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Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive


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Gym Leader Volkner | Inactive

Post by Dandelion on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:21 pm

Volkner Voltaire
"The Shining, Shocking Star"
Theme(s) Wayfaring Stranger - Betsy Lee Version
Text Color #ccb85e
A Backpack full of shit;:

- Universal Communicator on his ear

- 4 Ultra Balls,
- 2 Revives
- 3 Hyper Potions
- 2 Super Potions
- 1 Full Heal

- silver flask of hard liquor with the words "High Mana Elixir" on it
- canteen
- couple packs of cigarettes and a lighter
- swizz army knife
- harmonica.
- small music player
- blanket

a pouch on his bag has mundane items
- swiz army knife
- his wallet with his ID, one of his badges, ect
- salt and pepper
- a small hair brush
- a lighter
- a razor
- some usb's
Weapons - His Pokemon (Primary weapon choice)
- A small, sturdy knife - mostly used as a resource and not a weapon.
- a Mateba Autorevolver and S&W M&P 9c - Both guns were issued by HQ.
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity DMaB - He/him/they; doesn't consider himself cis but doesn't give enough of a shit to explore otherwise
Birthdate March 10th
Age Adult (33)
Species Human
Weight 149 lbs
Height 5'11"
Region of origin Kanto, Cerulean City
Occupation Former Leader of the Sunnyshore Gym
Party His party is in relatively good standing. Octillary and Lanturn are dead while Ambipom is IMA, the rest, however, are healthy. He caught his Heliolisk on his travels as a Helioptile.
Pkm 1
Name/Gender- Ross (M) #5E9110
Species- Raichu
Level- 72
Ability - Static
- Charge Beam (TM)
- Focus Blast (Tutor)
- Grass Knot (TM)
- Light Screen (Level)
Very scruffy, one ear is noticeably tattered, usually out of his Pokeball
Pkm 2
Name/Gender- Tiamat (F) #427596
Species- Luxray
Level- 69
Ability- Rivalry
- Fire Fang (Bred)
- Ice Fang (Bred)
- Superpower (Tutor)
- Wild Charge (TM)
Pkm 3
Name/Gender- Ramuh (M) #963384
Species- Electivire
Level- 68
Ability- Motor Drive
- Brick Break (TM)
- Wild Charge (TM)
- Bulldoze (TM)
- Ice Punch (Bred)
A bit on the heavy side.
Pkm 4
Name/Gender- Topaz Carbuncle "Carby or Topaz" (M) #CC9C2B
Species- Jolteon
Level- 62
Ability- Volt Absorb
- Thunderbolt (Level)
- Wish (Bred)
- Shadow Ball (TM)
- Thunder Wave (Level)
His paws are white.
Pkm 5
Name/Gender- Caduceus (F) #0B7853
Species- Eelectross
Level- 63
Ability- Levitate
- Discharge (Start)
- Acid Spray (Level)
- Crush Claw (Start)
- Flamethrower (TM)
Pkm 6
Name/Gender- Novv (M) #C41028
Species- Heliolisk
Level- 40
Ability- Sand Veil
- Dig (TM)
- Thunderbolt (TM)
- Surf (HM)
- Parabolic Charge (Level Up)
Was owned previously by another trainer.
Quote "Life is a game and we are forced to be but the pawns. Once they tire of us we are merely cast aside, faceless and forgotten."
History History is absurdly long*
Volkner's life started far from his Gym in the city of Cerulean deep in the Kanto region. From a young age his parents could see he was a gifted child, bright with a head for knowledge and technology. His mother and father, a computer scientist and electrician respectively, were proud to believe that one day their child follow in their footsteps. Though he was not talkative young Volkner would get into everything, absorbing all that was put before him, and particularly loved video games, mind puzzle, electronics of any kind.

His young childhood went along pretty happily. With his parents guidance the youth blossomed, watching and learning from them as any child would. While his grew a collection of knowledge Volkner was not adventurous on his own. He was weak when it came to socializing, always sticking either to himself, his parents, or those that chose to approach him first. While being quiet was not innately bad it did make this problem worse. His parents quickly took notice but, wanting to give their 'gifted' son freedom, didn't force him to make friends. So he didn't.  

Without others to play with the child had to find amusement with only himself. Going outside became boring and pointless; parks just aren't fun without friends and the local routes were too dangerous for a young child without Pokemon. Turning his attention indoors Volkner found a whole knew world to absorb himself in; video games and the internet. With those things he didn't need to pester others to learn; he could just look up what he wanted and discover so much more. He didn't need friends to play; there was plenty of single player games and in multiplayer he was automatically put with others that he didn't necessarily have to talk to. He could just be himself.
And so he did.

Volkner became obsessed with these things. After school he would do homework (if he could be bothered) then head straight to the internet. Games, especially puzzle and difficult ones, really captivated him. He would become enthralled, forgetting to study like his parents wanted. His parents couldn't understand why he wasted so much of his time with these things and didn't pursue anything. Didn't he understand the potential he held?

His parents were aware of their sons growing unruly behavior but they didn't have time to address it properly. Each of their jobs piled on work, keeping them out late and exhausting them. They had their own problems as well, namely marriage. The pair would constantly argue when they were actually together, bickering about small an large things alike. They would end up too riled to properly take control of their son's behavoir and then disagree about each others methods, making the situation spiral. Volkner was about eight by now and clearly his own person already. He could see his parents problems and would hide away in his room. He had to care for himself most the time, now forced to learn alone instead of by choice. With minimal outside friendship he had only the internet for socialization and found himself relying on it more then simply enjoying it.

Individually his parents tried to use him as their own escapes. His mom taught him the basics of coding and helped him set up a blog. Volkner would ask for more, grateful for actual quality time, but his mother just didn't have the energy. His father sought more control over his sons behavior. To just get him out of the damn house Volkner's father took the boy with him to an on-the-sight job down at the Powerplant. The objective was simple; replace old and frayed wires that seemed to be cropping up in abundance. The youth groaned, loathing the trip and not being allowed to do anything but watch wire replacement. He wanted to about the currents and how to pump power out of less. This crap was just boring him to tears. With his head in the circuits Volkner's father didn't notice as the boy wandered off. However, he didn't get far before something caught the childs attention. First came the sound, small pops and cracks, then the flashes of light. As he rounded a generator the source came into view: a scruffy, scraggly Pikachu biting and vainly feeding off the electrical wires. He stepped closer, curious, but the Pikachu turned toward with with dark eyes and hissed.

Volkner was about to walk closer to it when his father came up behind him. "Its a pest" he said, chucking a screw at it and walking back to his work, "Come on, leave it be." The Pikachu hissed angrily, taking a fighting stance instead of running away. Surprised by his courage the child walked closer and through a screw as well. It clonked the Pikachu right on the head and, a moment later, it charged him and sank its fangs into his shoe. He failed his leg but it would not let go. Shocked, he reached in his pocket for his emergency Pokeball, which his parents made him carry if he ever went out, and smashed it against the rat. It clicked almost instantly.
He had caught his first Pokemon.

Catching the Pikachu (Ross) forced a change in Volkner's life. Suddenly he had to care for someone else. With his parent too busy for him they really had no time for a pet. Worse yet the Pikachu was just as stubborn as when he caught it. He had to be patient and responsible with it, but as much as he hated it.. it was almost like he had a brother.
For once, he had a real friend.

Over the next three years things at home just got worse. The problems with his parents declined even further. The fights excelled to the point of physical violence, and Volk's ears seem to hone in on any conversation about him. His parents seemed aware that he was listening, or maybe that their display was not good for him, and often would send the child out of the house to get him away from it. With terrible social skills the boy would walk out onto the closest route and attempt to train his Pikachu against the wild Pokemon, but he was terrible compared to his online battles. After a particularly bad time training he headed home to even worse news; the divorce he saw coming finally happened.

Volkner knew things would just get harder but he had been hopeful that at least his parents could start recovery. He was so wrong. There was a massive question of his custody, the child shifting between homes constantly. Both his parents were shells of their former selves. Dad turned to alcohol and hit it hard. His mother's exhaustion over the years had actually been a serious illness and she now needed to be taken care of. Both parents got worse over the coming months. Dad sank so hard into alcoholism he lost his job. Volkner tended is mother as best he could, even when she became bed bound and later hospitalized. Her passing came as a shock to no one but was devastating nonetheless.

His custody went back to dad but the man could hardly be called a parent anymore. Unable to hold a job he hardly had enough money to raise a kid and any he got would go into drinks. The man grew angry, and would often rampage, so the eleven year old turned to the streets. Unable to rely on his dad Volkner had to make enough of an income to survive. Fighting any trainer he thought he could beat the boy managed to scrounge up enough money for food. Eventually his activity caught the attention of the local youth gangs and, at the prospect of more money, he was strong armed into their ranks. The profits are still minimal but enough to keep things together at home.

By the time he was twelve Volkner had been tainted by his father. With such blatant temptation it he was easy for him to steal drinks an smokes from the old man. At first he was just hiding them, hoping his dad would do less if there was less, but using them himself seemed like a much better option. Maybe it was working though, as dad did seem more responsive.

dad sends him away to live with his aunt.uncle/grandparents? Off in the faraway region of Sinnoh...
- things ar supposed to be better here but clearly are not.
- relatives try to ease him into life here with a gift; a shinx
it does not get along well with pikachu

Then the Epidemic hit.
The evacuation sirens are set off, and he goes to pick up Latern and Octillery from the shore.
He can tell something is wrong the moment he gets there. Blotched bird Pokemon have seperated Oct from the water and are swarming her. Laturn is trying to help but any attempt gets her attacked as well and she is too far away to do much.
- calls out raichu and he blasts the birds away, octillery is in bad shape. returns both Pokemon.

Octillery is heavily wounded, and by the time they get to a place for recovery they have already bled out.

Accent American. Volkner speaks with a lackadaisical, mellowed air.
Appearance Volkner is your average young man, plain and simple. Of a decent height and weight, his shaggy, sandy blonde hair and striking blue eyes mix together to form an attractive guy. His stature is somewhat scrawny.
He wears a simple black undershirt, blue jacket, and dark navy pants. He has a sturdy black backpack with him for traveling.
Religion Agnostic
The Epidemic hasn't done much to him.

He doesn't talk a lot if he can help it and usually wont say much of anything if he isn't being personally addressed. Prefers to listen then speak.

However, he isn't about to let others boss him around or tell him hat the fuck to do. He hates to take orders and is a prone trouble maker, known to blow others off and shriek his duties.

He has a horrid habit of collecting any arbitrary small thing he can grab. Hence why he has so much small junk in his pack.


His views are rather dark and he practically seeks the dark side of every situation.




He's not much for humor or jokes.

.:Intelligent |

.:Cautious |

.:Calculating |

.:Thrill Seeker |



Despite his lackadaisical attitude and seemingly lack of attention to anyone else Volkner actually picks up on a lot of the little things. He will listen, and know the brunt of a situation, but the matter of him responding or caring about it is another entirely.  
Affiliations Flint: His best friend.
:Jasmine: Childhood friend.
User Notes - Demiromantic Greysexual - Though he somewhat leans on hetero gender does not matter to him to romantic interests. However, they have never been a high priority either. He may have a problem differentiating platonic and romantic feelings (i.e. thinking them platonic).
- Laturn had heavy PTSD after the event with Octillery and rarely wished to be out of her Pokeball. Mixed with her need for a body of water she started to waste away. Eventually she was sent out (unknowingly) into an infected pool of water to be fed. Upon realizing she was infected she committed suicide.
- Named all his Pokemon after an  final fantasy characters in an mmo he used to play, aside from Ross who he got before starting the game.
- While most the good stuff has long since been raided from houses Volkner still checks them while in towns. Namely, he looks in the kitchens for salt, something that has been impossible to let go off.
- Works at HQ but currently off on a fieldwork expedition due to unwillingness to cooperate

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