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Michael the Huskary


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Michael the Huskary

Post by Abysswalker on Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:02 am

"Mike," "Viceroy of Heaven", "The Boss"
Theme Archangel
Profession Leader of the Angels
Text Color #8b1a1a
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/him
Age Aging Adult
Species #???: Huskary, the Sled Dog Pokemon
Height 5'3"
Weight 175.2 lbs
Pokédex Entry A very loyal Pokemon. It will follow its trainer's orders without question.
Level 70
Ability Intimidate
Nature Serious
Characteristic Good endurance
Moves -Flamethrower (TM)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Close Combat (Bred)
-Extremespeed (Lvl. Up)
Quote "We were together. We were happy. But you betrayed me-all of us-and you made our father leave!"
History WIP
Bulbapedia "Fakemon"
Religion Strict Arceist
Motivation Protect Heaven | Carry out his father's orders
  • Michael is strict and completely entrenched in his whole beliefs, and does not tolerate dissenting ideas or attempts at rebellion. His rule is, in his mind, absolute for the time being (at least until his father returns again). While not outright sadistic, nor intentionally cruel, Michael is still harsh with punishments and completely intolerant of those who would break from the "angelic order."
  • Despite the fact that he's never seen Arceus, Michael is still blindly loyal to him, utterly devoted to the legend because of his belief that Arceus is his father, and he is the obedient, "good" son. His fanatical loyalty makes Michael believe that every event in the world is preordained, and that there is no such thing as luck, coincidence, or even choice. Everything is already decided by Arceus himself, and thus Michael is obsessed with following that supposed "destiny".
  • Aloof and cold, Michael shows little if any emotion, and is indifferent to almost everyone around him. Whether they live or die, he doesn't care; even those he kills do not bring any sort of emotion to the Huskary. Michael holds no true affection nor hatred for lesser angels, Pokemon, or humans. Their existence is not really worth his attention or time.
  • Michael loves his brothers Raphael, Gabriel, and Lucifer; they are the only other beings he shows any sort of emotion or attachment towards. They, along with their father, are his only true family, and hurting them is something he would never desire to do. Even with Lucifer, Michael doesn't want to cause him pain-he just has to, as there is no other choice. He holds true sorrow over the fact that he has to kill his younger brother, and still remembers raising him when Lucifer was young.
  • Michael does not enjoy harming others, especially when it comes to angels. Though very strict, he is willing to give them second chances, and holds no animosity to any of those in "heaven." Michael sees himself as a kind figure, someone his father would be proud of. However, this does not mean he cannot be enraged; though Michael has some patience and is not very emotional, his wrath is something to behold.
  • Because of his stubborn, absolute worldview, Michael is not very creative or imaginative, and will be incredibly persistent on a set path even when it's obvious it won't work out. If he goes off-course from a plan, it is purely due to the counsel of the other angels who work for him, though it would take a lot to get him out of his tunnel vision.

  • User Notes
  • Based off of Michael from Supernatural.
  • Team notes TEAMNOTES
    Affiliations Lucifer: His younger brother, whom he raised and cared for greatly. Even after his betrayal, Michael could never bring himself to hate Lucifer, but he knows his brother cannot be allowed to live after what he did.
    Raphael: His younger brother, and the one archangel who still remains by his side.
    Castiel: One of the many angels of heaven.
    Development Notes There is no such thing as fate


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