraid to free them; She felt like a monster as they clawed at the boards and screamed to be let out.

Lumina rarely left Houdini's side as he recovered. Yet somehow, the more she cared for him, the worse off he seemed to be; He grew increasingly ill and irrational by the day, eventually needing restrained to the bed. Still, even as Houdini's pulse fell non-existent and his flesh began deteriorating, Lumina found the horrid truth even harder to accept. She protected herself with fierce denial, until the day came his restraints broke; Even after Rafael had broke the Zoroark's limbs, Houdini dragged his ragdoll body towards Lumina. It was all she could do to shove him away, yet again and again he tried to kill her. He even turned against Bogey as the Haunter got between the two. Rafael put the Zoroark down with a crushing blow to the head, rendering his teammate lifeless once and for all. Bogey, having contracted the virus when defending Lumina, faded into non-existence not long after. Their deaths destroyed Lumina. With the knowledge of what Infection does to Pokemon, and the following realization that her missing friends were unlikely to have survived, Lumina made it her absolute mission to keep Rafael and Squishy safe. Sometimes, that mission was the only thing keeping herself alive.

When supplies ran out, Lumina found that the outside world was like some hellish, even worse version of Pyrite Town, where people had to be avoided like the Undead. Lumina never stole supplies from others if she could help it, but threats against herself or her Pokemon were met with lethal self-defense; Lumina refused to gamble with her Pokemons lives, and many raiders were burned up or beaten to death as a result. She felt little shame for taking their lives, and began to live by what Salazar once told her: People should not be regarded as 'good' or 'bad', but 'safe' or 'dangerous'. Most people she met were dangerous.

For the most part, Lumina and her Pokemon adapted to their harsh new reality; Their chaotic life had given them good practice, after all. Putting down the Undead was the worst part, but once Lumina accepted that they were indeed dead, it became a chore like any other.
In such a world, natural-borne illnesses weren't something Lumina thought of often. Yet still, they continued to exist regardless; She was reminded of this when Squishy first began his coughing fits.
[[Content Warning: The following paragraph deals with terminal illness and should be read with caution by anyone who may find such content upsetting. I've kept the specifics vague out of respect, i.e. the name of the illness, but symptoms are described in a short-but-detailed manner. However, reading this small section is NOT required and should be thought of only as an optional read to better understand Lumina's character as well as something I decided to write for personal reasons. All sensitive content is contained in the spoiler below, feel free to skip it over entirely.]]
The terminal illness, having stealthily crept its way through the Skitty for months, reached peak severity within just a week. Breathing soon took all of Squishy's energy, until he had none left to even walk. Watching his labored breaths struck a unique ache through Lumina's own chest, the heart-clenching grief only a parent could feel. Her baby was suffering, and she could do not a single thing to help him. It seemed not even screaming to Arceus, nor even to gods she'd never believed in, would cure her starter's sickness.
All she could do was cradle Squishy in her arms, spilling out her heart to him and gazing into his eyes so as to not forget the way they shone; Squishy gazed back into hers as well, as if to say with his expression alone: "It's not your fault, mom. I love you too, and this isn't the end for us." After he'd fallen asleep one night - or perhaps lost consciousness, she wasn't sure - Lumina did what she would've never thought imaginable;
Quickly, painlessly, and with the skill she'd acquired, she ended Squishy's life - and thus his immense suffering - with a knife through his head. The action broke her beyond repair, in ways no despicable actions of hers had ever done before. Even one year later, still Lumina had sudden anguishing moments of grief, sorrow so fierce she had to muffle her wailing with blankets.
The finding of a Universal Communicator helped tremendously, as speaking with Rafael about their lives and losses healed wounds she never imagined could be healed. Still, Lumina only wished she could've spoken with her other Pokemon. Cruel as it was, life went on; Though she would never fully healed from her losses, the resilience of the human heart surprised her once again.

Lumina and Rafael pushed on as they always had - one foot in front of the other, side by side. By the third year of the Epidemic their wandering had taken them into Eterna Forest, where Lumina's overconfidence as a Ranger had gotten them lost. The forest was a natural maze of overgrown tree roots, dropped belongings, and mossy skeletons, making it difficult to run when a group of Undead gave chase; Rafael did his best to flee with Lumina, but ultimately slammed into a fallen tree trunk, tripping and flinging Lumina over his shoulders. The fall badly sprained her right ankle, leaving her unable to run or mount Rafael. As the Undead closed in, she screamed for Rafael to run; He stood in front of her and fought them as they moved closer instead. Lumina stubbornly returned him to his Pokeball, ready to face their enemies alone; Her body shook with the cold fear of death. Then a woman and her pink Lopunny charged out of the darkness behind her, rushing ahead and slaying the Undead like her knight in shining armor. Lumina had barely even drawn her katana. Once the threat was gone, the survivor introduced herself as Theta; She and her Lopunny - called Lydia - concerned themselves over Lumina's injuries, asking for permission to help. Theta's eyes shone with a genuine, fierce kindness that Lumina hadn't seen in years. Her sprain left her little choice; Strong yet gentle, Theta put an arm around Lumina and helped her out of Eterna Forest in mere minutes. Outside, Theta put together duct tape, wood and a blanket to support Lumina's ankle, and offered to continue helping Lumina on her road to recovery.
The human company was even more uncomfortable than her sprain. Theta had saved Lumina's life, but why? There were all sorts of possible explanations that ran through Lumina's mind, cannibalism not even the wildest; The paranoia kept her awake at night, and she planned to run far away as soon as her ankle allowed it.

But there was something unique about Theta that grew on her over time, something unexlainable that made Lumina light up inside. Theta was loud, lively, and merciful, all traits opposite of Lumina, yet she found herself drawn to them. Theta fascinated her. Not to mention she was a valuable companion; Lumina envied the woman's immense physical strength, and her compassion for others helped to soften the rough edges of Lumina's heart. While they both remained quiet about their pre-Epidemic lives and other personal matters, Lumina grew attached to Theta's company as they spent a year surviving beside each other. It was hard to remember how she'd survived without human interaction for so long; Lumina had been lonelier than she thought.
At the insistence of Theta, they picked up other stray survivors over time; First was Mike, and then Charlotte about a month later. Mike was a kind and humorous soul, but fucking annoying; He and Rafael drove Lumina crazy with their incessant puns - mostly about breaking a leg or keeping her eye on them - and it seemed like she was always picking up Mike's trash. But it was good to see that Rafael liked him, and truth be told, Lumina sorta did too - puns and all. Charlotte was much more reserved, keeping most everything to herself and practically speaking only when spoken to. But she carried her weight in the group, and Lumina sympathized with her; Charlotte overflowed with steel determination to find her missing sister, and Lumina felt bittersweet admiration for how she had not yet given up. She sometimes wished she could've held onto optimism for Kita, but then perhaps it'd hold her back from focusing on reality. Sometimes it was best to let go, she thought, as she had done with her parents.
Lumina and the group soon traveled into the ruins of Veilstone City, where they took shelter in the massive Department Store with another group of survivors. Lumina first felt reluctant to share a space with other survivors, no matter how large of one; Yet strangely, the thought of settling down somewhere with Theta was what won her over. All she really wanted was for them to be somewhere safe together, and though being in a relatively large group had plenty of flaws, the Department Store was likely the best shelter around. It was spacious, had sturdy walls and a sturdy roof, was still stocked with items fairly decently, and provided a good look-out over the city too. Lumina agreed to stay in the store with the rest of her group, and while the weight of paranoia in the back of her mind never quite went away, she did find herself liking the place after a while. The Department Store became a makeshift home for the group - her and Theta especially - giving her a warm joy that she hadn't felt in a long time. It wasn't home with her parents, or home with Kita and Salazar, yet settling down with Theta still... felt like home. A new home, perhaps, somewhere else she felt she belonged. Lumina's love for Veilstone was immense, and no one - not Undead, not Trainer or Pokemon - would take her home away from her this time.
Accent North American. Lumina speaks with a smooth, silvery voice and rarely shouts; When speaking sternly, her voice tends to lower even further rather than raise angrily.
Fighting the undead and frequently traveling through muddy terrain has taken a toll on Lumina's appearance. Dirt, dust, and speckles of dried blood have caked onto her pale porcelain skin, while her thick red hair has become a nearly unmanageable mess of tangled waves reaching her waist. Her clothes are worn and faded from weather, while being crusted with mud and unidentifiable stains from the undead; Her hat, fingerless gloves, and rain boots are especially unclean, as she has worn them from before the start of the Epidemic.

By constantly starving herself to save food and refusing to sleep enough so she can keep watch for threats, Lumina's body and mind have been run into the ground. While she tries hard to maintain a decently lean, muscular build for strength, her starving body has lost too much weight and become rather malnourished, even rendering her lethargic and shaky in extreme circumstances. Her sickly pallor accentuates the dark circles around her eyes and the scars littering her upper body, making her appear in even worse shape than she truly is.

Lumina rarely changes clothes, as she wore her hat, fingerless gloves, rain boots, and faux snakeskin belt during her time as a Ranger and refuses to replace them. She pairs these items with a basic black v-neck t-shirt, a hooded olive-green utility jacket with a red plaid lining in the hood, and a pair of skinny jeans that were once blue but are now extremely faded. She usually keeps her jacket on to cover her scars, but when comfortable with her surroundings and company she either ties it around her waist or stores it in her backpack. She never removes her black eye patch, and when feeling excessively self-conscious about it she wears dark aviator shades to make the patch less noticeable. She does not keep any spare clothes with her, as she cares little about filth and figures the frequent rainfall will wash her clothes (though it does not do so very effectively.)

Hidden away in the depths of her backpack is a simple, plain gold headband shaped like a pair of cat ears. This was a gift from Kita, who preferred that they both wear cat ears rather than friendship bracelets as symbols of their special bond. Lumina considers the headband more precious and valuable than all her food and weapons combined, but keeps it hidden away out of sight, being unable to look at them or wear them without grieving the loss of Kita.
Religion Arceist, though Lumina rarely practices or acknowledges this faith in any way. Because of the many times she has harmed others, Lumina views herself with strong self-condemnation and believes she is too far gone for holy forgiveness; Thus, Lumina avoids thinking about religion altogether. Her beliefs about herself and the afterlife have given her a strong fear of death however, as she is sure any just god would condemn her to eternal hell for the harm she has done to others.
At her core, Lumina is mischievously playful and child-like, having never fully let go of the childhood that was taken from her. She takes great pleasure in having wars of words with others, be it teasing banter with a friend or clever sarcasm spit at her enemies. Practical jokes and silly tricks are also a favorite of Lumina's, so long as they aren't cruel. She finds little humor in puns, however, claiming they "short circuit" her brain. Not even regrettably, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to anything glittery, colorful, and otherwise cheerfully childish, and is especially in love with anything that is in a miniaturized form. One of her most precious items is a small crochet Pikachu doll, which she refers to as "Charlie" and uses to sass Rafael in a cartoonish voice.
But this playful side of Lumina can sometimes manifest itself as a disturbing coping mechanism; Her humor takes a darker turn in times of distress, during which her fighting the undead - usually done quickly and viewed like a chore - becomes a game to Lumina. She takes great enjoyment in taunting them, outsmarting them, and at times even mutilating them piece by piece. Since her days in Pyrite, aggressive violence has been Lumina's outlet for her many repressed emotions, as has the smug pride that comes from successfully tricking and taunting her opponents. In turn, she views any of her own pain as divine punishment of sorts, and occasionally copes with her self-hatred by seeking out violence or placing herself in the way of non-fatal harm.

Lumina is constantly shifting between the roles of judge, jury, and executioner in her life. She continues to be hopelessly lost when it comes to understanding morality, unable to decide for herself whether she believes it is something ingrained in the hearts of everyone or something made up entirely that has become practically useless in the Epidemic. As a result, she often flips between feeling immense shame for her past violence and vehemently attempting to justify it in her heart. Her own self-hatred causes her to judge others just as harshly; If all who inflict harm upon others deserve punishment, then perhaps those she murdered had it coming to them, and thus perhaps that makes her own actions less despicable. Perhaps that even makes her actions necessary, makes them something good - After all, she certainly stopped her victims from harming innocents anymore. Thus, Lumina clings to the latter logic, for without it she too would be nothing but a vile serial killer who took the lives of others for greed. In a way, her hypocritical judgement of others  is a twisted coping mechanism, the one lie she tells herself - that she did nothing wrong - that holds her sanity together by a single thread; Without it, she would absolutely crumble under the all-consuming shame of what she has done, who she has become, and who she can never be again.

Still, Lumina's gentle compassion and empathy for others has stubbornly remained a part of her; It is reserved for the innocent alone, but still, it thrives inside her heart for them. She will never hesitate to give freely to others in need, even if that means denying herself the items, so long as Rafael's needs are taken care of first. She especially adores Pokemon and the youth, and can become very motherly towards them, often questioning them if they got enough to eat after meals or if they slept well enough after they wake. Lumina can be a pushover when it comes to Pokemon, as she rarely grows angry with them and is inclined to make excuses to herself for their actions if she does. Children bring out an extremely kind and empathetic side of Lumina, and there is absolutely nothing she would not do or risk to save a child in danger.

There is nothing Lumina wants more than to have her loved ones back; She longs for not only their unique company, but for the joyful peace she felt in their presence. Her excessive isolation from others has left her starved for meaningful touch, and as a result she is very clingy and affectionate with those she shares a bond with. She can be rather sentimental at times as well, and nothing makes her quite as happy as surprising her friends with gifts. Still, the constant repressing of so much grief has left Lumina hollow inside, and the knowledge of this plagues her mind; Even when genuinely laughing, there is the nagging realization that the happy moment is fleeting and that she has seconds before sinking back into painful reality. She remains an absolute pessimist and is as cynical as ever within the Epidemic.
Working against Lumina's need for belonging is her extreme paranoia. She has become hyper-aware of her surroundings and rarely relaxes; Even when lying down to sleep, Lumina's muscles remain tense and flighty, something so normal for her she no longer even notices it. While she herself can be very touchy-feely amidst conversation, she will instinctively panic if others so much as brush up against her by surprise; If she is not expecting to be touched, it is not uncommon for her to push someone away or even grip their arm mid-reach to stop them. However, this constant fight-mode is very embarrassing to Lumina and something she has little control over.

Within her mind, Lumina's anxiety is even worse. Though she is aware of their unlikelihood, she is constantly plagued by incessant "background" thoughts about nonexistant dangers and malicious intentions of others; Even among those she considers friends, letting her guard down does not come naturally as it should; The exception, of course, is Rafael. It's second nature for Lumina to assume even the most insignificant movements of hers are being eyed and judged by others, and thus each movement she makes is meticulously calculated and intentional. Mostly, she keeps her movements precise and airy in a dominant, haughty sense, overcompensating for her anxiety in an attempt to hide it from others; This usually leads to her coming off as - frankly - a total bitch, but she much prefers it to coming off as a coward and has thus embraced it for the most part.

All in all, Lumina is just trying her best to survive - the Undead, strangers, and herself - within the harsh conditions of the Epidemic. She truly wants nothing more than to surround herself with the warm company of a trustworthy group, forging unbreakable bonds with each other and becoming a beloved family, but the latter is simply a want; She knows she needs to stay sharp and keep both herself and Rafael alive, however, and that need is far more important than any of her wants. After all they've been through, there isn't anything she wouldn't do to keep herself and Rafael together. Unfortunately, the high cost of safety is a price she knows all too well, and one that seems to be increasing ever-so-slightly each day that goes by within the Epidemic.
Affiliations --Mike
While Lumina was initially suspicious of Mike and irritated by his starkly different personality, she has since grown quite fond of him. She appreciates his positivity and kindness towards others, as well as his since of humor. Lumina enjoys the presence of Mike, albeit in small doses, and is very glad for his friendship with Rafael. It will take more time for Lumina to fully place her trust in Mike, however. Still, the two have developed a relatively sibling-like dynamic, bickering and butting heads often yet looking out for each other all the same.

Lumina has been uniquely fascinated by Theta since the moment they met. Her physical strength and fighting prowess, her mercy and compassion, her confident and energetic personality, the list of things Lumina admires about Theta goes on and on. Though she initially was distrustful of Theta, it didn't take long for Lumina to instead become attached to the woman and find comfort in her presence. Lumina feels relatively safe with Theta and has very few walls up around her; She is second only to Rafael when it comes to those whom Lumina trusts the most.

--Kita Castilla
In a world of such darkness and suffering, Kita was the brightest soul Lumina had ever met; A soul so innocent, she brought out a softness in Lumina's own soul that she had feared to be forever lost. When she and Kita weren't training, they played together like young sisters, braiding each others hair or having spontaneous sleepovers. And like a sister did Lumina love Kita; She found herself being practically adopted by the girl and her father, and for the first time since her parents' deaths, Lumina felt she had a home. Lumina believes Kita to be dead within the Epidemic, and even insignificant reminders of Kita bring tears to her eyes.

--Salazar Castilla
At a time when she needed it most, Salazar opened up his home to Lumina and cared for her as family. While they disagreed on many things, it was through these disagreements that they taught each other immeasurable wisdom and forged a unique bond built on stark honesty and mutual respect. Because of the latter, their trust in each other became unshakeable. Lumina grievously misses Salazar, especially his eloquent wisdom, but believes him to have died long ago either with Kita or while searching for her. Like with all her deceased loved ones, Lumina tries not to think of Salazar; However, she often can't help but wonder if he might be proud or ashamed of her within the Epidemic.
User Notes
--One of my oldest OCs
--The correct pronunciation of her name is Lou + Mina / Loo-Me-Nah
--Greek text is etched onto the blade of her katana, translating to "And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not".
--She is extremely attached to her katana, given its sentimental value as a gift from Salazar
--Asexual Lesbian
--Absolutely petrified by guns, sometimes just the sight of them, due to her experience being shot in the face
--Also is afraid of thunder, loud booming sounds, total darkness, and fire not controlled by Rafael (the latter mostly due to seeing him graphically burn the flesh off Undead; fire isnt something she fools around with)
--Cannot stand clutter, trash, or filthy environments, as they remind her of Pyrite
--Really, really morbid sometimes
--Sociable and chatty, but socially awkward when it comes to starting topics; Again, kinda morbid and weird
--Absolutely loses her shit at how cute miniature decor and tiny Pokemon are
--Very restless unless actively adventuring, hunting Undead, or otherwise engaging both her mind and body
--Aggressively competitive and overly excited in competition, even board games
--Rarely uses foul language in conversation, unless around those she has a tight bond with; Around Rafael, she can have a sailor mouth
--Way more sensitive and thin-skinned than she pretends to be - her skin is more like wet tissue paper, actually
--Very good with navigation, except for that one time in Eterna Forest. Rafael will never let her live that one down
--Likes to collect teeth, claws, and other "trophies" from defeated Undead; The action helps her normalize and cope with putting them down
--A sucker for old vintage knicknacks
--Will never under any circumstances drink alcohol, smoke, or otherwise use addictive substances
--Absolutely cannot sleep unless her body is covered head-to-toe with a tightly-tucked blanket, she has a good view of her surroundings with her back against a solid wall, and Rafael must be right beside her to keep watch
--Loves being outdoors and is very knowledgeable about nature, survival, camping and the like from both her time as a missionary and as a Ranger
--She's a terrible cook and is questionable at scavenging food
--Nothing frustrates her in quite the same way as complex mathematical problems; At best, they have her swearing, and crying in sheer rage at worst
--Technology is frustrating to her as well; She is basically a stubborn old person when it comes to comprehending tech
--Incredibly patient with waiting so long as she has something to focus her mind on
--Easily spooked by paranormal topics - demons and human ghosts, specifically - though she's embarrassed by it

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