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Post by Abysswalker on Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:22 am


The Masked Woman
Text Color bf83a9
Theme(s) Pinwheel
Item Ghost travels incredibly light; other than her mask, her weapons, and the two regular Pokeballs kept for her Pokemon, she does not appear to have any other possessions.
Weapons Ghost has no firearms or any sort of long-range weaponry. She has various types of blades, some of them kept hidden on her person. Her two Pokemon are also powerful enough to provide extra defense from undead and hostile living alike.
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her
Birthdate Unknown.
Age 39
Species Human
Height 6'4"
Region of origin Unknown.
Occupation Former trainer, cult follower-Ghost appeared to have been rather high up in rank, though it is unknown exactly how much status she truly held.
Party She has never been seen without her Trevenant and Noivern. These two Pokemon are incredibly bonded to her, and vice versa. Ghost treats them like family, and will allow no harm to come upon them.
Pkm 1
Name/Gender: Whisperer/male
Text colour: 327556
Species: Trevenant
Level: 61
Ability: Natural Cure
Attack list:
-Will-O-Wisp (Level)
-Wood Hammer (Level)
-Shadow Claw (Level)
-Feint Attack (Pre-Evo)
Pkm 2
Name/Gender: Lightbringer/male
Text colour: 99182c
Species: Noivern
Level: 59
Ability: Infiltrator
Attack list:
-Air Slash (Level)
-Dragon Pulse (Start)
-Tailwind (Bred)
-Flamethrower (TM)
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "This is goodbye."
Accent Unknown.
-At 6'4", she is unusually tall. This is coupled with a naturally lean build and obvious signs of being underweight. Though she does not appear to be dangerously thin, her clothes still appear large and baggy on her frame no matter what their size.
-She has dark brown hair that reaches down to her ribs. Her eye colour is currently unknown-some sources say hazel, others green, others blue. Ghost has pale skin, likely due to her use of concealing clothing, and possibly also due to a lack of outside exposure to sunlight.
-Ghost is not often seen with the same clothing, as she is constantly scavenging for more. There is a constant, however. The woman almost never takes off a certain mask, one molded to resemble the face of a female human child (there is a strong possibility this is the face of the younger Ghost herself, as it has been painted to look both pale and brown-haired). It has several cracks around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks. The exact material is unknown, as she has been seen wearing it in various weather conditions and temperatures.

Religion Ghost is extremely dedicated-perhaps fanatically-to the strange death cult she has been involved with since adolescence. Oddly enough, despite their worship of death and intense focus on the concept, there has never been any evidence of sacrifices or murders committed by the group. They seem to be more isolationist than anything, and hold an unnamed, incorporeal deity in incredibly high regard. Apparently, the cult believes that the legendary Yveltal is one of the scattered physical forms of their god, but beyond that, little is known of the woman's religious nuances.
Personality -Ghost is a soft-spoken, concise woman with no love of her own voice. She's direct, to the point, and that makes her blunt; it's common for her to not think of how another might react or feel when she speaks. However, Ghost never allowed herself to be threatened or manipulated into changing her views, nor did she project maliciousness or personal bias into her speech. This made her a favourite amongst the many members that were in her cult.
-She is, to nobody's shock, incredibly judgmental of other belief systems and values. Ghost views them as arrogant, presumptuous, and an insult to her own religion; she looks down on these different religions (or lack thereof) and stubbornly refuses to step outside of boundaries of her own faith.
-However, while she acts very superior and elevates her own beliefs over those of others, it's incredibly rare for Ghost to ever resort to violence against dissenters. She will never bring physical harm against someone simply for not believing, and does not approve even slightly of taking unwilling sacrifices or carrying out personal murder in the name of her god. Pretty much the only thing that would set off Ghost enough for her to attack is intentionally trying to break her mask or steal it away.
-Due to her cult's way of thought, Ghost does not have a fear of dying and has learned to fight against the body's natural will to fight against mortality. She views death as a beautiful process, one that was like rebirth rather than a complete stop or a passing into an otherworldly realm. No, the only thing about death that Ghost fears is meeting her end at the hand of one of her own fellow believers.
-Surprisingly, Ghost is rather open about her past and her personal beliefs. If people were to ask, she would answer honestly and to the best of her abilities. Though her mask  might make her come off as distant and unknown, the woman actually enjoys talking and the presence of other human beings in general, whether or not there is a conversation involved. She does not always have the right words, and when this happens, Ghost prefers to let how she feels or thinks be read through her actions and body.
-Ghost views humans and Pokemon a alike in roughly the same way-that is, neutral beings that all end up in the same mortal coil. She has a strong connection to her own Pokemon, but treats them as she would treat a human friend. To her, nothing has inherent value; this is apparently a common belief among the other cult followers, that their god created everything without becoming attached to any of it.
-Not materialistic, as she views everything on the earth as only temporary. The only real object she's formed an attachment to is the mask she wears, both because of its connection to her faith and because it serves as a reminder of who she used to be. Ghost never quite let go of her old life, and to this day, she will often stare at the mask and wonder if she could ever go back to being that self again. It is the one consistent doubt she has in her entire current worldview-others tend to fade fast.


Affiliations Her affiliates, if there are any left outside of her cult, are currently unknown.
User Notes
  • Had to write personality out of the "outsider look" style so she'd be more than "weird lady wearing a mask." The profile isn't written in the PoV of another specific character or organization or whatever, I just thought it would be a fitting style for a character like Ghost.
  • Though I've had this particular character for a long time, her mask and a small part of her design was inspired by the Dark Souls boss, Pinwheel.
  • Potential lead for future Pinwheel Forest team? I'll keep this note so I don't forget.

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