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Helena the Vulpix and Walter the Ninetales


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Helena the Vulpix and Walter the Ninetales

Post by Maximum on Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:35 pm

Theme Castle on a Cloud
Profession Smol
Text Color B18BBC
Item None
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Age Adolescent
Species #37|Vulpix|The Fox Pokemon
Height 2'00''
Weight 21.8 lbs.
Pokédex Entry Alpha Sapphire: Inside Vulpix's body burns a flame that never goes out. During the daytime, when the temperatures rise, this Pokémon releases flames from its mouth to prevent its body from growing too hot.
Level 20
Ability Flash Fire: Activates when user is hit by a damaging Fire-type move (including Fire-type Hidden Power). Once activated, user’s Fire-type moves deal 1.5 times damage. While this ability is in effect, this Pokémon is immune to damage from Fire-type attacks and Fire-type Hidden Power (accuracy and effect from these moves are ignored). For Fire-type Pokémon with this ability, Will-O-Wisp activates this ability without having an effect. If a non-Fire-type Pokémon has this ability, Will-O-Wisp will activate the ability and will have an effect.
Nature Mild (+Spd,-Def)
Characteristic Highly Curious (Sp Atk IVs)
Moves -Confuse Ray (Level)
-Mist (Level)
-Icy Wind (Level)
-Ice Shard (Level)
Quote "Father?"
History Helena was born to Ninetales parents, and where they kept their den was far away from a lot of other living beings. This was good for predator prevention, but it also meant that Helena was unable to meet other children her age. From what Helena can remember, life then was quiet but good. She wasn't adventurous and preferred to stay near her parents when given the opportunity to play. Unfortunately, her mother passed away when Helena was still rather young, but her father took up the mantle of parenthood with fervor. Perhaps with too much fervor. He became even more protective of his daughter, and she was not allowed to go anywhere without him. Due to her shy nature, she didn't think anything of this, and it wasn't like there were other Pokemon nearby. This was the status quo for a while with Helena's father avidly protecting her from harm and sheltering her from the rest of the world.

Suddenly, savage Pokemon attacked their quiet home. Father took this opportunity to remind her that this is what he's been protecting her from. She noticed that they have strange red eyes and horrid wounds. Something about this didn't seem right, but she didn't know any better. Father always knew best. The group was too much for even her father to handle, so he grabbed her and ran. They kept running, and he kept protecting her more and more viciously. Eventually, they found a sanctuary of living, and they were overjoyed. Helena was nervous at first, but she was glad to find other living. Though she was used to being a recluse, her natural curiosity drew her to these new Pokemon and humans. However, Father insisted that she still stay wary, and she took his advice seriously. She would watch from afar, but she would often politely turn down many attempts the others made to get to know her better. Despite that, life was as good as it could be for the apocalypse.
Bulbapedia "In the Alola region, Vulpix has adapted to snowy mountain peaks. Its fur has become snowy white. It has pale blue paws, blue eyes, and dark blue insides its ears. Its snout is more pronounced and pointed than that of non-Alolan Vulpix. The locks of hair on its head and its six tails are curlier with a wispy appearance. Alolan Vulpix is believed to have arrived in the region at the same time as humans, but moved to the snow-capped mountain to avoid other Pokémon. It can be found in small pack with two to five individuals. Alolan Vulpix can expel breath as cold as -58°F (-50°C), which is capable of freezing anything. While it is not suited to warmer environments, its tail can produce ice to lower the surrounding temperature if needed. According to the Pokédex, an older name for Alolan Vulpix is Keokeo."
Appearance Helena is a normal Vulpix with no distinguishing traits. She holds herself fearfully, and her wide brownish eys are constantly looking around.
Accent None
Religion She was never taught about higher powers beyond using them as verbal cursing, which she usually refrains from.
Motivation Don't Die.
Personality -Helpful
   -To those who have earned her trust, or those in desperate situations.
   -To a fault
   -Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back
   -Helena is a curious child, and though he can keep her from asking too many questions, he can't stop her from just looking or finding things out herself otherwise.
   -Children were to be seen not heard, and she had no friends later on to discourage this.
   -Easily walked over and incredibly fearful.
   -Once you get past her fear and suspicious nature, she's actually really nice.
   -Will run from bad situations. She knows she's not strong enough to fight most other Pokemon
   -If she trusts another to protect her, she will probably dive behind them. Currently, she will always run to her father
-Defers immediately to those with stronger personalities or adults in general
-Has not had the life experiences to become defiant in any form
   -Anyone who isn't her father is an unknown factor that she must be careful around. He encourages her to be wary even if people seem friendly
   -Despite her father's warnings, she is still incredibly gullible. If she has any amount of trust in a person, they can easily pull the wool over her eyes.
-Doesn't like to fight the living
   -Thinks it's pointless with undead everywhere. Has yet to meet a living that might merit fighting that she was unable to run from instead
-Doesn't like fighting the undead either, but will if she has to. See Cowardly though.
-Socially awkward
   -Due to being kept away from others for a large portion of her life, interacting with others outside of polite niceties is difficult.
   -She is rarely, if ever, rude. This is due to not knowing how else to act and a fear of ticking off any companions.
-Not good in confrontations of any sort
   -Buckles immediately if the opposing party gets too mad.
-Desperately wants affection
User Notes -Old as fuck character that decided to invade my head again after years of barely thinking about her.
-Her mother was an Alolan Ninetales
Team notes N/A
Affiliations Walter- Her beloved father that she loves and respects. As much as she cares for him and doesn't know better, even she kind of senses that he's emotionally distant with her. She just thinks it's because of some failing on her part, however, and she tries her hardest to make him happy. Unfortunately, her curiosity puts her at odds with her father even though she doesn't know why half the time, and he never explains why. Instead of squashing her curiosity, this leads her to instead find out things for herself and never telling her father what she knows. This is the closest form of rebellion that she has, and she's not even doing it for rebellion's sake. She just wants to know things, but she wants her father to be happy. Needless to say, she has no idea what his intentions are for her.
Development Notes -Father dearest does not have her best interests at heart, and it's going to be a rough road after learning that.

Theme Mother Knows Best (Male Cover)
Profession N/A
Text Color 551A8B
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Age Older Adult
Species #38|Ninetales|The Fox Pokemon
Height 3'07"
Weight 43.9lbs
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Y: "Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1,000-year curse."
Level 48
Ability Flash Fire: Activates when user is hit by a damaging Fire-type move (including Fire-type Hidden Power). Once activated, user’s Fire-type moves deal 1.5 times damage. While this ability is in effect, this Pokémon is immune to damage from Fire-type attacks and Fire-type Hidden Power (accuracy and effect from these moves are ignored). For Fire-type Pokémon with this ability, Will-O-Wisp activates this ability without having an effect. If a non-Fire-type Pokémon has this ability, Will-O-Wisp will activate the ability and will have an effect.
Nature Serious (Neutral)
Characteristic Hates to lose (Sp. Def. IVs)
Moves - Flamethrower (Pre-evo level)
- Extrasensory (Pre-evo level)
- Hex (Pre-evo level)
- Feint Attack (Pre-evo level)
Quote "There there, dear... I'm right here."
History Walter came from a large family, but he had been the youngest for long enough to become used to the benefits. As the baby, he got away with almost anything, and even if he had been caught red-handed, the blame always fell to one of his older siblings. Eventually, he got younger siblings, and even though he had been kicked off of the "baby" pedestal, he realized that he could easily boss the young ones around. Most of the time, they listened because he was one of the older siblings, and older siblings always knew best. It wasn't until one of them developed a spine that he had to punish them, but he made the mistake of hurting the transgressor too much. After that, he was kicked out of the pack/group, and he left in a huff. It should have been telling how easily he burnt the bridges with his family; he never looked back, and if any of them tried to contact him, he acted as if he never knew them. Even the ones who had been on the fence about his banishment were considered useless to him, and he didn't care that he had just lost his entire family.

While life depending on himself was difficult, he knew the basics. He eventually started manipulating other Pokemon to do his bidding, and soon he was top dog again. The Vulpix was a sly fighter, but his biggest strength was his ability to charm others. Generally, unless someone crossed him, he was pleasant and got along with others. His temper was something to be reckoned with, and his ability to hold a grudge was on par with his evolved species. Despite all of his planning, however, he was still capable of being beaten in a fight, and one day, he accidentally angered an abandoned human trained Pokemon. The Pokemon nearly killed him and chased off any of his would be helpers before leaving the Vulpix to die. Each time Walter shut his eyes, he wondered about the afterlife his family always blabbered about. He never thought much about it, but he highly doubted that it worked the way those idiots believed it did. As far as he was concerned, he hadn't done much wrong. However... something bothered him. There was always talk of "seeing the light," and all he could see was the dying light of the sun. His eyes blurred and soon all he knew was darkness.

When he next regained consciousness, he was in a white room surrounded by strange smells and sounds. Walter figured out that he must be alive, but he wasn't sure how. He was sure that he had died, but how did he come back? His answer was never completely answered, but he figured out that humans had been involved when one walked into the room he was in. He was too tired and too weak to actually fight back, but, if humans had been the ones to bring him back from the dead, then fighting them would be counterproductive. He had seen the emptiness on the other side, and he didn't want to disappear. If being nice to humans meant that he could escape the jaws of death itself, then he would do it. The human that had brought him in wasn't the same one that worked on him in the sterile room, but he didn't know that different humans had different occupations. He just left with the human that sort of claimed him, and he didn't see a reason to turn down the offer of staying with the human. Human owned Pokemon had easier lives most of the time, and he figured that if it didn't turn out to be true, then he could leave. The human trained him to be better in battle, and even evolved him when the time came.

The human was part of some strange cult with some... different interpretations of how the legendaries worked. Even though Walter no longer put stock into beliefs involving the afterlife, they had some interesting ideas about the powers of the legends. Even if they weren't gods, they had power, and the ones that caught his attention most were Ho-Oh, Xerneas, and Manaphy. Ho-Oh had the ability to come back to life regardless of circumstances, and the phoenix apparently could bring back the dead. In one case, it apparently even created more legendaries when it did this. Xerneas was a force of life that was also capable of bringing back the dead, but what caught Walter's attention the most was the fact that the deer supposedly could grant immortality. Was this something that he had to earn? Or was it something he could emulate without their presence?

Either way, he knew that even though his species possessed longer life span, he would need something to give him more time. This was what caused his interest in Manaphy. The Pokemon supposedly had the ability to switch bodies, and he realized a very important use. If he had to, he could switch bodies with a younger Pokemon to extend his life. Unfortunately, he had to do investigations of his own outside of the cult family, and that made his position within the community rather precarious. He finally got something out of a passing "witch" that she claimed would work. He never considered the fact that he had asked a ghost information about a body switching spell, but he finally had a spell that would work. He was told it would be easier to switch into the same species, and that he needed a Passho Berry, a King's Rock, a Water Gem, and that his old body would have to be poisoned for the spell to work. At this point, the Ninetales decided to ditch the human and the community since he finally had what he wanted. While the ability to escape death was good, the humans would hold him back from achieving what he truly wanted. He didn't want to die and disappear, so he needed to find out how to become immortal.

His travels were long, but despite all his efforts, he came up short. He became aware of how he was getting older, so he decided to have a family. All he had to do was ensure that his child wouldn't be missed when the inevitable switch came. However, of course, he first had to find a mate. To this day, he is unsure how it fell so perfectly into place that such a naive female Ninetales wandered into his life, but she fell for his charms. He saved her from a few dangerous Pokemon, and she was like putty in his paws. He just had to give a few well-placed compliments and act interested whenever she blathered on about whatever was on her mind. Even after all this time, he did still know how to put on a charming front. Eventually, one thing lead to another, and they were the "happy parents" of one egg. While he was a little disappointed in his limited selection, it would make it easier to integrate if there were no siblings who would instantly know if something was up.

During this time, Maria's rose tinted glasses started to come off as Walter spent less and less time with her and started showing his irritation with her more often. She began noticing red flags that she had once ignored, and realized that she and her child were involved with someone who was not who they seemed to be. When the egg hatched, Maria adored her baby, but Walter, while happy... still seemed so distant. If Maria couldn't do something, he would do it, but there was something missing in his interactions with his child. There was no affection nor a proud gaze. He was satisfied, but nothing more. That began to worry Maria, but it wasn't until she caught him with poison that she realized that there was something horribly wrong. She tried to take Helena and run, but Walter caught her before she even made it to where they had stashed the young Vulpix. Walter realized that she was going to be a problem, and there was only one way to deal with this one. When Maria ceased to be an obstacle, he buried the remains and went back to his daughter as if nothing had gone wrong. She barely remembered the female Ninetales, and she still had her father to take care of her.

Walter had put off using the spell since he wanted his new body to be mostly mature when he finally came into it, and he had entertained the idea of using the spell on Maria to test it out. Unfortunately, the female Ninetales' untimely rebellion ended that plan, but it didn't matter. He still had his daughter. He protected her viciously from outsiders. Even if said outsiders weren't actually threats, but she didn't need to know that. He kept her away from others as much as he could, but then something terrible happened in the balance of the world to ruin his plans. Sickened Pokemon came by and attacked, but that wasn't what scared even Walter. It was the fact that some of them didn't stay dead and came back. It wasn't the glorious immortality that Walter sought, either. With their minds gone, it was just as bad as being dead. Eventually, even their secluded home had to be evacuated, and the pair ran. Even though Walter wanted to keep his daughter separate from others, he started to realize that if he was to keep her, and therefore himself, alive, then he needed to find others to help with that. It was almost unbelievable when they found a strange tall man organizing a human town into a safe haven, but Walter jumped at the opportunity. Later on, Walter found out that there was an unknown benefit to his decision, and maybe his goal was a little closer at hand than he thought. Now, he only had to find out how to take it...
Bulbapedia This fox-like, quadruped Pokémon is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur. It has nine, long tails, each tipped with pale orange. There is a fluffy crest atop its head, and a small mane around its neck. Ninetales has gleaming red eyes that are said to give it the ability to control minds. Its ears are pointed, and it has long, slender legs with three-toed paws.
Ninetales is a very vengeful Pokémon that has been known to curse those who mistreat it. This intelligent Pokémon is able to understand human speech easily. It can live for 1,000 years, due to the energy within its nine tails, each of which is said to have a different mystical power.
Appearance He is an average Ninetales.
Accent N/A
Religion Nihilism? Kinda sorta.
Motivation Protect Helena and finish his spell soon
Personality -Protective
   -As long as something holds value to him, he will do his best to defend it
   -He plays Helena like a fiddle, and will do the same to everyone he meets. His plans cannot be interfered with, so he does what he can to make people not interfere.
-Everything is a tool to be used or thrown away
   -His care for others hinges on if they serve a purpose to him. If someone he needs to focus is having an emotional breakdown, he will feign concern in an attempt to make them calm down more quickly
-Puts on an amiable face
   -It's easier to draw flies with honey than vinegar.
   -Can be charming
   -He thoroughly believes in magic. Of course this is all fake.
-He knows that people would frown upon his intentions and actions, so he keeps those thoughts to himself
   -Things occasionally slip out thought
       -Laughing at inopportune moments or at inappropriate things
   -Anyone who knows what normal is can tell that he is way too strict and controlling with Helena.
   -If something needs to be done, he wants it done now.
   -Doesn't take kindly to his orders being ignored.
   -Don't you dare touch his stuff without his permission. This includes Helena, though he goes about this differently with her.
   -His constant warnings to her involving the other people and her belief that he is always right makes it so that she keeps people away herself. Unfortunately, her curiosity has drawn her to other living beings, and she is capable of making friends.
   -Everything has to serve a purpose for him, or he won't care one bit about it.
   -What's the point of serving others? There's no karmic retribution to enforce it.
   -He is terrified of death because he doesn't believe in an afterlife. When he almost died, he thought he did and saw nothing on the other side.
-Emotionally distant
   -Despite his words and actions, he doesn't truly care for others. In the end, all that matters is what he wants, and he can't be bothered to take on others' emotional baggage. Why should he if they're all just tools?
User Notes -Old as fuck character part 2.
-Just in case I need to spell it out, this "Spell" only exists in the dimensions of a delusional mind and will not work even if he succeeds in the casting.
-Also, the bits about Manaphy being able to switch bodies is only something that the cult believed and isn't a confirmed or denied thing.
-Afterlife and all that is something not really covered on EJ, but it is worth mentioning that in Walter's case, he just passed out. He didn't actually die and "see the other side."
Team notes N/A for now
Affiliations -Helena- His daughter, and his "next" target for the body switch spell. As far as he is concerned, her continued existence is his continued existence, so even if he is emotioally distant with her, he cares about her and her quality of life.
Development Notes -His debatably existing sanity is going to snap like a twig.

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Re: Helena the Vulpix and Walter the Ninetales

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Is this one of those moments where your old character wants to be put in use?


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Re: Helena the Vulpix and Walter the Ninetales

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Re: Helena the Vulpix and Walter the Ninetales

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