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Pokémon Trainer Dazey (Marsh, Ace)


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Pokémon Trainer Dazey (Marsh, Ace)

Post by Dazey on Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:09 am

[Art by me]

Dazey Luna
Text Color A9C0FD
Theme(s) “Daze” - Poets of the Fall
“My Demons” - Starset
“Gasoline” - Halsey
“Dear Fellow Traveller” - Sea Wolf
“Boom” - P.O.D
“Better” - OneRepublic
“Doomed” - Bring Me The Horizon
“Pyromania” - Cascada
“Through It All” - Spoken
“Gives You Hell” - The All American Rejects
“She’s Out Of Her Mind” - Blink 182
“My Funeral” - Dope
“Talk” - Coldplay
“Stones” - Manafest
“One For the Money” - Escape the Fate
“Gimme Dat (Mountain Dew)” - KJ-52
“Remember We Die” - Gemini Syndrome
“Don‘t Threaten Me With A Good Time” - Panic! At The Disco
“I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” - Bebe Rexha
“Chandelier” - Sam Tsui
“Afraid” - The Neighbourhood
“Sell Your Soul” - Hollywood Undead
“Push” - Thousand Foot Krutch
“Hot Mess” - Cobra Starship
“Bring ‘Em Down” - Lostprophets
“Fight” - All Good Things
Item -A Universal Communicator (only taken off while sleeping to prevent breaking/losing it.)
Carried in a gray messenger bag:
-Art supplies; mechanical pencils, colored pencils, erasers, ink pens,
-An Eevee-design notebook,
-A large zip lock bag containing food she finds,
-A sports bottle of water,
-TM 27 (Return),
-A hair brush, eyeliner pencil and refillable razor,
-A few Poké Balls of different kinds,
-Badge case,
-Shattered, non-functioning iPhone 6s,
Weapons -Handgun w/ low ammo,
-Pump Shotgun w/ low ammo,
-Combat knife
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity Cisgender female / she / her
Birthdate February 4th
Age 21
Species Human
Weight 143lbs
Height 5‘7“
Region of origin Saffron City, Kanto
Occupation Pokémon Trainer
Party Dazey’s only Pokémon until the epidemic were Renge and Gracie, plus Kyoushiro (now dead) as a companion. The other four members of her party joined her during the epidemic.
Her party is trained to heel at the snap of her fingers.
Pkm 1
Name/Gender- Renge |
Text colour- F9E951
Species- Arcanine
Level- 64
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Protect (TM)
-Return (TM)
-Flare Blitz (Prior Evolution)
-Crunch (Prior Evolution)
**Item: black leather collar with a Life Orb attached
**Blind in left eye
Pkm 2
Name/Gender- Karma |
Text colour- e86363
Species- Lycanroc (Midnight)
Level- 59
Ability- Keen Eye
Attack list
-Crunch (Level Up)
-Stealth Rock (Level Up)
-Counter (Evolution)
-Stone Edge (Level Up)
Pkm 3
Name/Gender- Shaddix |
Text colour- 3B3F4D
Species- Umbreon
Level- 61
Ability- Synchronize
Attack list-
-Feint Attack (Level Up)
-Psychic (TM)
-Substitute (TM)
-Moonlight (Level Up)
Pkm 4
Name/Gender- Zivah |
Text colour- 4264B7
Species- Luxray
Level- 55
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Wild Charge (TM)
-Ice Fang (Egg Move)
-Return (TM)
-Thunder Wave (TM)
Pkm 5
Name/Gender- Gracie |
Text colour- CCAAFF
Species- Eevee
Level- 23
Ability- Adaptability
Attack list-
-Return (TM)
-Heal Bell (Tutor)
-Dig (TM)
-Double Team (TM)
**Item: Large pink bow collar w/ Everstone brooch
**Blue eyes
Pkm 6
Name/Gender- Cerise |
Text colour- EEF8FF
Species- Ninetales (Alolan)
Level- 56
Ability- Snow Cloak
Attack list-
-Moonblast (Egg Move)
-Confuse Ray (Learned)
-Blizzard (TM)
-Extrasensory (Prior Evolution)
“Shiro, can I borrow your iPod?”
“Okay, that plan went tits up. It might've ended better if someone did something besides stare at me with unbridled horror!”
“Not gonna hit me ‘cuz I’m a girl? Fine, then don’t bitch when I knock you smooth ass out!”
“You can make all the plans in the world, down ta every last detail, but if fate decides you're dead, that's game over. So, why the hell would you spend every moment meticulously planning how not to die? Just forget it and live.”
Shiro, I need a ride!
“I remodeled that house, and by that, I mean I burnt it down.”
“When I die, I want it to be as I lived. I want people to say, ‘Dazey, what were you thinking!?’
“No, I don’t know what they look like. I do know their name and general vicinity though, so basically, all we have to do is walk around calling their name and stab whoever turns around. We’ll sort everything else out later.”
“Ya ask a dumb ass question, ya get a smart ass answer.”
“Yes, okay, I'm dangerous and I don't think things through. I'm hella fun though, right?!”
The only one in a trio of siblings to stay with her family was Dazey; her two brothers having split to live for themselves - albeit in very different ways - years ago left just Dazey, her mom and their family Jolteon after the passing of her father during the year of her twelfth birthday.
It was a few months after the funeral when Dazey was reading a ridiculous amount of messages in an online chat sent to her from apparently a smitten teenage boy. She was about to sign off when he brought up the prospect of a puppy being given away as a starter in his home region. As expected, it piqued her interest given her adoration of canines. With a quick call to a far-off region enlightening her close friend and partner in crime of the situation, the ebony haired Sinnohan was expectedly shouting ’go for it,’ over the video chat while Dazey hatched a plan for obtaining the pup:

Being the conniving creature she was, Dazey made a deal with the boy. If his parents went and claimed the puppy for her, she would make it ‘worth it.’ In the end, Dazey gave up all her currency and inventory on a few online games to the boy, plus her ‘single’ relationship status field on social media, which sufficed in exchange. He was later blocked on said social media and never heard from again.
With the puppy being a “special case,” it was relatively easy for him to be transported to Saffron. Turns out, there are traveling Trainers with enough heart to deliver a puppy to a little girl with broken legs. A little creativity and shamelessness got you pretty far in life.

A few days later, the Pokémon arrived without a hitch, really. Daze had been told they were a Growlithe, but the detail of their fur color had been left out, which made sense with the following story. The puppy was a shining gold accented with black stripes and turquoise blue eyes. While visibly appealing, he preferred to keep a more than reasonable distance from Daze as though he disliked her already. The young man that brought him explained he was the result of a backyard-breeding project for quick money, and his standard-coloration siblings and exhausted mother had met questionable fates for that fact alone.
But having been “special” by birth, he was sold to the highest bidder after being moved around continuously between humans since his first breath. And later ended up at the lab - special by aesthetic didn’t equal special by fighting ability and was quickly disposed of, then relocated for a new Trainer to treat him like a friend instead of a prized possession.

The story was appalling to Dazey, and with a quick thank-you to the man that kindly brought him, she spent the day with the puppy. She decided on the name “Renge,” and carried on conversations with him despite his inability to reply. She began with an apology for his past owners treating him like a golden trophy, followed with a overly-detailed and dramatic tale of the plan she concocted to meet him. Renge didn’t seem convinced as he sat upon her bed, prompting yet another display of genuine adoration-- she strode to the pup’s face and offered a hand while holding the other upon her heart, kneeling in mockery of dramatic princes in fiction; “I shall be your knight! I simply made a wrong turn, got lost, took a selfie and found you late~! Let us rule this kingdom hand-in-hand, my prince?” The pup seemed amused and slightly bewildered, but gave his paw in agreement.

Now, half of the battle had been won. She got him to her house and to not run away, but the second half for reign of the kingdom would be the bloodiest-- how did she tell her mom she basically grew horns and waved a pitchfork while tossing a few half-baked lies and adopted a Pokémon…? She casually planned to tell her mom. Just not today, or tomorrow, maybe not next week… So the obvious choice was to hide him in her room. It worked… for the time Dazey’s mom was at work that day. And as luck would have it, she came in the front door as Dazey were raiding the pantry for food and Renge sat upon the kitchen table.

“... Uh, can I call Rae Rae before I explain…?”

But Dazey’s mom was infinitely more accepting of the pup than her daughter imagined she would be. You know, they were both bleeding hearts after all, and his past might’ve had some details stretched…
Renge was given a few days to settle in, but the prospect of going out was met with disdain from the Fire- pup. Dazey lay in front of him, holding her pinkie finger out and made a promise that she wasn’t taking him to another shelter or neglectful owner. To reinforce the idea, Dazey took a black leash and tied a knot around her ankle and clipped it to his collar. The symbolism may have meant more than the literal being tied together, but in the end, he was coaxed into an adventure through Saffron.
With a trip to a shopping center, Dazey seemed to be a strong believer in “buying love with money,” and followed with a trip to an arcade and some cheap tacos. Renge was sleeping comfortably in the back seat on the way home.

A few months passed since Renge joined the household, and the mistrust he initially held for the crazy human and her mom disappeared. But for other people, strangers, he would instantly show the lack of faith from before, accompanied by vicious outbursts if they got even a bit close to his humans. Dazey was touched-- he was so perfect! Now if only the family Jolteon didn't hate his guts...

Dazey, reinforcing the idea of her being a vampire, slept through half of the daytime hours and abused the internet at night as an avid and slightly-too-serious gamer on a caffeine rush thanks to a Mountain Dew addiction. While most of her interactions were bitterly throwing threats at other users for killing her, she made a few friends online - two of these were Nox and Dremma. While long distance, Dazey was fond enough of the brother-sister duo to call them two of her best friends after many late nights and them-VS.-the-world fights over the internet.

That period of time was made up of going through the daily motions, with the most noteworthy thing being that Dazey had fallen out of contact with her Sinnohan friend, Raver, in the latest part of those days.

Eventually, her mom began a conversation with “So, your brother called,” and Dazey knew something was up. Her middle brother had a kid now, and his “slutty baby momma,” as Dazey kindly worded it, wasn’t planning on being any type of good mother. And in the end, her brother and nephew were going to move in.
Dazey wasn’t terribly uncomfortable with it, while she did loathe children, based on the fact this was a golden opportunity for her. She had always been comfortable and happy at home, but the teen had always wanted to live the lifestyle of a Pokémon Trainer at the same time. There were always famed Trainers on TV, and the tales of how they brought down criminals and were deemed heroes. Even as a child, the thought of that glory was so sweet but seemed so far off. It never faded as she got older, and with her brother and his child… Dazey really wasn't needed anymore, right? It wasn’t like she was leaving forever, and her mom would have company and a kiddo to spoil.

Having been a licensed Trainer since just after she got Renge, the eighteen year old Dazey made plans to visit Unova and meet Nox and Dremma there later on. With many checks that her mom would be alright until her brother would get there about an hour after her departure, she hugged her mom and told her how much she loved her, then began the trek towards Vermillion to catch a ferry.

She spent the entire ferry ride shied away from the other people, a sketchbook propped against the Growlithe on her lap as she lay in a beach chair. Strangers were uncomfortable on her own and away from Saffron, but maybe not all bad. Dazey, more than once, made eye-contact with a particular man on the boat, who would pause mid-step, stare and then resume on his way with a musical, Frankenstein-like dance. He never seemed crazy, just genuinely humorous and it eased her nerves significantly.
When she finally arrived, the various signs reading “WELCOME TO HOENN” was a dead-giveaway that she had messed up somewhere along the line.

Long story short, she took the wrong ferry and ended up in Hoenn, then guilt-tripped the ticket lady while blaming the ticket lady in Kanto for all of it, earning a free ride to Unova. After all, it would've been a shame to miss her ‘aunt’s funeral,’ wouldn't it?

Dazey wandered around the next boat, Renge padding at her heels. She wasn’t interested in a sunset-colored drink with an umbrella - she just wanted a Mountain Dew and by God, she would find one. Which was easier said than done, as the teen refused to socialize enough to ask and when someone asked her, she responded that she was just looking for a friend. Ironically enough, her saving grace from the weird guy in a Hawaiian shirt came in the form of another person about her own age, flagging her down. Yep, that was her friend - she just hadn’t met them yet.

Ever-so-awkwardly, Dazey traded the Hawaiian-shirt stranger for the blonde stranger as they introduced themselves as Shiro. While uneasy at first and looking for any reason to flee, Dazey quickly took a liking to this equally-awkward person as they conversed and decided if they tried to flee, she would follow them yandere style.
Shiro reintroduced themselves with their full name and inquired as to how long Dazey would be in Unova. She… hadn’t thought about that, really. Answering that she simply didn’t know, Shiro asked if they could “hang” with her for a bit.

Dazey answered with a casual ‘hell yeah.’ The more, the merrier, right?… If Shiro hadn’t asked, Dazey might’ve worked up the courage to be the one to offer. Daze informed her new friend that she would be meeting up with Nox and Dremma at some point; Shiro was chill with it, and as quick as that that, travels through Unova became hella more fun.

Hitting the road with Shiro was every bit as awesome as it was supposed to be. Daze became more human than hermit, taking every challenge for battles head-on, with wins building her arrogance higher and higher; while Shiro’s company and conversation kept her amused and sometimes hoping the next town was a bit further off than expected.
It didn’t take a moment’s consideration for Daze to begin challenging Gyms alongside Shiro, although with quite a bit more trouble than the latter had. Renge was still her only Pokémon, but she assured that it was alright; Renge would just grow stronger than having a bunch of Pokémon with experience divided among them. And besides, she enjoyed Shiro’s Pokémon’s company enough that she didn’t have any need to catch more.

Dazey never failed to tease that Shiro was just “tryna ditch her” each time they took different paths, Shiro to challenge a Gym and Dazey to carry on her ideals of being a traveling Trainer. She was slouching on the Gym thing, but insisted she’d catch up after visiting clubs and casinos, shopping centers and whatever other interesting landmarks the locations offered. She was guilty of having an entire folder of selfies at said landmarks on her phone… But each time the other was absent, they met back up as promised.
As per usual, Dazey was off being stupid in some way - this time, spending an absurd amount of money on clothes - and afterwards, going on to the meeting place she and Shiro agreed on.

The tiny Eevee resting in the crook of Shiro’s elbow stole Dazey’s attention from greeting her friend and leaving Renge to carry the shopping bags his Trainer dropped. She tried ever-so-hard to make friends with the ‘precious baby,’ but they were a bit intimidated by the squealing teen. More like scared, but okay. They hid in Shiro’s jacket from Dazey as her bubble of happiness popped and she made a frowny face at Shiro, “… The baby doesn‘t like me…”
With some time and Shiro‘s help, the Eevee now named Sylv, warmed up to Dazey enough that she didn’t feel too much like some kind of creep anymore.

After another routine of going their own ways, Dazey met back with Shiro as always. But like once before, there was a new Pokémon tagging along. It took a moment to realize Sylv had evolved, and the obvious reaction was to fangirl over the Sylveon and then try to coerce the Fairy-type into joining her. She kind of sounded like the devil in doing so, but it didn’t matter much to her. But heartbreakingly, Sylv remained loyal to Shiro and didn’t join the “Daze Side.” Despite the hurt, Dazey made close friends with Sylv and continued using Shiro’s Pokémon to compensate for herself lacking any ‘Mons besides Renge even as they continued their travels throughout Unova. Kidnapping was always an option though, and while attempted, it never worked out…

An entire year ticked by since Dazey met Shiro, the latter having all but around three Unova badges. Dazey was just behind her with only two fewer, because dammit Shiro. Dazey thought on the situation for a week straight, before finally deciding she needed to return to Saffron. It wasn’t a choice she wanted to make, not wanting to return home to live a life of insignificance. But moral obligations forced her to keep the word she gave her mom and go back.
She brought it up as casually as she could to Shiro, taking three attempts at the conversation throughout the day before she finally said she was leaving Unova.

Daze prepared to say farewell with a smile showing her efforts not to cry. It was a valiant attempt, but when she knelt down to tell her Sylveon buddy ‘See ya later,’ Sylv shattered the Trainer’s heart with one motion, taking Dazey in for a goodbye hug. She was going back on the choice, but they promised to meet back up. Just like before. They would just be apart a bit longer, right?

Occupying the pavement and accepting solace from Renge, Dazey watched as the Rare Candy given to Istaria boosted the Vibrava's level and began their final evolution into what became a magnificent Flygon adorned with blue.
This was for their finale, and being the showoff she was, Dazey needed some limelight too... She reached into her messenger bag and held up a glowing, warm stone to the Growlithe. Renge, though non-verbally, had consented his evolution already but Dazey was overly attached to her tiny puppy. She thought he might change in personality, or maybe he was just going along with it because he was so damn great.
The puppy pressed his nose to the Fire Stone while Dazey was lost in thought. Light poured from his body as the puppy became a monstrous tiger hound, but still wore that gentle azure blue gaze and content smile. He gestured to Shiro and Istaria with his nose.
With a lift from the Mystic Pokémon, the Trainers soared above the heights of Castelia City in their last moments of the year long journey. Shiro gave the emotional  mess of Dazey a goodbye hug before they descended and departed.

On the way back to the docks, Dazey shot a text to Dremma regarding where her and Nox were. Seeing them was her reasoning for visiting Unova and she had gotten sidetracked - they didn't mind particularly, having less free time with college and other responsibilities than Dazey did with just being batshit crazy all the time. They ended up being across town, having earlier planned to meet. It was only a quick sprint with Renge’s speed, but Dazey had fallen more than once and slowed them down.
When she caught a glimpse of her friends, Nox was in someone’s face while Dremma was holding a tiny kit. Immediately she knew something was off and leapt off Renge with a shout of her friends’ names.
It broke out into a small brawl, with the two guys throwing punches and Dazey lacking restraint and obviously having to get involved. The two teens dropped the man to the ground rather quickly, and with a triumphant foot on the man’s back, Dazey finally asked; “So, why the hell were we fighting this guy?”

Nox explained the man had picked up the Eevee currently held by Dremma and tried to sneak off with her. Furthermore, the Eevee had been picked up earlier that week as a gift for Dazey from Nox and Dremma, having been told all about Sylv. “I got some duct tape and a lighter, let's make this bitch pay!”
But her more reasonable friends, plus Renge, persuaded her not to carry out whatever less than moral intention she had. At the end of the day, they had left the unconscious guy and his broken nose on the streets of Castelia while the trio ended up getting a rather pricey hotel suite on the 8th floor. Ordering pizza, watching horror movies, truth or dare and Cards Against Humanity commenced until the morning light. Dazey had bonded with the Eevee kit and gave her the name ‘Gracie,’ still in subtle disbelief that her friends went that far to surprise her.

Dazey was back in Saffron a few days later, the final leg of the journey being the loneliest one, even with Renge and Gracie by her side. She hadn't Shiro, Nox or Dremma anymore and it was a bitter feeling.

She was happy to be home-- her room hadn’t changed, the house was a bit dirty and her nephew cried way too freakin’ much. But Dazey was growing depressed fast. She wasn’t a kid anymore, she didn’t need anyone to ask how she was doing or if she had eaten - her mom had things to do and little time to do them, her brother was working a lot, which left the once adventurous Dazey kicking it in her room playing video games. That was awesome back in the day, but she was a travelling Trainer for an entire year and that was the life she was accustomed to now. She didn’t wanna sit around and waste her life when there was better shit to do.

She ended up spending her time just as meaninglessly as doing nothing at all, even though she convinced herself it was cool. She hit up some skeevy places and partied a lot during the night in secret without Renge and Gracie, which landed her in many fights with no friends backing her. She was mean as hell before, but she also grew far more violent and cruel during these nights just to cover her own ass. None of it was true fun, not comparing at all to the things she did in Unova. The only gold star she would get was for refusing all sexual advances, illegal substances and alcohol.

But the idea of up and saying, ‘hey Mom I’m leaving for another year or two even though I just got here,’ left a foul taste in her mouth. She would’ve basically been just like her eldest brother, and she’d sooner lop off her own legs than reenact the selfish bullshit he pulled years ago, leaving once and never returning. Not even when their own dad died.

A while after, there was a lot of stories about a weird virus, an ‘epidemic,’ they called it. Dazey shrugged it off, calling it a really stupid, really late, but sorta funny April Fool’s joke that would've been a lot better as a Valentine’s Day joke. Later on, it wasn’t really funny anymore. And then she realized it wasn’t as much of a joke as she’d thought.
When she learned a bit late that they were permanently separating the people from their Pokémon instead of just checking them for infection, it was pretty much a no-brainer what her response would be. And as she was never the queen of thought-out decisions, she kept her title on this day as well.

With her family in safety, she made an incredibly stupid attempt to retrieve Renge, Gracie and the family Jolteon’s Poké Balls. Apocalypse or whatever, they were not taking them! She would face whatever the hell may come before her Pokémon ended up dead in some end-of-the-world panic because Pokémon were ‘turning.’ The Pokémon League were capable of protecting the humans, that she did not doubt with having admired them her whole life, but it was questionable why the Pokémon were being taken away if they weren't sick.

She slunk from shadow to shadow, looking for the confiscated Poké Balls, until her arm was snatched and held above her head by a gloved hand. Christ, ninja skills were not on fleek...
“Dazey,” the soldier began confusedly, “what the fuck are you doing?”
Of course, of all people… Not to say it was a bad thing.
“’Eyyy sir, I do believe I‘m lost,” she gave the best innocent façade she could, looking around in mock confusion and fear. Nobody but them. “Thank God. Junbi, they took my Pokémon and I want ’em back. Do me a solid, cuz?” He sighed, “escorting” her out of the area.
“You’re really not gonna help me?!” She spat, dropping her mischievous casualty, including his longtime nickname. “Will!”
“No, ma’am.” Something slipped out of his palm to the ground and he strode off. “Please do not come back in. Final warning.”

Dazey smirked, checking once again for witnesses before picking up the Poké Balls.
She walked until the moment she could see her mom, casually offering a wave and forming a heart with her hands. Her mom didn’t see her, and maybe that was for the best. I wish I could stay with you. But I don’t feel like being protected if my Pokémon won’t be. I know my friends are out there, I’ll find them. Letting Renge out of his Poké Ball, she climbed onto his back and smiled. Stay safe. I love you. And she was gone.

Back at home, Dazey was packing just about anything she saw into her messenger bag as she read a text from Nox. He and Dremma were safe in a local fortified area over in Unova. She grabbed a few cans of food, some water and clothes while shooting back a text asking what town they were in. She had seen plenty of apocalyptic stuff, she was pretty confident in herself. And more than anything, she was returning to a life like the one she wished she hadn’t left behind along with Shiro.
Dazey dug through the closet and found the tied plastic bag containing the ‘slutty’ clothes she had bought all that time ago in Unova, threw ‘em on and said goodbye to her room. Well, the first goodbye.

As she walked down the stairs to the waiting Arcanine, she noticed his hackles raised and a serious glower out the window. She followed his gaze to see a few men, faces blurry from her bad eyesight, approaching the house and wasted no time putting Renge back in the Poké Ball and running back up the stairs and to the window on the opposite side.
She kicked one foot out of the window, grasping at the sill with her hands and trying to get the second foot out the slightly too narrow opening. “Fu--” With the weight entirely on her hands now that her foot was out, she slipped. “--UUUCK!”

She literally shook it off and stood on her knees, reaching in her back pocket and flinching back at a few shards of glass in her fingers. The face of her phone was smashed into a mess of broken and unrepairable fragments. ’Promise I ain't just ignoring your texts this time, buddy…

Her name drifted across the wind, in that ever-familiar voice. Calling back and meeting up with her cousin, fully clad in… a tee and non-matching plaid shorts… she was as confused as Junbi had been upon seeing her slinking around earlier. He explained having “retired” early, and his buddies too. She didn’t question what that entailed or how they did it, but she gladly accepted their invitation to roll with them. The arrangement would be temporary, but Dazey kept that detail to herself. She wouldn't have a snowball’s chance in Hell of surviving without any knowledge of weaponry or what the world was twisting into.

The first undead she personally met was a small Fennekin. The fur dyed purple had her lying to herself that it was just an unusual Shiny, but they spat clots of blood from their mouth and nose as they persistently chased and snapped at her on wobbly paws. It didn’t seem they had even learned to walk properly yet… She argued as the little one was picked up by one of Junbi’s friends and put down by a blade through the skull. Eventually she would learn there was no saving ‘em all.

Survival was easy at first. There wasn’t too many of the dead and living were still a majority. And they got more scarce quickly, along with supplies, leading them to stray further across the region. Their group had grown to about eleven humans and their accompanying Pokemon within the following months.
Dazey had learned from Junbi and his friends how to fire handguns and shotguns, and practiced making molotovs when she didn’t have much else to do but scavenge the supplies. She was more useful than her cousin might’ve expected, considering her tendencies to be lazy, but sometimes the issues she caused outweighed her purpose.

It was a poorly kept secret how much Dazey detested Junbi’s wife. They’d been on rough terms from literally the moment they met upon Daze’s arrival to the group; she’d known Junbi got married to a blonde bitch with boobs for days - birth name Regan - before Dazey had even gone to Unova; around the time he stopped visiting and even texting… Coincidence? Hell no, the whole thing still had Dazey in a piss poor mood towards them both, but she tried significantly harder to hide it from Junbi, whether she still cared about him or that it just made it easier to use him was up for debate. Regan, though, saw and returned the attitude which led to near-constant bickering between the two.
One of their fights escalated and Regan made the mistake of daring Dazey to fight her. It lasted under thirty seconds, with Dazey taking a few hits just to humiliate Regan even more when the silver-eyed female knocked her flat on her ass. Junbi broke up the fight with none of the amusement his catcalling male friends had shown, but Dazey was grinning like the devil incarnate at her own victory. Civility was pretty much down the drain after that.

They’d made camp north of Cerulean City, planning to stay for however long they could before an issue would undoubtedly force them to move on. The water offered by the landscape was an invaluable resource and cities were the best raid for supplies.
Having been up all night, Dazey slept past Junbi and his friends going on a run to the town and instead, lazed around upon waking up.
There was a particular girl in the group as of recent, and for context she had developed a crush on Junbi which didn’t settle well with Regan. And since the enemy of her enemy was her friend, Dazey was on good terms with the newbie and got treated more as the alpha female than Regan. So when the girl brought it up to Dazey that she’d seen a person off towards the cape and confirmed they weren’t in the group, Daze offered to go check it out.

Renge’s speed made the check swift and mostly uneventful besides putting down one undead. The area was clear as day as far as sight went since Renge’s nose was mucked up from the heavy salt in the air.
Having not seen the actual cape yet, Dazey and Gracie took a few minutes to explore and look over the edge, the Trainer keeping her Eevee safely watching from her messenger bag. The tide was lowering but the drop was hellacious.

The Arcanine was on guard the entire time and immediately caught the presence of someone as soon as his senses logically could. He crossed ahead of Dazey and she watched over his shoulders at the figure. It was surely looking at them and they held uncomfortable eye-contact for half a minute before Dazey got slightly impatient. “Howdy,” she offered a bit more standoffishly than she meant to. The biped began striding forward, though still not speaking. Creepy, but not the weirdest thing in the apocalypse so far…

The light made them recognizable as a human male, and as he got closer… “Mr. Faye!” Dazey squealed, moving beyond Renge to greet the man. “You’re alive! You remember me, right? Dazey Luna?” She glanced around wildly, looking for that infamous ebony ponytail. “Raver is with you, right? I haven’t heard from her and Mrs. Faye in years!

“Oh, hey, there’s my cousin, too,” she pointed to the approaching group. With the speed she was talking, Mr. Faye didn’t even try to get a word in. “He’s a soldier, we have a group down by Nugget Bridge. Y’all are welcome to come down, we got food an’ stuff.”
He replied with something along the lines of a thank you for the hospitality, Dazey wasn’t sure, she sucked at communication.

She walked shoulder-to-shoulder with him and giving Junbi the wildest of stares. What the hell was his gun drawn for?
Quicker than even her impressive reflexes, a knife was posed against her throat-- apparently she would've been a hostage if Junbi hadn't shot Mr. Faye in the shoulder before it progressed into a full-blown standoff.
Gracie fell out of the bag and ran, prompting Dazey to go collect her while Raver’s bleeding father threw a Poké Ball and the scent of rot filled the air. A Darmanitan appeared and was possibly the most horrific thing the epidemic had presented to her yet. Dazey froze staring at the psychotic undead as it haphazardly set everything ablaze before Renge could leap to intercept. One of these stray Incinerates shot straight to Gracie and with not a moment’s hesitation, Dazey shielded her from the blast.

Renge attempted to subdue the rotting ape, avoiding its lipless mouth taking snaps at him while it continually threw attacks with no regard, including an Earthquake that caused the ground to split like rivulets of blood.
Dazey was gritting her teeth against the throbbing pain of three layers of her skin over much of her back burning away like scrap paper when the ground began shaking, and immediately she tried to scurry from the edge of the cape. She saw Mark Faye get a bullet through his brain and her gentle partner fighting to the death rather than to incapacitate just before she plummeted.

She lay at the bottom of the cliff, ankle deep in saltwater, irritating the fresh burn and consciousness fading in and out. It was a fair assumption she’d suffered a concussion, a few broken bones and cuts on the way down but she and Gracie were otherwise okay. Dazey wasn't ignorant of Junbi staring down at her and the Eevee struggling to keep her face above water as Daze herself made no effort, and her dear cousin writing her off as a casualty. She could've very easily killed him for real at that point, but she didn't feel like getting up. Everything was spinning and burning while her mind fought her body’s urge to vomit.

The sun was setting and casting everything soft orange when Renge showed up. He nudged Dazey until she stirred and climbed into his back. Gracie went back into her Poké Ball and they began a slow traverse back to Nugget Bridge.
“Renge, what took you so long?” She sighed at the lack of a response. Something must've happened to her communicator. “Did you jus’ assume I was dead? Like Junbi did?” The Arcanine shook his head no.

They were back at the camp around the time the sun was replaced by stars. Dazey shushed the tiger dog and grabbed her bag and usual clothes from the drying line, then moved to where all types of provisions were stored to collect weapons, food, hygiene items, a new communicator and a TM 27 disc. Pleased with her supply, she scrawled on a piece of paper from her notebook and dropped it, lit Regan’s hanging bra on fire, vandalized a bit more and left when satisfied with the damage.
“You left me for fucking dead so how about I do the same? - Dazey”

She would later learn Kyoushiro’s Poké Ball was empty and Gracie had let him out to get rid of some straggler Water-type undead in the cape, with him ultimately being dragged under and not resurfacing. She’d also learn Renge’s left eye was damaged and sight was lost in it.
She never was able to find out if Raver was present, but she assumed it was impossible. Raver wouldn't have allowed the entire fiasco to play out without at least putting up a fight, and that meant she must've been dead.

Come hell or high water, Shiro had to still be out there fighting and by gods, Dazey would find her.
American/Southern; She primarily sounds American but she has a light southern accent which is more noticeable with certain words and phrases. Several words will have the last letter removed and she frequently uses skateboarder and country slang.
She has a habit of speaking too quickly to understand and stuttering when she’s excited or nervous. Also, she sucks at phrasing and it makes her even harder to follow verbally at times.
Dazey’s height comes in at about 5'7" with a ghostly pale complexion and a healthier than average body in the epidemic. Her excess bulk is most prominent in her hips and thighs while her arms have light muscle tone; due to this and her bust size, she has a bit of an oversexualized appearance for her personality type.
Dazey has hip-length, wavy platinum blonde hair, with the lower half dyed in an ombré, turning cyan and then blue at the bottom. The front of her hair is sideswept and frames her face, these pieces of hair being just bra-strap length from being accidentally cut off. She has two cowlicks on top of her head.
Her eyes are a light gray, and often darkened by black eyeliner. The upper row of Dazey's teeth show two pronounced canines, nearly vampiristic when she smiles or otherwise shows her teeth.
She has three scars - a large burn scar spanning over much of her mid to lower back, two horizontal but slightly crooked slashes; one just below her collarbone and the other across the top of her left foot. She's very often seen with fresh bruises and cuts, generally from her own shenanigans ending badly.
She takes a bit of care in keeping herself clean, bathing and shaving when she has a chance and brushing her hair regularly. Her usual outfit consists of a leather underbust corset with an around-the-neck strap, buckles and silver studs. Underneath that is a spaghetti strap black tank top, which is her main shirt and often takes the corset off for comfort. She has black leather pants, slightly tattered, a gray double-belt and knee-high combat boots. She wears a thick black choker with lace lining and a charm of a paw, a moon and star attached to a silver loop. She keeps a black pair of sunglasses and occasionally wears them. Finally, she has long black fingerless gloves starting at a bit above her elbows, a spiked bracelet on her left wrist and a yellow cord wrapped around her right arm, attached to it is a silver tag with "Kyoushiro" engraved, and her name and phone number on the opposite side.
She has a pair of purple pajamas with a flannel paw print pattern and black long sleeve tee with a hood for sleeping.
Religion Agnostic
-Witty & humorous: While not quite as funny as she might think, Dazey is constantly cracking jokes, clapbacks or making usually-playful insults. She has to be comfortable around someone before she can play the wit game with them; unless of course, she’s actually being cruel behind a humor façade. It’s often hard to tell whether she’s actually joking or trying to hurt someone as her jokes do border on going too far sometimes. She finds plenty of fun in making facetious comments in the worst of times.
-Antisocial, awkward: Dazey initially comes across very cold, both emotionally and physically distancing herself with minimal speaking. If she gets used to someone and likes them, she’s very friendly and more outgoing than previously. If a friend is absent for a long period of time, the awkward behavior returns despite her affection for that friend. She usually doesn’t make the ‘first move,’ in getting to know someone.
-Protective: If she does care about someone, she truly does. She could fearlessly put herself on the line for someone’s sake without taking a moment to think about it jeopardizing her own safety. Mess with someone she loves and you're in for a world of hurt. That's one of the few times she doesn't play games.
-Devil May Care: Reckless in the extreme, she gives no thought to what consequences an action might have should she do it, preferring to jump in feet first and “see what happens.” Dazey is very cheerful in doing so as well, even when she injures herself. She tries not to get herself critically injured, but she generally shrugs off the instinct that knows something is a bad idea.
-This girl has an attitude: While she can be caring, she is also brutal if you cross her. She can hold absolutely no regards to someone’s feelings if she’s upset, even if she's incredibly fond of them. She will argue fiercely with someone if they provoke her, trying very hard to be the dominate and loudest one in the conversation.
-No leash on emotions: Despite all of her “tough” traits, Dazey is terrified of losing those she cares about, whether it's from death or being at odds. She acts possessive of others sometimes and assumes if they associate with anyone besides her too much, they've abandoned her for someone better. She’ll sulk if she makes someone angry at her but won’t try to apologize because she doesn’t want to deal with it anymore or be scolded and/or rejected by them. She can be made to cry with little provocation, surprisingly to those that know her; frustration, sadness, anger, even happiness. Dazey rarely does so openly in front of others and will literally bite her tongue or lip to prevent it. When she’s happy, Dazey is pretty funny because of her exaggerated, childish mannerisms.
-Easily amused & requires it: She hates being bored and will do anything in her power to be entertained. From doodling in her notebook to trying and failing to sing or dance well, if it’s something to do, she’ll probably do it. She gets a childish joy out of things such as sidewalk chalk and having a chance to swim.
-Pokémon: Dazey is extremely fond of Pokémon, canines in particular. She sees them as their own beings with their own lives, much like humans are viewed. That being said, she can be pretty hostile towards them should they offend or threaten her, but she's more tolerant of Pokémon than humans. If one - elder, adult, infant, or anywhere in-between - is abandoned or can’t care for themselves, Dazey will jump to their aid. In regards to her own Pokémon, she can be fiercely overprotective and is easily angered at any ill intentions towards them whether it’s an insult or an attempt to harm them. She’s easily driven to violence in their defense, and she doesn’t feel bad about it at all. On a lighter note, she comes up with brand new nicknames for her team almost daily.
-Creative: She taught herself to draw at age twelve and it’s obligatory even in the days of the epidemic. She usually doesn’t have time to draw more than small sketches which are usually all cluttered on the same page until said page is completely full to save paper. Although if they’re safe for a period of time, such as in a secure place to sleep, she’ll often draw more detailed images instead of resting. She does-and-doesn’t regret it in the morning, as she’s tired as hell but she has something new to be proud of. She’s curious about different mediums such as clay sculpting and painting, but she’s never gotten the opportunity to try any of them.
-Easily embarrassed: Compliments are a usual culprit and she’d likely think about one nice word for a month. While she generally isn’t interested in anything romantic, she can act like it regardless of not meaning to. She gets flustered at suggestions of romantic nature towards even if they were not intended that way. Dazey does not hide embarrassment well at all, which one could poke fun at and make her angry as well. A blushing, pissy Daze is an amusing sight, to be sure.
-Technology, music: She was a gamer in the days before the Epidemic, though admittedly, she got a little too engrossed in competitive online games and the anger that came from being killed by another player. Dazey was never without her iPhone, which had an extreme amount of music, pictures and apps on it, along with a browsing history that was cleared on the daily. It was smashed on the first day of her surviving on her own in the outbreak, much to her dismay. If one asked about her musical tastes, she would explain that genre doesn‘t matter if the song is good, but she’s always favored rock and metal. Shiro’s iPod is the holy grail of life and if she were to ever receive it, she would probably flee with it.
-Decent morals, but spiteful: Dazey is not a saint nor would she ever try to claim herself as such, but she does believe in fairness to those who deserve it. Almost everyone has the right to live the same, so if someone were to abuse someone for their own gain or bully them, Dazey would not let it slide. But she has little regards for someone she deems doesn’t deserve that fairness. She could definitely use them and not care about their fate, probably straight up mocking their suffering.
-Disrespectful towards authorities: While Dazey is crude, rebellious and ill-mannered in general, she holds a special hatred for any type of authority and would undermine them in any way possible. She does not take kindly to someone giving her orders or preaching to her over her actions, casually responding that she is an adult followed by purposely disobeying them.
-Way too into fandoms: Please don’t ever get her started on the things she’s a fan of. She will never shut up and could probably recall every single important detail of every series she’s ever followed. She and Raver had many, many conversations about anime and manga in the past.
-Prideful: Another strong trait is her pride. She will very rarely ask for help and won’t willingly accept an offer from someone. One would literally have to ignore what she wants in order to assist her; it doesn’t matter if she needs to walk ten miles and both legs are broken, she will try to make it work unless she absolutely gives up. But she won’t pretend she isn’t grateful if someone does help her and will try to repay the deed.
-Arrogant: She has far too much confidence in her own abilities which makes for a great chance to knock her down; if she feels superior to someone, she’ll immediately let down her guard around them. She can act very condescending and frequently wears a smug, smartass grin as she looks down on others. This only goes for ones she doesn’t like or finds threatening; she respects allies for the most part.
-Lives for the moment: Many of her actions seem completely unnecessary for apocalyptic life, such as her need to stay spotlessly clean and draw on eyeliner. She was that way before the epidemic and since she's still alive, why stop? She can seem incredibly happy-go-lucky and sometimes chooses amusement over rationality mostly due to her value of life and knowing that it can be taken at any point. Whatever comes after death, she doesn't want to look back and think about what she should've done when she had time.
-Self loathing: Dazey has a deep rooted disgust for herself with nearly every aspect. She never found herself pretty, smart, talented or special in any way and isn't ashamed of putting herself down in front of someone, usually in a humorous way. The jokes are not as innocent as they might seem however, and despite her fighting spirit, she would probably wholeheartedly agree with someone if they attempted to humiliate her, though she wouldn’t show it.
-Quick tempered: She’s always been extremely easy to piss off. She’s a cruel sadist that loves humiliating others if irritated enough that she can’t leave it alone. Moreover, she tends to be absolutely vicious and ‘scary,’ to some when she’s angry to the point of physical violence. She holds grudges for a childish, excessive amount of time, possibly to the grave if she’s mad enough. She’ll also try to provoke someone into fighting her if she can’t get her aggravation out of her mind, instigating at any chance because her mind can’t rest.
-Mischievous: Dazey is hell on wheels. You never know what she’s capable of. Works very well as the leader of a group organizing mischief.
-Acts out of character when tired: She’s pretty ballsy and ignorantly brave when she’s wide-awake and rested. But when she gets overly exhausted, she takes a weird turn in personality, being very, very restless, spooked constantly, spacey and more irritable than usual. She’s easily startled and mistakes things being there when they aren’t-- her eyes and ears mess with her and being so hyper aware, she blows it out of proportion. She clings to Renge for safety despite being fully aware she’s just too tired. The behavior is caused by an anxiety disorder.
Shiro - One of Dazey's best friends. She is clingy towards Shiro when they're together and does not waste a single chance to playfully antagonize her. Despite Dazey's obvious immaturity, she cares a great deal for Shiro and does her best to be a reliable friend. If Dazey should lose reins on her temper or try something excessively stupid, then Shiro’s common sense makes up for Dazey’s lack thereof. Vice versa, Dazey is the friend ready to fight anyone and everyone for Shiro no matter the reason.

Raver Faye - Dazey came across Raver a few times and eventually was friended by her more times than she could count. She assumed Rae was a crazy stalker but gave her a chance anyways; she felt more like a babysitter at first to the younger girl but they developed a good friendship through video calls and online gaming. Dazey assumes she’s dead now but the lack of closure bothers her.
Raver’s now-late father attempted to seize the supplies Dazey’s group had, planning on using her as a hostage just before she fell from Cerulean Cape.
User Notes
User Notes:
-Has Generalized Anxiety Disorder and a mild caffeine addiction.
-And pyromania.
-Mixed-handed (aka “Cross Dominant.”)
-Heteroromantic Demisexual.
-She carries her handgun and knife constantly, but her shotgun is generally hidden nearby unless they’re traveling.
-Low tolerance to extremely hot and extremely cold weather.
-She often lays on Renge to sleep. Even if traveling, she'll lay across his back and nap while he walks.
-Nox, Dremma, Dazey’s mom and brothers, Junbi, Regan and the dancing man are all based on my relationships with their real-world counterparts.
-Dazey’s two older brothers are actually her half-siblings from their dad’s previous marriage. Dazey is her mom’s only child.
-Karma and Shaddix named after Karma Akabane and Jacoby Shaddix, respectively.
-Dazey mailed Raver some manga volumes as a gift once. Raver still has them with her.
-“Falling” dreams are very common after the Cerulean Cape stuff.

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey (Marsh, Ace)

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I... I think she's ready.

Move to the PC for approval, please.<3

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey (Marsh, Ace)

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She isn't quite suited for the original team I was going for, so I need to find another home for her.

To Inactive until I figure out where she needs to go. ^^; I'm extremely sorry for the trouble.

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey (Marsh, Ace)

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Ohhhhh snap, I'm letting this psycho loose. >w<

Onward to the PC for approval, please!

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey (Marsh, Ace)

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I have read through your history thoroughly and I keep coming back to the power level of the trainer’s Pokémon. She did challenge gyms in Unova but never finished, stopping after only three, then went on to fight in more of a traveling trainer style. Many traveling trainers are lower leveled if you notice, it is only until you reach those who have completed gym challenges, go through Victory Roads, and challenge the Elite Four that have Pokémon over 50.

Another factor is she was in Unova for a year so she was around 19 when she got home. It reads like the Epidemic started around when she was 20 so if her character is 21 the Epidemic for her has only been going on about a year. The Pokémon are Elite Four high in levels, and four aren't even hers. The only one of her two that even went with her are the Arcanine and the Eevee at 23, and the Eevee didn't go through the gym challenges at all. Even the Arcanine didn’t evolve until right before she went home so it was a Growlithe the entire time in Unova.

I cannot see her reaching the 60s after only a year and not evolving the Growlithe until just before going home. It isn’t possible in that kind of history or time frame as well as not training after she got home because of her depression. The ones she found post-Epidemic likely wouldn't have trusted or listened to her because she didn’t finish the gym challenges. Part of the way the badge system works in the games is as a way to make stronger Pokémon listen because they can sense what a strong trainer they are. The only way around that is super high friendship levels because you raised them to those strong levels making them more likely to listen even if you don’t have the next badge yet. She hasn’t had time to train them to like her to obey.

Essentially we, as I have had to confer with the other admins regarding what might be an appropriate fix, feel that the only way to pass this character is to either lower the entire teams levels significantly (even the found ones) or rewrite the history to reflect more dedication to training to prove she can command such high level Pokémon.

If she beat three Unova gyms, Burgh's highest Pokémon is level 23 for his gym challenges. Assuming she quit after that I would cap her highest in the 40s and that includes leveling up during the Epidemic. 45 tops and since that would have been her Growlithe (now Arcanine) that would put him no higher than that. The ones she found I would prefer be in that range as well. Nothing higher than 45 for her Pokémon given the history, and that is even giving a slight boost since the third badge in Unova allows control for Pokémon up to level 40.

One more small side note that was notice was about the Darmanitan in the history. Infected and Undead cannot be contained in Poké Balls as stated in our human creation section of the Profile Computer.
Cannot tame Infected. They will burst out of their pokeball and retaliate.
The Darmanitan wouldn’t have been able to be summoned by the dying man as Poké Balls do not work for them. It would have had to already be out and leashed some other way or a random attacking Pokémon.

Please consider revising and reply to this thread when ready for another review. Thank you.


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Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey (Marsh, Ace)

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