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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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Manic the Human and Yunalesca the Delphox[Violet Team](W.I.P)


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Manic the Human and Yunalesca the Delphox[Violet Team](W.I.P)

Post by SkeletonCupcake on Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:49 am

Korrina "Manic" Carter
Text Color alizarin crimson E32636
Theme(s) Anticipation


Home(Music Box)


You Idiot

SAVE the World

Item Strappy Black Purse(One of the Gen 6 Bags, not pictured in image cause sil is derp) Containing; x2 Ultra ball, x3 Dusk Ball, x1 Net Ball, x4 Moo Moo Milk, x15 Fresh Waters, x12 Hyper Potions, x4 Full Heals, x1 busted pokegear, x3 x-Speed, x2 x-attack, x10 Sitrus Berries, x5 Lum Berries, x1 Set of Berry pots, x2 Food Rations, x1 acro bike, x1 TM case with most Kalos TMs(Only TMs available before Snowbelle City)
Weapons x1 Serrated Combat knife, x1 Semi-automatic .9mm Pistol w/x3 extra magazines
Biological Gender Female
Gender Identity GenderFluid; She/He/They
Birthdate 11/04/1987
Age 28
Species Human
Weight 163lbs/73.9kg
Height 5’0"/1.5m
Region of origin Johto
Occupation Pokemon Trainer, 2 time winner of E4 tournaments.(Hoenn, Johto), Small time youtuber/livestreamer/author.
Party Current team is the team is her Kalos team as she was trying for the Kalos championship tournament when the infection first hit, all are trained in EV's, though IV's and Nature are not specifically bred for combat.
Pkm 1
Shiva / F
Text colour- B0E0E6
#699/Aurorus/The Tundra Pokemon
Level 53
Attack list-
-Return (Technical Machine)
-Ancient Power(Level)
-Bulldoze (Technical Machine)
-Avalanche (Technical Machine)
HP - 252/Defense - 128/Sp. Defense - 128(EV Spread)
Pkm 2
Valefor / F
Text Color - 694489
#691/Dragalge/The Mock Kelp Pokemon
Level 51
Poison Touch
Attack list-
-Aqua Tail (Level)
-Surf (Hidden Machine)
-Sludge Bomb (Level)
-Toxic (Level)
HP - 122/Sp. attack - 134/Sp. Defense - 252(EV Spread)
Pkm 3
Lulu / F
Text colour- E31230
#671/Florges/The Garden Pokemon
Level 51
Flower Veil
Attack list-
-Return (Technical Machine)
-Magical Leaf (Level)
-Moonblast (Level)
-Petal Blizzard (Level)
Defense - 4/Sp. attack - 252/Sp.Defense - 252(EV Spread)
Pkm 4
Auron / M
Text colour- CDB5CD
#681/Aegislash/The Royal Sword Pokemon
Level 53
Stance Change
Attack list-
-Iron Head (Level)
-Shadow Claw (Technical Machine)
-Kings Shield (Level)
-Swords Dance (Level)
HP - 4/attack - 252/Defense - 252(EV Spread)
Pkm 5
Jecht / M
Text colour- #EE7600
#701/Hawlucha/The Wrestling Pokemon
Level 54
Attack list-
-Fly (Hidden Machine)
-Flying Press (Level)
-Brick Break (Technical Machine)
-Feather Dance (Level)
attack - 252/Defense - 4/Speed - 252(EV Spread)
Pkm 6
Yunalesca / F
Text colour- FF1CAE
#655/Delphox/The Fox Pokemon
Level 55
Attack list-
-Psychic (Level)
-Flamethrower (Level)
-Calm Mind (Technical Machine)
-Attract (Technical Machine)
Sp. attack - 252/Sp. Defense - 4/Speed - 252
Quote "silly things"
Appearance Chubby chub miester
Personality silly silly silly, but then srs face
User Notes -Themes are all undertale tracks |D

Image at the top

Theme It's Showtime!

Metal Crusher

Death by Glamour

The Title of this song contains spoilers for Undertale so if you have yet to play it do not click this link unless you don't care about spoilers.
Profession None
Text Color FF1CAE
Item Sitrus Berry
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She/Her
Age Young adult: 16
Species #655/Delphox/The Fox Pokemon
Height 4'11"/1.5m
Weight 86lbs/39kg
Pokédex Entry Using psychic power, it generates a fiery vortex of 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit, incinerating foes swept into this whirl of flame. ~ Pokemon Y Dex Entry
Level LVL
Nature Carful (+Sp. Defense,-Sp. attack)
Characteristic Likes to run (Speed IVs)
Moves -Psychic (Level)
-Flamethrower (Level)
-Calm Mind (Technical Machine)
-Attract (Technical Machine)
Quote "It is better to die in hope than to live in despair. Let me be your liberator."
History WIP
Bulbapedia "Delphox is a relatively tall bipedal Pokémon resembling a fox. It is covered in a coat of fur that resembles a robe; this "robe" is primarily dark red, with red-orange, flame-like markings near its knees, as well as a thin tuft of white fur on its torso, flanked by yellow fur draping down from its shoulders. It has three tufts of red-orange fur protruding out of each ear. Its forearms feature long red fur resembling sleeves, and its hands and feet are dark gray with three clawed fingers and toes, respectively. A tail covered in yellow fur protrudes from its "robe." When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw.
Delphox carries a stick that it uses like a magic wand; when in use, the tip is set alight, and when not in use, the stick is hidden away in its sleeve-like fur. Delphox gazes into the flame at the tip of its "wand" to achieve a focused state of mind that allows it to see into the future. It can use its psychic power to ensnare its enemies in a fiery vortex capable of reaching 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Appearance WAH
Accent Speaks with a slight French accent.
Religion Yveltalist yo
Motivation Survival

User Notes -USER NOTES
Team notes TEAMNOTES
Affiliations FILLIATIONS
Development Notes DEVELOPENT

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