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Gym Leader Bugsy


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Gym Leader Bugsy

Post by Starbits on Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:52 pm

Temporary image; drawing actual image myself

Bevin "Bugsy" Barron
"The Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia"
Text Color #9f6efa
Theme(s) THEME
Weapons His pokemon-- he is not allowed to carry any other weapons
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His or They|Them|Theirs-- either is good
Birthdate June 20th
Age 20
Species Human
Weight 100.4 lbs
Height 5'3"
Region of Origin Johto
Religion god is dead what's the point of religion anymore
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Student
Party Fate has dealt Bugsy a particularly bad hand.  A couple days into the epidemic he lost his Shedinja, then picked up a Ninjask mere hours afterwards, unable to leave her alone when he found her weeping over her dead Shedinja twin.  A week into the outbreak and he had an encounter with Harbinger Ariados, to whom he lost everyone in his team except for his Scizor and his Yanmega.  His original team was Scizor, Yanmega, Vespiquen, Heracross, Pinsir, and Shedinja.
Pkm 1
Species- Scizor
Name: Reaper
Gender: ♀
Level- 65
Ability- Technician
Attack list-
-X-Scissor (Level Up)
-Bullet Punch (Start)
-Superpower (Move Tutor)
-Swords Dance (TM)
**Text Color-- #dec510
Pkm 2
Species- Yanmega
Level- 64
Ability- Tinted Lens
Attack list-
-Bug Buzz (Start)
-AncientPower (Level Up)
-Air Slash (Start)
-Detect (Level Up)
**Text Color-- #549c38
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "Let me demonstrate what I've learned from my studies."

"I guess I didn't learn anything."

Appearance -hair is purple; it's filthy but otherwise the same
-large purple eyes, sad and empty; has dark shadows and stress lines beneath them
-has long since outgrown his old clothes-- now he wears whatever could be salvaged as he has no energy or desire to specifically seek out clothes that mimic his old ones
-torn brown pants and a green shirt; he's kept the belt and the little pack attached to it from his old outfit
-green and white sneakers
-underweight because getting him to eat is a struggle
-never has any Pokemon out if he can help it

  • depressed, numb

-when he's not sad, he's just empty and dead inside

  • no passion for anything

-everything he used to love, he longer takes any joy in
-it's just gone
-and bug types now make him cringe whenever they find him and seek his company

  • jaded

-the epidemic has proved well enough to him that other humans are out only for themselves
-no one but Falkner can be trusted
-it's nothing he feels bitter about--anger in any form takes energy, which he doesn't have
-it's just a fact he's noted and believes is true

  • quiet

-while not especially loud before, Bugsy now mumbles a lot of his words
-it may take a few tries to get him to say anything coherently
-sometimes he gives up entirely, relying on Falkner to speak for him


-his survival hinges entirely on Falkner's willingness to keep him alive
-he cannot survive on his own and will make absolutely no effort to try
-as long as pokeballs exist, he can and will recall his Pokemon, leaving them helpless to care for him
-a human's (or a pokeball-less Pokemon's) kindness is the only way he will survive

  • jealous

-it's not fair that none of Falkner's pokemon have died while almost all of his did
-but then again, he wasn't the idiot who led them into potential danger
-so really, he has no one to blame but himself; as much as he reiterates this to himself, twinges of envy still plague him constantly

  • fearful only for his Pokemon and Falkner

-as stated before Bugsy could not care less if he got eaten, but the notion of his two remaining Pokemon, Falkner, or Falkner's Pokemon meeting that fate makes him sick
-he will fight has hard as he needs to to ensure their survival

  • passively suicidal

-he's long since given up on actively trying to end it; there are too many eyes on him
-that being said, if anything or anyone attacks him, he will not even try to defend himself
-basically he will not try to fight off death in any way if it comes trying to kick down his door
-this includes eating; he tries to get away with not feeding himself
Bugsy's Relationships:
Falkner: Bugsy's longtime close friend.  He still loves Falkner even with how broken and incapable of feeling he usually is, and will kill to keep him alive if necessary.  

♊ [url=???]Human OC[/url]: renegade and I have decided Bugsy knows one of their human OCs because he was also a bug enthusiast but nothing more on him is known that I could put down here; this is a spot saver for him

Lance: As an Elite Four member first and then later the Kanto-Johto Champion, Lance has always been far stronger than Bugsy.  Being Bugsy's boss, the boy has had plenty of contact with him and was especially intrigued by how dragons seem drawn to Lance the way bugs are drawn to himself.

Gold: Has met him only once-- when he won the Hive badge from him.  The boy left him scratching his head in confusion but he no longer remembers him.
User Notes
-Bugsy has the same gift with bug types as Lance does with dragons; he attracts them without even trying and they tend to be more friendly and docile towards him
-he goes vehemently by "Bugsy" and despises his first name
-he's not very fond of his surname either


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