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Post by Starbits on Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:15 pm

Fallarbor | Late Afternoon | 57

"Me too. I didn't get to see much of it back in the day," Chris admits. Yeah, that... sounds about right. If you didn't set out to do the gyms or some other form of the Pokemon journey right of passage...

You probably missed seeing a lot of the region you were born in.

She wonders if he started it at all or not.

"Say, do you think they've made it to the waterfall yet?"  Oh, he's ready to switch gears. That's fine; there's a bittersweetness in remembering... just, remembering. And it's not like either of them want to dwell on the sadness in front of basically a stranger.

"Probably. I hope Flame has the good sense to not just jump in without checking." She sighs. "His species can go in water but they're very poor swimmers. Because fire types. And he's very... excitable." Yeah, that's a good way to put it.


"Bro, never-never talk to me again!" the Vaporeon shouts, making Flame burst into a new round of giggles.

"Just for that pun, he comes too!" The giggles die into squawks of protest when Charizard scoops up the Vaporeon, but one look at his face and he can't complain. Sure it means they'll tie, but the other guy is as excited as he is to be riding on the back of a fucking dragon; who is he to accuse him of cheating for that?

Even if it totally wasn't fair. Ya picked his side, Charizard; you can't just add onto it!

"Hell yeah!"

They whiz by the dino, the tongue that had been hanging out like a puppy pulling back into his mouth. "Hey, you're cheating!"

Flame makes a face at him. He's totally an adult you guys, and from the looks of it, so is the Vaporeon. Huh. Maybe he's met a kindred spirit here!

"We win!" Charizard lands and sets them both down.

"Man, does winning feel great!" he crows launching into a really goofy victory dance. Flame falls over laughing

"You guys are great!" he gasps out, aware that he might be finding this a little too funny but not taking time to care. Because really, who gives a shit? This is the first time in forever he's felt this light; time to take advantage of it and wring this entire situation for every last drop of joy he can squeeze out of it.


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Post by Lance on Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:00 pm

Fallarbor Town||Late Afternoon

They stood victorious in the river, the waterfall's roar unable to smother their cheers. Galahad chuckled as the others rejoiced, sitting on the riverbed and refraining from going into the water. He didn't mean to be a sourpuss, but water and he didn't mix terribly well. Dinadan soon arrived, jumping high into the air before cannonballing into the water with a joyful roar. Galahad turned his head away to prevent the spray from getting into his eyes, but he wasn't in the least perturbed by his comrade's appearance.

With the giant dino baby frolicking in the water, Galahad took in a long breath and settled in the shallows. What a day. He spotted the trainers making their way closer and waved, simply happy to be able to bear witness to such revelry. If only Lance would be able to join...

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