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Too many humans [Lyka wip]


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Too many humans [Lyka wip]

Post by Abysswalker on Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:29 pm

Luke "Lyka" Hora
Text Color #f0607f
Theme(s) Undercover Martyn [Two Door Cinema Club] / Mother [Florence + The Machine]
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/him
Birthdate 11/30
Age 19
Species Human
Height 5'11
Region of origin Hoenn
Occupation Trainer
Party still has his full team
Pkm 1
Name/Gender: Beatrice [F]
Text colour: #6f35fc
Species: Swampert
Level: 52
Ability: Torrent
Attack list:
-Earthquake (Lvl. Up)
-Stone Edge (TM)
-Ice Punch (Tutor)
-Waterfall (HM)
Pkm 2
Name/Gender: Katherine [F]
Text colour: #00fa9a
Species: Breloom
Level: 48
Ability: Effect Spore
Attack list:
-Focus Palm (Lvl. Up)
-Seed Bomb (Lvl. Up)
-Swords Dance (TM)
-Toxic (TM)
Pkm 3
Name/Gender: Lady Macbeth [F]
Text colour: #636f57
Species: Xatu
Level: 48
Ability: Synchronise
Attack list:
-Air Slash (Lvl. Up)
-Psychic (Lvl. Up)
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
-Heat Wave (Tutor)
Pkm 4
Name/Gender: Lady Macduff [F]
Text colour: #ff69af
Species: Tropius
Level: 43
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attack list:
-Sunny Day (TM)
-Solarbeam (TM)
-Fly (HM)
-Synthesis (Bred)
Pkm 5
Name/Gender: Claudius [M]
Text colour: #344152
Species: Seviper
Level: 43
Ability: Shed Skin
Attack list:
-Poison Jab (Lvl. Up)
-Night Slash (Bred)
-Dig (TM)
-Iron Tail (Tutor)
Pkm 6
Quote "I like to think we're okay. The world is broken, but we don't have to let it break us, too."
Accent Western American
Appearance shoulder-length, straight, brown hair, usually kept tucked behind his ears or under his favorite beanie
Hazel eyes
More on the average side when it comes to weight and build, not really slim nor heavy
Quite tan from spending time in the sun, and because of his Tropius' use of Sunny Day-having been born and raised in a tropical region, Lyka is not used to colder temperatures and it shows (uncontrollable shivering, no matter how many layers he wears)
Wears clothes suited for warmer environments, with the exception being his dark-grey beanie that Chris crocheted for him
Loves both warm and cool colors, and will willingly wear both. Has no hatred for any color, so long as they are kept to a shade that doesn't hurt his eyes.
Religion Agnostic
  • Upbeat and cheerful, it is rare to see Lyka without a smile on his face. He tries his absolute best to be happy, even when things seem bleak or pointless. Though his temper seems nonexistent, this isn't necessarily true, but for the most part his happiness is genuine.
  • Optimistic, almost painfully so. He believes the best of everyone and always points out the positives in a situation, though most of the time he's simply trying to convince himself things aren't as bad as they seem. Lyka firmly believes his friends are okay and refuses to think otherwise. He often brings up his optimism at completely wrong times, usually in failed attempts to make people feel better.
  • Lyka has a caring nature, and is always fretting over the wellbeing of others, wanting to help them in any way possible. He would willingly put himself in harm's way for another's sake, even at the risk of losing his own life-his existence is nothing compared to another's life, after all. Lyka is very much like a mother hen at times, becoming overbearing and even irritating, and has pryed too far into people's business before in an attempt to learn everything about what was bothering them.
  • Worried endlessly for his family, friends, their families, and their Pokemon...he often will make himself sick from the worry because he is unable to stop thinking about what could have happened in the years that have passed. If he could, Lyka would have his Pokemon look for them, but that would make him worry about them too, and send his anxiety into overdrive.
  • Separation anxiety tears at Lyka and sends him into an uncontrollable panic if he is left alone for too long, which is why he enjoys being around others so much. He is very clingy with close friends and becomes very stressed and miserable if they have to leave him, though Lyka would never outright express such things. His Pokémon are constantly out and with him because of this problem.
  • Lyka is hopelessly naïve, having little experience with other survivors who have resorted to desperate measures to stay alive. He would welcome any living Pokémon or human with open arms, regardless of how much he knew about them, so long as he could have more company with him to talk to and share time with. Still being used to a time with his friends and loved ones, Lyka has really only learned how to deal with undead and survive with only his Pokemon as companions.
  • Ignorant to many ways of the world and how people can be, Lyka can make obvious mistakes and insult or hurt people without really meaning to. For example, he is unfamiliar with many mental illnesses and has no idea how they affect others, and thus doesn't know how to handle them. A major factor of this is how Lyka tends to keep his focus away from negative things in the world.
  • Forgiving, Lyka is not one to hold a grudge for very long, and is more than willing to try and renew a damaged relationship. Unfortunately, he is far too forgiving, allowing people to walk over him and take advantage of that kindness without him once trying to prevent the same bad occurrences from happening all over again.
  • Lyka does everything he can to lift others up and make them feel good about themselves, especially if they've been having a difficult time. It hurts him to see others think less of themselves or, Arceus forbid, hate themselves, and standing aside while they feel that way is simply not an option.
  • Though Lyka tries to always be honest with others, he lies to himself all the time, insisting that everything will be okay in the end, that he is safe, anything to make himself feel better a little longer. He's done it for so long that Lyka has began to believe it, and his personality has morphed accordingly.
  • Easily obsessed, especially with other people and their personalities. If finding himself drawn to how someone acts and feels, he will practically worship them, insisting that they are perfect and glossing over their flaws, even going so far as to try and emulate them in some ways (i.e catching a Natu, because one of his friends had two, though this is a very tame example). He is not aware of how unhealthy this behavior is.
  • Lyka struggles with anger issues, and reigning in an explosive temper, which is why he could relate to and help Chris so much when they became friends. His cheery personality was developed as a way to cope with and fight his anger. Without it, Lyka would likely have isolated himself from everyone else a long time ago, and rapidly deteriorated due to his anxiety. He despises his inability to prevent such strong, negative emotions and sees himself as a freak, not realising just how bad Chris' anger was as well. Lyka is not open about this issue, as he does not want people looking at him differently.
  • Completely dependent on his Pokemon and other people, for without them he has absolutely nothing to live for, and might as well be dead. The former protect him from undead and keep his anxiety in check, while the latter give him a goal to strive for in an otherwise broken and hopeless world. He would be lost without both.
  • Lyka has a horrible self image, and though he may come off as confident and sure of himself, it's far from the truth. He doesn't even realise how deeply against himself he is, seeing it as something normal for everyone, and will deny it being an issue he has to work through. Lyka's tendency for worship of other people and obsession delves from this part of his personality.
  • Stress is not something he can deal with easily, yet it always lingers with him, no matter how much he tries to ignore or repress it. Being around stressed people only helps make things worse, unsurprisingly, yet he will be too concerned trying to help him to think of his own mental health.
  • He is bitter over others' romantic relationships, though he could never bring himself to tell anyone that. Having lived life believing he is incapable of anything beyond platonic bonds, seeing others succeeding where he will always fail is painful to Lyka. He absolutely despises this trait of his, and fiercely attempts to repress such emotion.
  • Despite all his attempts to repress and rid himself of things such as bitterness, jealousy is still something that endlessly gnaws at him. He wants so badly to be as talented and strong and brilliant as his friends, and to be everything they are, which formed long-lasting envy over the years. Lyka's desire to be rid of his jealousy backfired, and lead to his already explained weakness to obsession.
  • Absolutely terrible in arguments, Lyka is incredibly easy to overpower verbally, and most of the time he will back off or withdraw his own views simply so he can avoiding having to argue. To make matters worse, he has a habit of stuttering over words when trying to argue, which never fails to embarrass him and further push him to simply give up.
  • Lyka is very openly emotional, so long as what he is feeling is positive or at least neutral; for example, he loves to laugh and will endlessly gush about things that have sentimental value to him. When it comes to negative emotions, however, he will hide and repress them for as long as he possibly can.
  • Lyka does not believe in evil, and rejects the idea that all of mankind is born "sinful". He is adamant in his belief that every human on earth, no matter what they've done, deserves dignity, respect, and their basic needs met. He often jokes about being "spineless" and "unable to deliver justice to people who deserve it", but won't go against his belief anyways.
  • One of his worst fears is that he will die alone, with none of his loved ones there with him to ease his passing; this often mixes with another big fear, that everyone he cared for will abandon him one day.
  • He has intense urges to steal from others, an impulse that is not easy to fight and tears at him all the time. Lyka does not always succeed in going against his compulsion, but once he's come back to his senses, he will either return what he stole or simply throw it away in disgust.
  • His own sexuality is something he's always been uncertain about, and his attraction to multiple genders has always been something he hated purely because it made him believe he could never truly be with one person. After being accused of being promiscuous and a cheater by someone he trusted after disclosing his attractions, Lyka has never told another person, and has taken what he was told to heart.
  • Affiliations Chris: His best friend prior to the epidemic; Lyka helped him through some very difficult times, and in return, Chris helped him overcome his fear of battling. Lyka owes his Pokemon's strength to his friend, and hopes Chris and his Pokemon are alive and well. He is currently attempting to find them.
    Vincent Sage: Lyka has known him since Vincent went to Lilycove to get his Natu twins, and they became fast friends. Lyka has almost a form of obsession in the form of hero worship with him, though he would never admit it. Castor and Pollux inspired Lyka to catch his own Natu and raise her as a member of his team. Like with all of his friends, he is immensely worried for Vincent's safety.
    User Notes
  • All of his Pokemon are named after female characters from Shakespeare plays, with the exception of Claudius, the only male.
  • Actually bisexual, though he has never been able to fully accept it and still has his doubts. His romantic leanings are far more muddled and unclear.
  • Fond of things that occupy his mind and time (humming/singing to himself, sewing, reading, etc.)

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