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Will the Mutated Sawsbuck (Adopted)


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Will the Mutated Sawsbuck (Adopted)

Post by SkeletonCupcake on Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:14 pm

Text Color #2f2f4f
Item None
Gender Cisgender male
Age Adult
Species #586, Grass/Normal type, Sawsbuck/ The Season Pokémon
Height 5'08"
Weight 179lbs
Pokédex Entry They migrate according to the seasons, so some people call Sawsbuck the harbingers of spring.
Level 35
Ability Chlorophyll: During sunny weather, the Speed stat of Pokémon with this Ability doubles.
Nature Lonely (+Att,-Def)
Characteristic Often lost in thought (SpA IVs)
Moves -Synthesis (Breeding)
-Jump Kick (Leveled up)
-Energy Ball (Leveled up)
-Protect (TM)
History Will was hatched to an audience of his peers within a family-based herd of Sawsbuck and despised from the moment he opened his vivid, yellow eyes. His mother, already damned for an illicit relationship with the fawn’s Leafeon father, was hailed demonic at the sight of her mutated offspring. Will was born with a pelt of midnight blue, feathers sprouting from his scrawny form as all expectations of his kind were swiftly banished. He was deemed an omen, a bringer of doom, as the superstitious herd soon demanded his execution. The Deerling understood little, only recalling the expressions of fury and horror his ‘family’ wore as his mother begged to spare the child’s life. She wouldn’t claim Will as her own, but simply couldn’t bear to witness the slaughter of one so young. After some discussion, the fawn’s life was spared, but he was to leave immediately.

Roughly exiled from the group only hours after his hatching, Will was led on shaky legs by his mother far beyond the herd’s territory. She seemed scared of him, clearly uncomfortable as the duo eventually arrived on the outskirts of town. With little more than a farewell glance, the Sawsbuck sprung away to leave Will abandoned on the moonlit streets. The fawn was terrified, confused, as he tried in vain to catch up with his parent – but it was no use. The female was gone, abandoning her mutated child as Will, devastated, was left to fend for himself. Cold, hungry and unsteady on his legs, he stumbled down endless streets before succumbing to sleep, defeated and praying for a miracle.

Will awoke to the sight of an elderly couple hesitantly approaching him. The humans had spotted the fawn amidst the garbage hours earlier and were led to believe the youngster was a lost pet. They offered him food and the promise of shelter, keen to keep the child safe until his owner returned to claim him. Although nervous, Will was soothed by their kindly approach and soon found himself introduced to the pokémon day-care the couple ran. The humans were kind, affectionate to the peculiar fawn, but their line of business soon demanded interactions with a whole array of other creatures.

Left to roam the day-care facilities amongst countless other patrons, Will soon learnt that something was wrong with him. Pokémon were wary of him, some curious and others downright malicious towards the outsider. Older guests were civil enough, though often nosy of the fawn’s situation and lineage; but seeking friendship with those of his own young age, Will was left wounded by their behaviour. Mocked, insulted, distrusted and often feared, the child’s optimism was met with disgust. He couldn’t get close to anyone and as weeks turned into months, the fawn began to accept his identity as an omen.

With nobody arriving to claim the abandoned Deerling, the humans running the facility decided to offer the mutated youngster permanent residence, oblivious to Will’s growing alienation. He spent his days in isolation, choosing to avoid other pokémon in fear of their reactions and in time, collapsed into himself altogether. But he was not sad. Although young, he had come to understand that his situation would never change. People were deterred by his appearance and after countless negative responses, Will had learnt to sympathise with them. He knew why they mocked him, why they would avoid him. He could understand and sympathise with the creatures around him, thus held nothing against them.

His extraordinary ability to empathise only strengthened with time, growing powerful by the day as Will dismissed years of bullying as completely justifiable on his tormentors’ part. Even his own parents had disowned him; an entire society couldn’t be wrong and so, he did not condemn them for his treatment. A vivid imagination placed him directly in the shoes of those around him, understanding their motivations and opinions as he found himself deserving of their accusation. Will had built up a firm self-loathing and soon retreated from the day-care society altogether, content in his own company. It was only when he was approaching his teenage years that the humans eventually noticed the alarming change in the Deerling’s behaviour, the shift from shyness to complete and utter social detachment.

The nervous fawn that had first arrived was transformed altogether, blessed with a maturity and awareness beyond his years that left him cynical, aloof. The human couple, blaming themselves, sought to make amends and save the youth’s once-promising character before it was too late. They made the decision to sell the troubled youth to a police officer known for rehabilitating so-called ‘damaged goods’. Will became the latest edition to the man’s collection of rescue cases.

Unwilling to trust the man but always one for tolerance, the Deerling was mainly unhappy within the new home. Whilst his company was acceptable, in fact quite welcoming, Will struggled to adapt to the environment. He remained notoriously unfriendly as weeks passed, but his human’s determination to see improvement unintentionally caused further upset. Forced into the world of battling, the fawn quickly found himself overwhelmed by emotion. What had started as an empowering hobby soon turned into a painful experience, Will’s empathetic nature leaving him crippled with guilt when he was commanded to hurt his opponent. The Deerling was reluctant to participate, clearly distressed by the experience and sought safety within his own mind. The human couldn’t understand the acuteness of Will’s empathy, instead mistaking the grass-type’s unwillingness for disobedience; and as a result, continued to wear away the creature’s sanity in a bid to iron out bad habits.

Mentally and physically drained, Will grew more distant. He shunned socialization with both pokémon and human, too wrapped up in guilt to comprehend how far he’d strayed from the real world. The Deerling’s mind was slipping, fantasy becoming his only haven, until one individual succeeded in coercing him from his safety.
Hannibal was one of the human’s newer rescue-cases. The Houndoom had arrived when Will was inching his way into adulthood and yet he had seen no glimpse of the canine until a month after his initiation into the ‘family’. Half-absent from the real world, his mental stability depleted to almost dangerous levels, the fawn had spent the majority of his existence confined to a single room. When he finally met the canine, he was unknowingly entangled within the hound’s charm. Hannibal seemed to understand him, even showed a desire to help him and despite his initial distrust, Will quickly found himself warming up to the hound. They struck up an uneasy friendship, both cloaking secrets as they unwittingly found themselves in contact with a kindred spirit.

As time passed, Will gradually escaped the confines of his mind. Hannibal fell into the role of a counsellor, seemingly understanding the fawn in a way Will had never known. However, past the initial comfort of the canine’s friendship, the hound unnerved him. There was a darkness in Hannibal’s eyes that Will was afraid to understand; forcing himself to overlook glimpse of the monster within and instead focusing on solidifying his own fragile mental state. With the Houndoom’s support Will turned his back on battling altogether, unwilling to endure the abuse any longer as a streak of vicious rebellion escaped to make itself known. He became more social, working hard to develop relationships with other pokémon of the house and in doing so wrestled away the demons that sought to infect him. He was distracted from himself, determinedly working to achieve a sense of happiness and stability he had only ever dreamt of. He owed a lot of his improvement to Hannibal’s support, eternally grateful as for the first time in his life Will felt truly accepted amidst the lost souls compiling his true family.

And then, the epidemic hit.

Will’s world was destroyed in one fell swoop. All of his hard work ultimately came to nothing as news of the epidemic spread, filling his mind with all manner of macabre, twisted imaginings. He feared the undead even before he encountered them, plagued by hallucinations keen to unhinge him further. But amidst the internal struggle to keep control of his life, Will failed to see that the real threat was already breathing down his neck. Hannibal, his friend, acted a week after news of the epidemic broke out. The Houndoom killed everyone; seemingly without provocation, brutal in his gruesome disposal. Will was confident he’d have joined the body count were it not down to sheer luck, evading the hound’s attention as he fled the only place he’d been able to call home. Hannibal had destroyed it all – his friends, his haven and now his mind.

Void of purpose, Will had run from the scene until his legs couldn’t carry him any further. The Deerling collapsed in the middle of nowhere, terrified and devastated at what had befallen him. He had escaped death but only to live in a state of constant fear. He almost thought Hannibal wanted him to experience this new world, soon despising the hound for his masked cruelty – but at the same time, Will was disgusted at his ability to empathise. He had known what Hannibal was capable of all those years before. He saw that malice that others overlooked, and yet he had done nothing. He had chosen to ignore it. Will hated himself, guilt-stricken as he was quick to blame himself for Hannibal’s actions. It felt as if he’d committed the slaughter himself.

He lost several days in a state of panic, thoroughly unhinged by his family’s murder to fathom any rational response. His mind and body simply shut down as Will was permitted free rein in his damaged psyche in a violent bout of dissociation. When he escaped the episode, he soon came to the conclusion that his mind, despite the dark imaginings it regularly concocted, was far safer. The world had changed at an alarming rate, the undead masses growing in synch with the living’s depletion. And soon, Will was forced to face these monsters first hand.

Will saw past their monstrosity; capable of empathising with each and every decaying undead he encountered. He saw the creatures that they had once been, spotted glimpse of their minds entangled within the infection as he was forced to attack them, kill them. He was sickened every time. Battle soon triggered his evolution and subsequently his final transformation. Will had become a murderer, the omen and demon that he’d been labelled as all those years before.

The epidemic world was too much for him, the final blow that threatened to cut all connections to the real world as the Sawsbuck found himself in a precarious cycle of mental torture. When he was forced to kill creatures he saw only as innocents, another weight was laid upon his back. He saw visions of these victims following him, calling out to him from the shadows as he struggled to distinguish reality from his own twisted design. Half his days spent in a macabre trance of his own subconscious creation, Will wanders alone, desperately clinging onto anything real.
Appearance "Sawsbuck is a brown and cream deer-like Pokémon with rhomboid ears and darker ear insides. Its eyes have light-orange markings that curve down to sides of its face. It has a dark-brown nose, and it sports cream fur on its chin and sides of its face. Light-orange stripes rim its underbelly, and its back is decorated with spots corresponding to the season: pink in spring, green in summer, orange in fall, and white in winter. Its limbs are slender and tipped with hooves. Unless it's summer, its brown tail points down. Sawsbuck lives in herds led by the Sawsbuck with the most splendid antlers. It can live almost anywhere as they adapt to the season, but prefer to live away from humans. It is herbivorous.
Its appearance changes depending on the season. During the spring, a tuft of cream fur appears on its chest, and its antlers are adorned with pink flowers. During the summer, its tail points up, it grows tufts of fur on the back of its head, and its antlers sport green leaves. During the fall, it sports a cream tuft of fur on its chest, and the leaves on its antlers are red and brown. During the winter, the cream fur turns white, tufts of white fur appear on its chest and lower limbs, and its antlers are coated in white."

Whilst he is significantly more comfortable with his unique appearance than in previous years, Will knows that his looks are essentially responsible for his troubled childhood and quietly resents them as a result. Mutated almost beyond recognition of his Sawsbuck species, Will’s genetics have left him with very little indication of the seasons, sporting no glimpse of foliage other than the appearance of dead leaves hanging from his antlers in varying quantities - sparse in winter, plentiful in summer.

His pelt is a shade of midnight blue and boasting an amount of plumage around his chest, face and rump – the feathers, like his wiry pelt, are relatively greasy to the touch. His hooves and antlers are pure black, whilst he stares out of striking yellow eyes. The stag is mainly of average height, but is rather slight in terms of physical structure. His legs appear especially lanky, misleading given the strength he’s capable of.
Personality Extremely Empathetic | Understanding | Conflicted | Impressionable | Unfriendly | Private | Distrusting of Himself | Extremely Emotional | Lonely | Highly Mentally Unstable | Intelligent | Protective | Brave | Unpredictable | Delusional | Disturbed | Guilt-Stricken | Scared

Empathy defines and shapes Will’s troubled existence. Blessed with the capacity to understand and sympathise with creatures from all walks of life, the stag has a natural ability to get into another’s mind – feel their pain, their happiness and sadness through an over-active imagination. He becomes them. Whilst pure empathy may be considered a gift, Will considers it a curse. He sympathises with the bad as much as he does with the good. He understands how people act, why they do it and often finds himself unable to distinguish right from wrong – capable of justifying the most heinous crimes. His morals are apt to change erratically as a result; influenced by his empathetic nature to leave him unpredictable and often unknowingly impressionable, a victim of manipulation.

Despite his potential as a natural figure of support and counsel, Will actively avoids close relationships. He’s compassionate, a good listener, but remains reluctant to personally involve himself in another’s life. The stag is especially private in his ways, keeping to himself and building up an unfriendly shield to deter others - but just beneath the cold surface, the deer’s emotions are acute as ever, practically bursting at the seams. He doesn’t seek friendship or love, yet cannot deny the damaging effect of loneliness. The Sawsbuck fears getting too close to another, afraid of himself and also being blinded by his capacity to understand – yet through this detachment, he falls deeper into his own fractured psyche. Despite his confidence in leading a life of isolation, Will needs something real; a friend to save him from himself.

The extent of Will’s mental instability is not always completely perceptible on first impressions, but with the ongoing effects of the epidemic his condition has sharply deteriorated. A fairly intelligent individual in times of calm, the Sawsbuck is genuinely a nice guy beneath the layers of mental fragility. The grass-type can be quite witty, presenting a dry sense of humour and sharp sarcasm in his words – however he’s sensitive to the condition of others, rarely using speech to harm. He’s naturally inclined to protect the weak and help the needy; brave when it is demanded of him but adamant that he is no hero, instead considering himself a danger. Whilst he can’t perceive the full extent of his weakening sanity, the Sawsbuck knows something is wrong – unwilling to trust himself around others as his personality is prone to violent shifts. For example, he thinks his morals are strong and just, yet they are in fact easily influenced. He considers himself rational and down-to-earth, but such descriptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Will is delusional and highly unpredictable, dangerous under pressure.

However, he remains adamant he will get better. Will doesn’t acknowledge the severity of his instability, snappy when people unwittingly patronise him by offering guidance. Easily frustrated, Will is unsurprisingly quite a short-tempered individual – his fear translated into an unpleasant moodiness that he struggles to control. Prone to snapping without meaning, the extent of the stag’s temper reaches its peak when people try to analyse and question him – memories of Hannibal’s betrayal quick to cement his distrust.  He is a proud creature, unwilling to ask for help or accept that fact he’s weak. His stubbornness leaves him suffering privately, the Sawsbuck fiercely persuading himself that this is just a phase – that the hallucinations will stop. Yet this sense of hope in an otherwise pessimistic mindset leaves Will vulnerable, weaker than ever. He can’t recognise just how quickly he’s spiralling.

In short, Will needs help. Plagued by vivid, disturbing visual and auditory hallucinations, the stag is left a victim within his own mind as the epidemic quickens the decline of his sanity. Forced to kill the undead, creatures he essentially sees as innocents, the stag is ruled by guilt; considering himself a murderer, he finds himself haunted by images of his victims. Completely conflicted, Will just wants to understand himself. He can justify everyone’s actions but his own, embraces all individuals to an extent where he loses grip of his own identity. Aggressive bouts of dissociation leaves the deer constantly second-guessing himself; left confused and fearful at the time passed inside his own mind and the potentially damaging actions of his subconscious. He is confused, doubting his capabilities and his behaviour when he is unable to control them. This loss of memory also leaves him susceptible to manipulation – he never knows what to believe.

Full of emotion, the stag is angry, confused and above all, scared. Will feels out of his depth, drowning beneath the expectations that the new world demands of him as life leaves him paranoid, terrified of the creature he believes he’s taking the shape of.
User Notes -Father was a Leafeon.
-Will’s extremely acute sense of empathy coupled with his weakening mental state has left this particular characteristic somewhat tainted. With the extremity of the Sawsbuck’s guilt and consequential hallucinations, Will has become delusional to an extent where he believes far more about others than he truly understands. His rationality is fast-depleting and as a result, he’s left filling in the blanks with concepts of his own imagining. He makes illogical jumps, often resulting in a false or exaggerated judgement of an individual that he once has the capacity to genuinely understand.  
-Despite his generally non-confrontational nature, Will levelled up from his time with the officer and more frequently in the epidemic world itself. He was regularly forced into battle for the first few years in the human’s care, unable to summon the courage to defy orders. Hannibal helped instil a sense of rebellion and previously suppressed stubbornness in Will which soon forced the human to retire the stag from battling, instead slowly spiking the creature’s level through use of rare candies. However, the main reason for Will’s high level comes from violent experiences in the epidemic.
-Will has spent around half his lifetime suffering from an undiagnosed mental disorder with similar symptoms to both schizophrenia and depersonalization disorder; however this has become increasingly severe since the epidemic hit. Whilst a good deal of his behaviour follows the expected path of such conditions, Will is most recently a victim of encephalitis, an acute inflammation of the brain. Unknowingly contracting the infection during his travels in the epidemic world, it is the symptoms of this condition that are most dangerous. Suffering headaches, drowsiness, fevers and more dangerously memory problems, hallucinations and seizures, Will isn’t going mad but is in fact extremely ill. Oblivious to both the presence and growing severity of his infection, the Sawsbuck has no way of treating the problem and is left with a very slim chance of survival.  
-Will is based on the character of Will Graham from the Hannibal series, but specifically the NBC television series ‘Hannibal’. The character’s design is based on the Dire Ravenstag the character frequently hallucinates.
-Adopted from Snitch, original profile here.

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