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Lucifer the Zorombra


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Lucifer the Zorombra

Post by Abysswalker on Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:54 pm

"Nick," "Luci", "Satan", "the Devil", "Lightbringer"
Theme Sympathy for the Devil
Profession "Archangel"
Text Color #0d4f8b
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/him
Age Aging Adult
Species #???: Zorombra, the Mind Illusionist Pokemon
Height 6'
Weight 203.5 lbs
Pokédex Entry Zorombra was a pokemon feared in medieval times, sought out as witches' familiars. They seemed to have disappeared after the Witch Trials, keeping to the shadows. It can implant false memories into its victims.
Level 70
Ability Illusion
Nature Sassy
Characteristic Proud of his power
Moves -Incinerate (TM)
-Nasty Plot (Lvl. Up)
-Dark Pulse (Bred)
-Mind Bend (Lvl. Up)
Quote "And they call me prideful."
History WIP
Bulbapedia "Fakemon lmao"
Appearance Devilishly handsome
Religion While technically an Arceist, Lucifer no longer actually worships him, believing his "father" betrayed him.
Motivation Bring his brothers to his side | Destroy lesser beings
  • Prideful
    -Lucifer knows he's the best. He is the most important, the prized child, and nobody is allowed to take that title from him. Other beings are beneath him, disgusting and flawed, undeserving of their place in the world. His hubris is his greatest flaw, and has more often than not lead to his downfall.
  • Victim complex
    -Lucifer still holds acute feelings of betrayal and anger over his exile, blaming everything that has happened on everyone except himself. Everything he does is for a greater purpose, and nothing is his fault. He intentionally blinds himself to his own faults, choosing instead to take out all of his resentment on other people.

  • -Lucifer despises Legends, and how they are worshipped as gods. No matter their power, they are an insult to the actual God, and their mere existence is a cruel joke. The fact that creatures created by his "father" would call themselves gods/goddesses pisses him off to no end. He considers the Legends to be the lowliest of all living beings.
  • Jealous
    -How dare others take his spot as the most cherished; this is one of his defining reasons of resentment. Lucifer wants to be loved by his father, loved by his brothers...and nobody can get in the way of it. He can hold a grudge formed from envy for a long time, constantly dwelling on it until he becomes bitter and wrathful. Lucifer is especially jealous of humans, and thus hates them more than any other creature, as he blames them for him being cast out and demonized.

  • -His anger is often expressed in a cold fury rather than an emotional outburst, but when Lucifer gets mad, he gets mad. Violence and murder is something he's more than capable of, and he can be exceptionally cruel, putting others through physical or mental torment with little remorse. Lucifer is willing to sacrifice others if he needs to, and won't think twice about it.
  • Manipulative
    -Using sympathy ploys and false promises of honesty and mercy, Lucifer is skilled at twisting others to suit his own needs. He knows how to get into their heads and use their experiences and behavior against them-it's one of his greatest skills. Everybody has a weak point, whether it be their own survival, their family, friends, lover, their sanity, anything at all; Lucifer can and will use it against them. It is exceedingly rare for Lucifer to show true sympathy, and even then it is mostly reserved for those who have had similar experiences to his own.

  • -The only ones Lucifer still cares about are other angels, particularly his fellow archangels. He is reluctant to hurt them, and wants them to forget their roles and join him instead. Should anyone else try to harm one of the others, Lucifer would be enraged, and lash out against the aggressor mercilessly. Despite everything that has happened, they are still his family, and the last thing Lucifer wants is to bring suffering upon them.

  • User Notes
  • Based off of Lucifer from Supernatural.
  • Team notes TEAMNOTES
    Affiliations Cain: One of his best underlings
    Crowley: "king of hell"
    What a joke
    Castiel: oh how cute, look at how loyal he is
    Development Notes hehhehheh


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