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Nate Ivory [Nimbasa?]


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Nate Ivory [Nimbasa?] Empty Nate Ivory [Nimbasa?]

Post by Abysswalker on Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:27 am


Nathaniel Ivory
Text Color 686c6c
Theme(s) This is Gospel [Panic! At The Disco]
Weapons •His Serperior, mainly.
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him
Birthdate July 25th
Age 17 (placeholder age)
Species Human
Weight Note: probably pretty underweight.
Height 5'9"
Region of origin Unova [Nimbasa City]
Occupation Trainer
Party All of Nate's Pokemon except his Serperior were lost at the beginning of the outbreak. They included: Adeline {Liepard}, Valkyrie {Arcanine}, and Judith {Lucario}.
Pkm 1
Nate Ivory [Nimbasa?] 497
Name: Gatsby
Gender: Male
Text colour: 56456f
Species: Serperior
Level: 59
Ability: Overgrow
Attack list:
-Leaf Blade (Level)
-Return (TM)
-Toxic (TM)
-Leech Seed (Pre-Evolution)
Pkm 2
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "..."
Accent Has a very soft voice. Doesn't stutter much, but does have a tendency to mumble.
Religion While he was never truly religious, having been raised without any sort of faith, his suffering made the concept of a benevolent God-or gods-too painful to even entertain the idea of. He's not big on spirituality in general, either.

•He doesn't talk much, and when he does, Nate will almost never raise his voice. He tends to reflexively flinch when people shout, and is very sensitive towards what other people say about him.

•The trauma of losing both his human and Pokemon family (doesn't apply to his twin, who's still alive) has torn away all the innocence, childlike curiosity, and joy he once had, leaving behind a shell of who the boy used to be. Most of the time, he is more emotionally numb than anything else, as if his young mind simply chose to shut down the pain instead of being able to process it. Whether intentionally or not, Nate has put up barriers between himself and other people, fearing deep down what might happen if he were to become attached to another person.

•Violence, even in self-defense, makes him feel terribly ill. After seeing so many of his own Pokemon die brutal deaths, blood and gore is a truly upsetting sight for the boy-it can definitely be described as a trigger. He can barely bring himself to raise a hand against another living creature for this very reason, even when it's necessary, which is why he is so dependent on his Serperior to protect him.

•Just as he lost his childhood enthusiasm, so have his old passions and interests gradually left him and been replaced with tedium and routine. Anything he does is either done out of obligation or simply because there's nothing else he has the energy or motivation to do. It's almost impossible to see Nate become excited over anything.

Work in progress :V
Affiliations Mei
Other Unova people
User Notes •I gave him his Serperior back, see, I am NOT heartless.


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