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Troy Everett the human


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Troy Everett the human

Post by Abysswalker on Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:33 pm

Troy Everett

(Lovely art by Moon Moon)

Troy Everett Maxwell
Text Color #fa9a50
Theme(s) [url=???]Somebody New[/url]
  • Hiking backpack
  • Universal communicator
  • Various supplies, most of which are for his Pokemon
  • Insulated mug; not the coffee kind, but rather something used as a water container, as it can be closed.
  • A small, folded blanket
  • An old sketchbook and a couple of pencils, never used anymore but kept just in case he really needs a distraction
  • His old cellphone, now dead and unable to be charged. Kept mainly as a momento of his old life.
  • Weapons
  • His Pokemon: the three he has are his main line of defense, as Troy is not much of a fighter himself.
  • The only other weapons he keeps are his survival knife and a pistol, though the latter is not in a very good condition and has little ammunition left.
  • Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/him
    Birthdate 4/25
    Age 18
    Species Human
    Weight WEIGHT
    Height 5'8
    Region of origin Unova
    Occupation High school student, aspiring engineer (pre-epidemic)
    Party All three of his Pokemon belonged to his older sister. He fully intends to return them, but for now, they are his guardians until he finds her again.
    Pkm 1
    Name/Gender: Aegon [M]
    Text colour: #ff2400
    Species: Tyrantrum
    Level: 55
    Ability: Strong Jaw
    Attack list:
    -Dragon Claw (Lvl. Up/Pre-Evo)
    -Crunch (Lvl. Up/Pre-Evo)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    -Poison Fang (Bred)
    Pkm 2
    Name/Gender: Nikora [F]
    Text colour: #31b94d
    Species: Stoutland
    Level: 54
    Ability: Sand Rush
    Attack list:
    -Pursuit (Bred)
    -Return (TM)
    -Fire Fang (Start)
    -Iron Head (Tutor)
    Pkm 3
    Name/Gender: Bismuth [Genderless]
    Text colour: #aa00ff
    Species: Klinklang
    Level: 54
    Ability: Minus
    Attack list:
    -Mirror Coat (Tutor)
    -Shift Gear (Lvl. Up)
    -Wild Charge (TM)
    -Flash Cannon (TM)
    Pkm 4
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    Quote "I'm not supposed to be alive."

    -born in Unova, a normal kid pretty much
    -Older sister was a gifted trainer, with a full team
    -Troy didn't want to be a trainer, chose to stay in school, and felt lesser for it
    -dad encouraged him to go to college later in life, mom was disappointed that he didn't want any Pokemon but eventually accepted it
    -2011: he's fourteen, about to enter secondary schooling (aka high school)
    -epidemic begins shortly after, picks up speed
    -he's at home; his sister and mom are away for a competition, dad is out of the house. By the time the outbreak hits Unova they've already gotten word/news
    -Sister left three of her Pokemon at home, as the competition allowed only three of her main six: Troy takes them and packs whatever he can find to go search for his family
    -undead are pretty much everywhere in the city at this point, Troy only lives because of his sis' Pokemon
    -Doesn't find his family, and is forced to live and survive without them outside of the cities and far away from home
    -present day
    Accent Naturally loud voice and a Southern American (specifically Northeast Texan) accent, though it is barely noticeable.
    Appearance Troy is of an average height, with a lanky, bony build. His chin and cheekbones are very pronounced, with the former being a source of embarrassment for him. He has short, straight hair that barely goes past his ears; it is a dirty blonde color, and quite uneven from being constantly cut. Troy's eyes are brown, and he has dark shadows below them due to near-constant sleep deprivation. This same condition also gives him occasional severe migraines, which causes him to often bury his face in his hands to block out light, or sometimes stumble and double over from sudden head rushes.

    Troy wears a very tattered hoodie that has quite a bit of damage from the constant wear-and-tear of epidemic life. He often uses it to cover his hair and parts of his face. The rest of his outfit-cargo pants, boots, and thick gloves-did not belong to him prior to the outbreak; he has barely any clothes to change into, so the main outfit is very ragged and filthy. While Troy tries his best to stay as clean as he can, it is nowhere near an easy task in the current world. Instead of a backpack or a duffel bag, Troy keeps a messenger bag that he constantly shifts from one shoulder to the other, as wearing it on one for too long causes sharp pain in that spot.

    He is rarely seen without one of his Pokemon out, or at least holding one of their Pokeballs should he need their help immediately. Troy uses Aegon and Nikora-his Tyrantrum and Stoutland-as transport should he be extremely exhausted or suffering from a particularly bad migraine; neither Pokemon really mind carrying the boy. Aegon has a saddle that is used to keep Troy from being potentially injured by the dragon's tough scales.
    Religion Though Troy Everett is not of any strong religious faith, he occasionally prays to Lugia and Ho-Oh and curses using their names.
  • Troy Everett enjoys being around people, though he has his times where he just wants to be left alone. He's very good at talking with friends, though not around groups or crowds of people: those situations make him incredibly nervous, timid, and unwilling to have his voice be heard. Being incredibly self-conscious should he believe that people are closely watching and/or judging him, Troy has difficulties adjusting to social situations involving either people he's just met or bigger groups. A small, tight-knit group of friends is where his personality truly shines the most.
  • Troy is easily cowed and ordered around by authority figures, or people who simply radiate intimidation and power. It's a simple thing to keep him in line and controlled, as Troy lacks the willpower and strength to stand up for himself or try to make his own path against the wishes of others. While not some sort of mindless sheep, he is definitely the obedient follower type, and not rebellious in any sense of the word. Only strong encouragement over a long amount of time could convince him to not just follow the established status quo, and even then, it doesn't always work out.
  • As much as he insists otherwise, Troy Everett is very intelligent, and a quick thinker-his main problem is that he overthinks, and will increasingly panic if he cannot immediately figure something out. It is best for him to have someone there who can keep him on track and point out the little details he may have missed while trying to see the "bigger picture"; if not, there's a good chance he'll admonish himself as being too stupid to figure things out, or simply quit altogether. While Troy was quite the problem solver prior to the epidemic, constant stress, anxiety, and fear for his life has reduced his capacity for patience and the desire to figure his way around difficult situations.
  • Troy is easily distracted and lost in his own thoughts, to the point where he will often miss what people are saying or forget what he was even supposed to be doing in the first place. Luckily he's quick enough to recollect himself, but this habit has stepped on toes in the past-Troy can come off as uncaring or cold and disinterested in what other people have to say. He does not always catch himself doing this, and thus is often surprised if someone brings it up or insists that he does not care.
  • Being extremely critical towards himself, Troy judges almost every word he says and action he takes, regardless of their importance, and criticizes himself for the slightest misstep. Telling others something personal leaves him feeling extremely jittery and on-edge, as he is afraid that others will immediately judge him or mock what he has to say, as he has so often done to himself. Troy has a tendency to mentally ridicule or shout at himself in order to keep his ideas, feelings, and opinions locked inside his own brain. This is especially common when he's around people he does not trust or know well.

  • Troy cares deeply for his family, even though he has not seen them in four years and probably never will again. He misses them badly, and sees the three Pokemon that once belonged to his sister as his only remaining link to them. Losing any-or even worse, all-of the Pokemon is one of his biggest fears and would certainly harm him greatly, especially since Troy still thinks of them as his sister's partners, not his own. Though the three have reiterated multiple times that they would sacrifice themselves for his safety, it only makes Troy feel worse and more afraid that their deaths are inevitable so long as they stick with him.

  • His voice is by default very loud, even though to him it sounds like a normal volume. He is very insecure about it, along with his troubles with pronunciation and tendency to stutter when speaking fast or attempting to make a point. Even harmless jokes about his speech can leave Troy feeling humiliated and make him go quiet; due to this insecurity, he developed a habit of constantly checking anything he writes for mistakes or being incredibly deliberate in his speech.
  • He has plenty of nervous energy, and has difficulties staying in one place without moving, especially when he begins to think deeply.
  • Affiliations none currently.
    User Notes
  • His full first name is not just Troy, but Troy Everett-he rarely uses it in that way, however, and has viewed Everett as his "real" middle name for so long he's forgotten what his actual middle name is. Troy does not mind whether he is called Troy, Everett, Troy Everett, or even Maxwell-all of them are fine.
  • He depends on his Pokemon for both warmth and hunting: they are the ones who find him food and make sure he does not freeze to death in colder environments. In other words, without his Pokemon, Troy would not survive for very long.

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