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The Subservient of Darkness


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The Subservient of Darkness

Post by ShadowCharizard on Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:19 pm

Geosenge Town|Night

The night air had filled with the stench of blood and death. Dracul had searched high and low for his brother with no clue in sight. However the remains of team Flare had drew his hunger towards them. It was time to eat and with their pokemon being to weak to deal with Dracul it would be easy for the mad charizard to eliminate their pokemon. He swoops in and attacks without mercy. The fire type kills his first human victim by slashing his throat open. Blood sprays onto Dracul as he starts biting the human's throat tearing the flesh from bone. The other human screamed in horror as Dracul turned his eyes upon the other team flare member. Laughter came out of Dracul's mouth as the last remaining team flare member's communicator was going haywire with Dracul's voice. "Poor insignificant human, thou shan't escape thy chaos that thou has made." Before he licked the blood off of his muzzle. The human pulls out his only pokemon and in a feeble attempt to stop Dracul he orders his pokmeon to attack not knowing Dracul was stronger than it. It proved no challenge to Dracul as he slashed the numel's sides open infecting it as he made a mad dash towards the human before getting right into his face.

The Numel was bleeding heavily with it having only two minutes to live it tried to defend its master by attacking Dracul from behind getting a lucky shot on him only for him to laugh at it. "Such Feeble attempt to stop me. Yet you will become just as crazed as those weaker ones." Afterwards he attacked the human sinking his teeth into the last human's neck. Blood filled into his mouth as he ate the neck before eating the arms. It was then he finished with the two dead humans from team flare. "Fools, This world is no longer yours. You humans are nothing but a cesspit of hatred and lies. Death is too good for thee." Dracul said before tossing the human's bloody torn arm to the ground.

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