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Does That Make You A Saltwater-type?


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Does That Make You A Saltwater-type?

Post by Dazey on Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:37 am

Route 9 / Ambrette Town | Midday

"Running with giants, everywhere I go!"

The massive golden hound moved with such speed, it would nearly seem he was being careless - while in fact, he was trying very hard to focus while his Trainer tugged his mane and shifted around on his back, singing as though the world hadn't gone to hell a long time ago and she had found an entire bottle of tequila. Or the world had, and being drunk was simply that much better in retrospect.
However, the Epidemic was quite real, and she was quite sober. The dead began rising before she was of legal age, anyways, and she may or may not had realized she was twenty-one at this point... Not that it mattered.

"Dazey, please," Renge sighed, bunching his legs to clear a gap in the stone path. The girl leaned forwards, pressing her chest between his ears as she looked at him upside down. "Please what? Whaddya need, bud?" The Arcanine did not respond, nor did he make any discontent noise at her antics. He was her guardian, and guardians did not disrespect those they cared for.
"She wasn't here, either," Dazey slid back down, twirling Renge's fur in her fingertips. "This fuckin' sucks. If I hadn't broke my phone, I could've asked her where the hell in this region I could wait for her. But hell no, let's smash that bitch jumping out a window. Hell!"

"It wouldn't have worked anyways. The battery was dead when you broke it, remember?"
"That s'pozed to be a consolation?"
"I was just trying to help."

Dazey rested her chin on Renge's head, "I know, buddy. Thank you." She was stupidly coordinated atop a giant dog running at a good 30 miles per hour. But then again, she had been practicing since he evolved years ago and it would be even stupider if she hadn't learned to balance at this speed.
She moved her stone-gray eyes lazily, looking at the blue sky. "I hate blue skies. Love the color, but 'nice' weather sucks so hard," she whined. Not a single cloud and the damn sun was being an ass and being bright.
"Are you hot?" Renge checked as they slowed to a canter, the Arcanine's claws gripping into the ground as he prepared to slide down the side of the slope. "Yep. I want to go to-- the hell?" Dazey's switch in sentences was comical, but Renge was more concerned with what she had seen than her longing to visit hell.

"What is... that? In the sky?" She pointed, then waved her hand to emphasize the shape flying. "Tell me I ain't crazy, boy." He indeed saw it too, and with significantly better eyesight than the near-sighted Dazey, he wanted to say it was a... Flygon? He wouldn't guess out loud yet though. In the event he was wrong, Dazey would've had them running after any type of creature in the hopes of it being Shiro.
"Shoot fire at it!" She commanded, pointing again. Renge turned his head dumbfoundedly. Someone had to reason with her, he supposed, and Cylus was in his Poké Ball. The day wasn't totally hopeless yet. "Dazey, no. We don't know if they're hostile or not, and we really don't need to shoot down a living and have that hanging over us should it be the case." She felt Renge's muscles tense and she patted his shoulder with her open palm.

"Oh, you don't know any long range Fire- moves anyways." Damn near condescending... "Let's get closer." He was going to give a negative, but they were looking for someone and that was someone. What were the odds of it being Shiro though? If they didn't check though, Dazey would never let it go and they would never move on. It'd just be simpler to check. Yeah.

Dazey braced, lowering herself forwards and gripping Renge's fur as they shot forward even faster than they had before towards the Ambrette Hotel.

((OoC - And I officially have a problem. I love these two so much. I can't wait to get the party started!))

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Re: Does That Make You A Saltwater-type?

Post by Duma on Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:01 am

Ambrette Town|Midday
"We're lost."
"No we're not. I know exactly where we are."
"Elighten me then, oh wise leader."
"Exactly. Lost."
"We're not lost Istaria! We're just... A little displaced?"

The dragon rolled its eyes, sighing heavily as the duo floated lazily through the air. The shiny Flygon slowly coasted along the warm ocean breeze, heading upwards towards the mountains. Tilting her head back to observe the trainer that was laying across her back, the sand dragon swooped upwards slightly, causing the glasses-clad trainer to open one of her previously closed eyes to glare at Istaria.

"Real funny. You're not gonna knock me off. Remember, I can shift my weight when we're in motion." Shiro rolled her eyes and closed her eye once more, her hands placed lazily behind her head. "Scenery report, please?" She asked, shifting to the right slightly as Istaria banked to the left to move around a jagged stone.

"Well, there's a town up ahead, looks like it's on a cliff, a cave a little ways away and a beach. And is that..." Opening both her eyes, Shiro sat up, turning around and holding onto the Flygon's neck so that she could peer around the dragon's head. Istaria didn't trail off mid-sentence unless something was off.

Low and behold, there was a figure running across the cliff, and at a rather fast speed, too. Shiro grinned and pointed towards the hotel that sat on the cliff. "Quick, Istaria! Land over there! I think I know who that is!" She said, grabbing hold of the Flygon's back as the dragon spun backwards in a loop-the-loop before diving down to the ground.

Used to her dragon's fast descents, Shiro gripped tighter, flattening herself to the shiny's back. With a whoop of delight, Shiro released her grip and lifted one hand in the air, using her free arm to hold onto Istaria's chest. "Whoo hooooooooo!!"

There was nothing that beat the feeling of flying. Nothing.

Shiro released her grip as Istaria flared her wings and slowed them down enough for the Flygon to land safely on the ground, a small cloud of dust getting kicked up into the air from the dragon's landing. Jumping off her shiny Flygon's back, Shiro walked up to the wall of the hotel, leaning on it with a wide grin as the familiar shiny coat of an Arcanine approached.

"The fuck happened to your phone this time, Dazey? Because I know you didn't get my text if you're over here."

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Re: Does That Make You A Saltwater-type?

Post by Grimsley on Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:30 am

Ambrette Town<>Midday
The thundering footsteps of the tall black and red crocodilian Pokemon echoed along the path as the duel type picked its way around sharp stones and uneven ledges. Every so often, the crocodile's heterocromatic eyes would shift back to the human on it's back, making sure that the half-asleep trainer wouldn't fall off. The Krookodile's trainer was utterly exhausted from traveling across the landscape, and so, when the trainer had come across the impassable path, he simply withdrew a Pokeball and asked the dark crocodile to see if they could get them across safely.

Krookodile, of course, could cross the gap easily, snaking low to the ground as the reptile passed over the rough terrain and back onto smooth ground. Stopping, the crocodile looked back at the trainer atop their back, nudging the trainer with their nose. ”Grimsley.” They called out, getting a responsive hum from their trainer. ”Come on lazy, you gotta get up. I'm not carting you all the way to your next destination.”

A lithe purple form jumped off the Krookodile's back, followed by a tall, well-dressed trainer that took a few moments to adjust his scarf and stretch his arms. ”Thank you for the lift Krook.” He said, giving the dark crocodile a pat on the shoulder, recalling them into a pokeball. Putting the capsule into his bag, Grimsley placed his hands into his pockets and started strolling along the path, his faithful companion sticking by his side. Grimsley looked down at the Liepard that walked beside him, moving one of his hands out of his pocket to give the feline a quick scratch behind the ears, rewarding him with a light purr from the Liepard.

"Whoo hooooooooo!!"

Grimsley stopped, blinking in mild surprise. Was there someone else here? The Elite Trainer looked down at his companion, the two of them sharing a look of confusion. ”Should we check it out?” He asked, looking up to the sky, where a figure flew down towards the ground. Nisha looked up at her trainer and nodded.

”Lets go.” The feline started jogging towards the place where the figure had disappeared to, followed closely by Grimsley. The two slowed down as they entered the town, spotting two figures up ahead. Nisha blinked, stopping where she stood, looking back to see her trainer walk up beside her. ”How much are you willing to bet that those are humans?” She asked, narrowing her eyes at Grimsley for a moment, only to be rewarded with a light laugh from Grimsley.

”Nisha, I'm not making a bet with you.” He said, strolling forwards towards the two figures. ”I am willing to bet on if they're friendly or not though. Should we go say hi?” He looked back at his partner, who rolled her eyes and started forwards, trotting towards the figures up ahead. ”Sure. Why not.”

Grimsley only chuckled and followed after his partner.

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Re: Does That Make You A Saltwater-type?

Post by Dazey on Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:26 pm

Ambrette Town | Midday

Now, there were probably some very strange creatures out there and not even referring to walking corpses, but with the utter strangeness of doing loop-the-loops while descending to the ground at like a thousand miles per hour or some shit, that was honestly the best feeling Dazey had in so long. Because either that was Shiro, or some other motherfucker that knew how to have fun.
"Whoo hooooooooo!!"
That was an invitation to throw caution to the wind. Dazey kicked her legs around Renge’s neck and grasped him as such, throwing both of her palms in the air and waving. ”FUUUUUUU-” Her voice cracked, taking one hand to clutch her throat before flinging it back up, ”-UUUCK YEEEAHHHH!”

Renge’s nerves frayed a little. How many times did he tell her not to do things like that? He got that she had the entire, why be alive if you’re not enjoying yourself? mentality, but sometimes she just downright didn’t think…

Dazey’s hands balled into fists as they shot ever closer to the Dragon- and Trainer waiting at the hotel. She could see the trench coat and dirty blonde hair that could only belong to the second best dressed person in the apocalypse. Dazey’s personal opinion by the way, kids, she had a conceit issue.
With another fabulous decision on Dazey’s part, she pushed herself to her feet on the Arcanine’s back - digging her heels into his back on the way, mind you - and leapt off before she could lose her balance.

The girl dropped to a squat to spare her ankles, catching herself with a hand against the ground and breaking straight into a run towards Shiro. Renge cantered along behind Dazey as to make sure nothing attacked her from behind. She wouldn’t have even noticed until she was bleeding out right now…
"The fuck happened to your phone this time, Dazey? Because I know you didn't get my text if you're over here." … Dammit, she had to ask that off the bat! Dazey, with her hands resting on her thighs as she panted, looked up with the dumbest, awkward smile that she ever-- well, usually wore. “I fell out a fuckin’ window, dude!” She forced air out of her nose, shoulder raising with the stifled laugh. “I missed you so damn much! Go ahead, get conceited, I missed your wise ass!”

Renge sat down, watching his Trainer’s expectedly awkward reunion with a pleased smile, giving a chuckle when Dazey held out her arm ahead of her in expectation for a brofist. “How have you guys been doing, are y’all okay? Sylv?“ Dazey looked to Istaria, waving quickly to the Dragon-.

The Arcanine’s hulking footsteps and warning growl were initially brushed off, but Renge was a flawless guardian and Dazey knew better than to ignore him. She quickly grabbed a knife from her bag, grasping the tip of the blade between her thumb and the crook of her index finger. “Renge,” she placed her hand between his shoulders, peeking over his back, “what is it, boy?“
His hackles raised, but his voice as eerily soft and calm as it nearly always was. “A human and their Liepard. Seems they‘ve noticed us and are approaching.“

“Fuck, why couldn‘t it just be an undead…” Dazey sighed, “those are easier to take care of.”

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Re: Does That Make You A Saltwater-type?

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