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Shiny Hunter Travis


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Shiny Hunter Travis

Post by Abysswalker on Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:00 am


Travis Greene
Text Color #8e9bb3
Theme(s) Other Side
Item Backpack, refillable water bottle, rations, sewing supplies, bandages, four empty Pokeballs, watch, miniature Dialga figurine
Weapons Crowbar, his Pokemon
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity Agender masculine (They/him)
Birthdate 7/14
Age 24
Species Human
Height 6'2"
Region of origin Sinnoh
Occupation Shiny hunter, trainer
Pkm 1
Name/Gender: Luxus [M]
Text colour: #cecc15
Species: Luxray
Level: 59
Ability: Intimidate
Attack list:
-Thunderbolt (TM)
-Crunch (Lvl. Up)
-Ice Fang (Bred)
-Superpower (Tutor)
Pkm 2
Name/Gender: Peaches [F]
Text colour: #228b22
Species: Tangled Feet
Level: 47
Ability: Keen Eye
Attack list:
-Aerial Ace (TM)
-Air Slash (Bred)
-Tailwind (Tutor)
-Fly (HM)
Pkm 3
Name/Gender: Renly [M]
Text colour: #ffff00
Species: Gardevoir
Level: 53
Ability: Trace
Attack list:
-Psychic (Lvl. Up)
-Heal Pulse (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
-Focus Blast (TM)
Pkm 4
Name/Gender: X [M]
Text colour: #a80000
Species: Scyther
Level: 51
Ability: Technician
Attack list:
-False Swipe (TM)
-Bug Bite (Tutor)
-Aerial Ace (TM)
-Double Team (Lvl. Up)
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "I wish I could tell you I was worth more than this."
History Travis was born into a family of wealth and riches, but money could not give him what he truly craved-love and attention. His parents were not neglectful or even particularly cold, but they took little notice of their youngest son. Growing up, his single-minded goal was to somehow become someone worth something, and be a son his parents could love. Nothing Travis did ever worked, at least not until the day he found a Luxio with the most unusual pelt. Instead of a typical light blue, this one was gold, something Travis had never seen before in his life. The Luxio was not aggressive, but he didn't seem particularly interested in Travis either. When the boy asked the Electric-type if he wanted to be his Pokemon and live with him, the Luxio had an expression of "I don't care." So Travis ran back home with a stoic Luxio, not thinking about the fact that he really didn't bother to make sure he could keep a Pokemon in the house.

His family was in an uproar when Travis showed them the golden-furred Luxio; apparently the creature was a "shiny" and extremely rare. They praised him endlessly, and Travis knew he had found a way to gain their love. Even after the fanfare faded and everyone went back to their usual ways, Travis began to plan. Other shinies existed, no matter how rare they were, and he was going to find them. He was going to earn their love again. The boy was not quiet about his future goal, to the point where a few of his relatives handed him a pair of Pokemon, a Pidgeotto and a Scyther. "Must-haves for every shiny hunter," they had said, and Travis had graciously accepted the gift. He was completely unaware that the two were given to him only as a mocking joke.

As he grew older, Travis worked on the nuances of being a shiny hunter; living in the wilderness for long amounts of time, taking care of his Pokemon after fights, the best methods for discovering a shiny...he was dedicated to his goal. His first shiny hunt was a failure, and while Travis came home discouraged, his mind made him believe that he was not allowed to give up. They had to find another shiny. He would not find another shiny for a long time, but finally Travis found a tiny Ralts whose head was a darker blue instead of the usual light green. Using his Scyther, X, and his Luxio, Luxus, together, Travis quickly caught the Psychic-type and returned home. Once again, Travis had his fix of so-called love and attention, and again it eventually faded. It was back to the wilderness for him.

For the next few years, all of Travis' shiny hunts ended in complete failure, and he would trudge back home empty-handed and miserable. His Pokemon were already fully-evolved, and heading out was getting them nowhere; Travis was finally feeling the urge to simply give up. What was the point? He'd have to find another way.
One day, while he was out buying more Pokeballs, Travis got the horrible news-both his older brother and older sister had been killed in an accident while returning home to visit both him and their parents. It didn't matter to Travis that he barely knew them at all-he was still stricken by the deaths, and mourned for them all the same. Barely a few days after the funeral, Travis found himself the target of several of their relatives. He was next in line to inherit the family fortune, and they could not allow that. He was endlessly harassed and threatened to the point where Travis couldn't feel safe in his own damn home. It didn't take long for the boy to cave, and at the age of eighteen he was willingly disowned from the family. His parents didn't seem nearly as upset as they should have been. They didn't really care to figure out why their son had resorted to such a measure.

Travis had nowhere to go, no friends, no anything. For the next two years, he did everything in his power to provide for both himself and his Pokemon, but it was an unfulfilling and tedious existence. Eventually, he found himself taking a week off to head back into the wilds for a short time; that was where he felt most at home, after all. That was when everything went to hell.
His first encounter with the roamers was a wild, rabid Furret with weird purple splotches that had attacked a Spearow. Travis was shaken by the Furret's near-psychotic behavior and its sheer strength; the thing just wouldn't die, not until Luxus had crushed its skull. This was not natural. The purple wasn't natural either. Travis knew they had to get away from there and return home, then things could be normal again and they could put this incident behind them.

But things didn't stabilise again. It wasn't that one Furret that had gone completely crazy, it was endless amounts of Pokemon. They were returning from the dead, and all of them from peaceful herbivores to predatory carnivores were out to devour anyone and everyone they could. Travis' mind could not properly process any of it, and his only thought was of the family he hadn't seen in two years. When he returned to his old house, however, it was already empty and abandoned; he had nobody but his Pokemon now.
Taking what he could find, Travis fled, not caring where he was going. It didn't matter anyways. Every corner in every place he went to held things that wanted to kill him, everywhere was dangerous.
Somehow, he has survived four years into the epidemic.
Accent Undecided
Appearance Despite being fairly tall, Travis' poor posture and tendency to slouch makes him appear to be shorter than he really is. One of his main habits is looking at the ground while he walks, which tied into his inability to keep eye contact. While naturally scrawny, his lack of eating due to both stress and scarce resources has made him very underweight. Travis has a youthful appearance, and is often mistaken for being a very tall teenager, which he usually doesn't bother correcting. Travis has green eyes and dark brown hair that is kept short, though even in pre-epidemic years it never grew past halfway down his neck.

It is difficult for Travis to find proper-fitting clothes, and thus his current attire is very worn out and has been repeatedly patched up. The only piece of apparel Travis has kept over the years is his grey winter jacket that he tries to keep as clean as possible, though it has several tears in it that he could not personally fix.

Travis has a bad habit of chewing off the skin of his fingertips due to stress and fear, which can has cause bleeding or even infection; it is also naturally quite painful. He tries to hide this using his gloves, but the fabric rubs against the miniature "wounds" and causes them to sting even worse.
Religion Arceist
  • Travis' sense of self-worth is based entirely upon how other people perceive him; he has no true confidence or self-esteem. He is desperate to be noticed by other people and liked by them, regardless of whether that feeling is shallow or not. Travis is easily influenced and has very little willpower, being susceptible to adopting how others think or believe without even realising it.
  • Though Travis is not malicious in this belief, he views shiny Pokemon as trophies more than actual living creatures, a belief picked up from his family and how they saw his discovery of two of the rare creatures as Travis' only achievements. He will attempt to catch any shiny he comes across or, if they are with a human, try to set up a trade.
  • Travis is a social person, so much that he will go into depressive states if kept away from others to talk to for too long. He loves talking and holding conversations with people, though Travis is hesitant to share his own opinions unless asked for them first-even then, he'll insist that they are not worth much and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
  • Though he's not really aware of it, Travis is a very lonely person. He's never had a true friend in his life, and instead lived off the opinions of people who did not care for him as a person. He has no idea how relationships work, whether they're platonic or not, only understanding surface-level relationships that are built upon little, if anything at all.
  • Travis is a pacifist at heart, and hates being forced to hurt anything or anyone, even undead. He is more than content to let his Pokemon deal with the actual process of killing for him, and unless fights if it is absolutely necessary; even then, he's not a particularly capable fighter.
  • Travis is naturally very respectful and has little inclination to be rude or sarcastic.

  • Travis hates his own appearance, his own voice, pretty much everything about himself. He's not even aware of how much self-loathing he is burdened with, instead thinking that everybody feels this way, and that it is normal. His vicious, self-hating thoughts are nothing but normal to him at this point
  • Undead scare Travis horribly; they are the things that appear in his nightmares, and he never truly feels safe even with his strongest Pokemon around. He has become paranoid that any living Pokemon he finds is actually infected and not yet showing signs, and it takes a lot to convince him this is not true for individuals.

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  • Collab with Vince's human, Hadley.
  • Thank you based Xatu, Zapdos, Green, and Maxie for letting me use those text colours

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