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Post by Duma on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:42 pm

    In Camphrier Town in Kalos

  • Humans are welcome, though prior planning is appreciated.
  • Duma and Kitty leaders of the team and should be kept in the know with potential or upcoming plot between characters.
  • This team is planned for ACE rank and all that entails.
  • Undead/Infected are preferred not to be on the team as they will clash with the lead roles
  • No prior knowledge of the anime/manga Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler is required.


Plot via Sebastian

"For a few months now my young master and I have been dogging after this undead for a while now, which my young lord recognizes as Ash, the butler to the Queen of his pack. We have denominated that Ash is the cause of his family's death and as such we have managed to corner them here, at Camphrier Town.

We have set up a base of operations inside the Shabboneau Castle, as it reminds my young lord of his own mansion - how cute.

Ahem. That aside, this is where you come in. Ash will most certainly flee if they spot myself or my young lord, so we need your help to catch it. But beware, the virus has only recently claimed them - I managed to kill them once, but I was not expecting them to reanimate. Because of this Ash has fled and is keeping their distance from us. My young lord is against the idea of help, but he has resigned to the fact that we need it.

The only issue is that while I know that neither Ciel for myself will fall victim to Ash's sweet words and tricks, the same can not be said for others. Ash is very crafty and will do anything they can to get you to turn on us, but believe me, that is the worst thing you can do. My young lord is not as forgiving as you may think and her certainly doesn't like pawns who betray him.

You will have to be sharp, and keep your wits about you, because Ash isn't the only one with a silver tongue and a sly manipulative side. After all, demons and angels are one and the same. We both want to pull people to our side... Will you be able to keep your mind entirely your own?

Keep your strength up and wits about you for this is not a safehaven. There will be danger from all sides and you may not know everything as it really is. Everyone here has a secret and many of them are deadly. Can you brave the dangers and help us defeat Ash's evil that is plaguing this world?

Will you help me get revenge on the one who has killed my young lord's family and slandered his name?"

Plot Devices

  • Undead Togeren nicknamed Ash by Ciel and Sebastian will be a major plot point  

    • Ash is a recently infected, highly intelligent Togeren. While he has some restraint, he is still infectious and after one day of being dead his mind has started to decay, leaving him irrational and dangerous. Holed up int he PokeMart, items inside the store will be inaccessible for the duration of while Ash is there, or the group could make the decision to storm the 'mart ant take whats inside, which is mostly canned food, untainted water bottles and healing items.

  • Ash still has some intelligence left and will try to persuade others in the group to rebel   

    • Despite his status as an Undead, Ash will try and worm his way into the hearts of everyone in an attempt to sway them into rebelling against Ciel and Sebastian. Knowing he is sitting on a mother-lode of items, Ash will also offer them out to those to side with him as an attempt to get more on his side to attack Ciel and Sebastian.

  • You can choose to side with Sebastian or Ash, or try and befriend Ciel    

    • If you side with Ash, Ciel will see you as a threat and get Sebastian to eliminate you, however if Sebastian gets close, Ash will attack him, so that leaves him unable to attack those who turn against them, but instead leaves them with a threat that he will kill them.
    • If you side with Sebastian, Ash will do everything in his power to kill you, but will not comprise his safety by outright attacking, since if he tries that Sebastian will kill him.
    • Trying to befriend Ciel will be the hardest. He is stubborn and he distances himself greatly. Never showing much emotion unless he's in a dire situation, Ciel is very stony and will be very hard to befriend - this does not mean it is impossible though.

  • Undertaker will be floating to the team and will help to stir the pot and convince the group to attack Sebastian, knowing full well that it may injure the group if they try to attack him. He will arrive about the time that Ciel and Sebastian start explaining about Ash.    

    • As a former informant of Ciel and Sebastian, Undertaker will take great joy in spreading rumors about the two, and will give out his information for his usual price, of course. If he convinces someone to attack Sebastian Undertaker will disappear from Sebastian's sight for a while, but will still be available to find for information on Ciel and Sebastian.

  • Undertaker will also be giving out information on Ciel and Sebastian's relationship throughout the time he's there, and will hint at Sebastian's end goal.   

    • Undertaker knows a great deal about the contract that Ciel and Sebastian share, and if someone can pay the price, he would be willing to tell them. Throughout the entire time he is there, Undertaker will hint and point out certain attributes about how Ciel and Sebastian act to try and clue on everyone as to what Sebastian will do if Ash dies.

  • Ciel will be calling the shots, and if he orders it Sebastian will follow through with no hesitation. This could cause insecurity among the group since Ciel could order their deaths at any time. 

    • Ever the loyal butler, Sebastian will not hesitate to take out someone if his young lord orders it. Dangerously loyal, if Ciel commands it, Sebastian follows through with it, there is no grey area when it comes to Ciel's orders.

  • Ultimately Ash will be killed and Sebastian will then kill Ciel as a part of his contract. 

    • Due to his deteriorating mind, Ash will eventually leave his safe-haven and seek out Ciel and Sebastian, attacking them and leading to a fight where ultimately Sebastian kills Ash, and then as per the contract, will kill Ciel right there in front of everyone. (It is at this time that Undertaker leaves)

  • One of the group (Someone who befriends Ciel?) will rebel against Sebastian and try to attack him   

    • Someone from the group who ends up befriending Ciel will most definitely attack Sebastian, to which Sebastian will respond by attacking back. Now free of Ciel's orders, Sebastian will take up the role as the head, and will force everyone out of the Castle.

  • Sebastian will kick everyone out of the Castle and hole up in there  with the threat of killing whoever enter    

    • Once everyone is expelled from the Castle, Sebastian will keep himself locked in there and will threaten to kill anyone who enters the Castle on the grounds that he is now free of his master and can do as he originally wished to do from the start.

  • The team then has to work together to try and force Sebastian out of the Castle  

    • Kicked from the Castle and under a death threat, the rest of the team must then work together to storm the Castle and attack Sebastian, flushing him out and exiling him.

  • High leveled Pokemon will be needed to overthrow Sebastian

    • At level 68, Sebastian is a powerful, experienced fighter that will not show mercy. High levels are needed if the group is to successfully kick Sebastian out, and keep him at bay afterwards.

  • When he is kicked out of the Castle, Sebastian will then stalk the group and cause unrest, stirring up the more weaker willed of the group to revolt again

    • Staying true to his word however, Sebastian will then start to stalk the group and will whisper threats or half-words from the shadows in attempts to scare the group. He will also capture others of the group alone and use his talent of manipulation to persuade them to revolt and allow him back into the group, since of course, he was just following orders.

Users Involved

Team Roster

First come, first serve
Shout out to 2KB for the coding format.

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Post by Azelf on Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:09 am

Team is approved for Ace. Have at it, folks!


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