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Jeff the Phanteon and Balloon Boy the Espurr [Pallet|Ace]


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Jeff the Phanteon and Balloon Boy the Espurr [Pallet|Ace]

Post by Abysswalker on Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:46 pm

(Art by the lovely NyraXerz)

Jeffrey "Jeff"
Text Color Gold
Item None
Gender Male
Age Adult (middle aged)
Species ???: Phanteon, the Haunted Pokemon
Height 2'07"
Weight 25.3 lbs
Pokédex Entry Phanteon is an eevee's soul bound to Earth, which it wanders after its untimely death. It is a common sight in abandoned places, but most of the time, it appears in its old trainer's home after dying in battle. Some even wait there after the trainer is long dead.
Level 37
Ability Cursed Body
Nature Calm
Characteristic Alert to sounds
Moves -Shadow Ball (Lvl. Up)
-Payback (TM)
-Detect (Egg Move)
Born in a group of wild Pokemon, Jeffrey was expected to be like his father, one of the their powerful leaders: strong, confident, uncompromising. The Eevee, however, was mild-mannered and weak-willed, a poor candidate for future leadership. His father was resigned to the idea that his son would never live up to expectations, but the Zangoose was never cruel or angry towards Jeffrey. The kids of the other three leaders were a different story. Jeff didn't share any of their ambition or confidence, and they viewed him as an easy target. While at first it was average childish bullying, it began to escalate over the years, his tormentors becoming more cruel as they started to hold more and more power over Jeffrey. Too afraid to ever tell his father, Jeff could do nothing to stop it.

Things changed when he turned thirteen, and his father decided to start training his son to be a fighter. The Zangoose outright said that while he knew Jeffrey would never lead, he should at least know how to defend himself properly. With each practice session, Jeff found himself feeling a little more confident, a little less afraid. Still his fear of his tormentors held; no matter how much he wanted to, Jeff never had the courage to speak up against them, to act.

The peak of his tormentors' cruelty arrived when they decided to teach him a "harsh lesson", one that involved holding the Eevee underwater until he could not breathe only to let him back up before he could actually drown. They laughed, joked amongst themselves, even placed bets to see how long he could stay underwater before beginning to struggle. Desperate, his lungs and chest burning, Jeffrey did the one thing he could do: fight back. Using what he learned from his father, Jeff tried to break free and escape, but he was only a small Eevee. Enraged by their victim's retaliation, the leader of the small group pushed him back into the water. With no oxygen, Jeff felt the pain intensify until he was sure he would tear apart...his vision flickered before going dark. The pain he'd felt seemed to drift away, and time became fluid.

Suddenly, with a bright flash of pure white, sensation flooded back into his mind and body once more; only this time, he felt far different. Jeffrey heard panicked shouting, but in his bewildered state did not bother to see who was shouting. His body felt strange, and he could barely walk; everything was blurry, and he could not understand what had just happened.

Disoriented and confused, struggling to move normally with his unfamiliar form, Jeffrey headed to the one place he knew best; home. But when he got there, he was greeted only by a small pack of Pokemon. Though he knew them, none recognized Jeffrey in his state, and they drove him back into the forest, calling him "trespasser." Jeffrey ran from his old home, still in too much of a terrified daze to comprehend anything completely. All he knew was that his home and family were now lost to him, and he was no longer the Eevee of old.

Jeffrey was lucky; he was discovered and taken in by another, much smaller group of Pokemon. They could easily spot the terrible state of mind he was in, and offered him a place in their tiny clan. The Phanteon accepted, mostly out of necessity; in the first few months, he rarely interacted with any of the other Pokemon, preferring the peace of isolation. There was a gap in his memory-he could recall the sensation of burning lungs, then darkness, then finally waking as the creature he was now. Jeff didn't understand fully, but he knew something awful had happened-and not fully knowing left him frightened. Horrified, really. Unable to deal with so much of it at once, Jeffrey began to build a new persona-instead of a weak, scared boy, he pretended to be calm and in control of his mind. Burying his old self, his past, everything, Jeff put on the fake self. When he began to "come out of his shell", the other Pokemon remarked that he'd become someone completely different.

As he began to grow older, Jeffrey grew close to the group that had accepted him, and even found a sort of peace with them. Determined not to think of his family or old life, it was as if Jeffrey had began anew. He found a welcome distraction from straying thoughts toward the past through battle, and melded with his persona so thoroughly, his old self seemed completely gone. That was when the clan he lived for years with began to split apart; divided by a petty rivalry over leadership inheritance, the group that seemed unbreakable scattered to the winds, leaving Jeffrey with no-one. Left on his own, the cracks in his persona began to show. The Phanteon drifted from place to place with no purpose, devoid of the old relationships he'd had and a home.

The epidemic was only another nail in the coffin. The sight of walking corpses, the endless death, all hammers slowly breaking apart his mask of stability. But Jeffrey was given another stroke of luck; he was able to travel with a trainer of considerable skill, someone who had obviously spent their life traveling with Pokemon. Though unfamiliar with humans, Jeffrey wasn't afraid of this one. The man was truly collected and able to hold his own, and Jeff respected someone who was genuinely brave. His Pokemon were like him, unafraid to take on any undead, strong-willed and powerful. His calm persona thrived amongst such people, anchoring his mental stability throughout the epidemic years.

But more recent times have proven less fortunate. Separated from the human and Pokemon he'd traveled with due to massive undead attacks, Jeffrey has begun to fall apart once more. He travels in a desperate search to find something that can "rebuild" his persona, all to try and escape his old self, his old fears, and a past he left behind.
Appearance Jeffrey is a normal Phanteon, average in coloration, body structure, height, and weight; he doesn't know this, as Jeff has never met another of his kind.
Personality -Jeff appears calm, unnaturally so, nonchalant about things that should be a cause of concern or even panic. In reality, he is nerve-wracked, keeping up a persona of absolute rationality to keep his mind somewhat stable.
-In order to keep up this mask of calm, Jeff tries to be cheerful, even optimistic. Most of the time, he doesn't succeed, only helping make others feel even worse or more terrified.
-Despite this, he is genuine in his attempts to help, and is especially protective and watchful of those who are weaker or simply not as experienced at surviving.
-He is not an open person, revealing little of his past or even his own self. If pressured to become more forthcoming, Jeff assumes a cold demeanor, ignoring or even snapping at those that try to befriend him.
-Has little hope of the epidemic ending and no delusions about his own survival chance. He may talk of surviving, but in the long run, Jeff doesn't believe it.
-Jeff is observant, intelligent, able to figure out patterns of behavior and movement quickly. The Phanteon knows how to use available resources and the environment to his advantage.
-Fast to react, always on guard; it's not easy to catch Jeffrey by surprise.
-Despite his attempt to hide his fear, Jeff's anxiety is still apparent and easily heard in his voice.
-Emotionally unstable, the inability to properly uphold his false persona has lead to some serious unpredictability with the Phanteon.
User Notes
  • Completely based off of Phone Guy from Five Nights at Freddy's (not much of his FNAF2 self here)
    -Zangoose father
  • Rushed history I know ;~;

  • Balloon Boy
    (aka "BB")
    Text Color #ff92bb
    Item Air Balloon
    Gender Male
    Age Prepubescent, bordering adolescence
    Species #677: Espurr, the Restraint Pokemon
    Height 1'00"
    Weight 6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It has enough psychic energy to blast everything within 300 feet of itself, but it has no control over its power.
    Level 9
    Ability Infiltrator
    Nature Quirky
    Characteristic Mischievous
    Moves -Scratch (Lvl. Up)
    -Confusion (Lvl. Up)
    -Trick (Bred)
    -Thunder Wave (TM)
    BB was born an only child, cared for by two loving parents. He never knew why he was named "BB", and neither his mother nor father would tell him. Due to this, he spent most of his early childhood running about, getting into trouble and trying to find a meaning to his name. His insatiable curiosity and natural mischievous personality made BB a sort of "problem child" at times, but his life was still normal and carefree.
    One day, the Espurr happened to come across a group of human children with strange objects: a sort of oval-thing that floated in the air, kept in place by strings the children held. Oddly fascinated by the things, BB did not rest until he'd discovered what they were-"balloons." Noticing his fascination with the balloons, his parents started jokingly calling him "Balloon Boy," not realizing that their son would soon take to the nickname, insisting it was his real name.

    The idyllic nature of BB's childhood was ripped apart by the arrival of the epidemic, which spread faster than anyone could hope to prepare for. His parents were attacked by infected, and while his mother somehow managed to avoid both death and infection, BB's father was not so lucky. The young Espurr, despite his surviving parent's command, went to see his father's corpse-his first experience with death. The colors disoriented him-so much red, a scattering of pink, blue and white-and BB found himself unable to look for more than a few seconds. It was then his mother took him and fled, trying to find a safe place away from the violent Pokemon.

    BB, however, did not truly comprehend his father's death, and expected the Linoone to show up again. He wanted to know why the Pokemon they fled from were so angry-as months passed with no sign of the epidemic ending, the Espurr began to sympathize with the infected. He would observe them at every opportunity, curious as ever, watching how they moved and acted. The turning point came when he watched a group of undead trap and devour another living Pokemon. BB didn't understand what had happened, but there was a buried desire-he wanted to see it again. His fascination with the undead only grew; no other living Pokemon were around, however, and thus the undead had nothing to hunt. BB became frustrated, at least until a horrible idea began forming in his mind.

    There was another living they could go after. He was traveling with one, after all.

    BB used noise to attract his undead "friends" to the spot where his mother was foraging for food. They were slow, lumbering beasts, and the Espurr could easily outrun them. He ran past her, climbing up a tree, laughing all the while; she called after him, demanded to know why he was acting like this. She didn't notice the undead at first, only realizing their presence after almost being struck by one of the creature's Stone Edge. Had it only been those infected, BB's mother could have easily escaped, but at that point other undead had heard the noise BB was causing and responded to it. The Espurr watched with complete fascination, safe high up in the tree he'd climbed, as his mother was torn apart by the undead crowd. Grinning all the while, BB never took his eyes away from the grisly scene until all the undead had wandered off.

    It was only the beginning of BB's obsession. He developed a pattern of traveling with other Pokemon, only to eventually lead undead to them or trick them into going into an infested area. Throughout it all, he kept his signature smile, a façade of complete innocence.
    Appearance "Balloon Boy is a normal Espurr, of average build and coloration. He has a striped balloon, its string wrapped around his left paw. Even though it can be cumbersome at times, BB refuses to part with it. He rarely walks on all four legs, using staying bipedal unless in a situation where he is forced to run fast.

    BB is almost always seen with a happy expression, smiling and often laughing.
    Personality On the surface, Balloon Boy appears to be a normal, cheerful child, friendly with everyone and full of energy. One would wonder how someone so young would have survived this long retaining such a personality, and might come to the conclusion that he had somehow been sheltered from any traumatic events of the epidemic so far.

    However, underneath his innocent exterior lies a twisted creature. Fascinated with death but lacking any true understanding of it, BB will intentionally attract undead to any living Pokemon of human he finds to try and see their demise. The Espurr experiences no remorse at doing so, only a morbid satisfaction. As curious as any child would be, Balloon Boy is interested in the different ways people can die and the undead.

    Regardless of his state of mind, Balloon Boy is very mischievous, and even a bit sassy at times. Rarely does he ever take any situation as serious. The pranks he loves can range from harmless jokes to leading someone into a nest of undead. No matter what caliber, he always retains his cheery demeanor, laughing and grinning.

    He also lacks the crippling fears other children would have in such a situation. Undead Pokemon, the dark, and being alone don't affect him at all; on the contrary, he views the living dead as his "friends", though he's seen them kill enough to know not to get too close. BB sees them as simply misunderstood living Pokemon, and will enter a state of distress should he witness an undead be killed.

    Balloon Boy is intelligent, and knows how to use environments to his advantage. Despite viewing them as living Pokemon, he is smart enough to recognize that the undead are dangerous to him. He is still reckless, putting his life in danger in order to play games such as tag with the undead that he can outrun.
    User Notes
  • EJ adaption of FNAF2's Balloon Boy
  • Linoone father
  • Prepare to be rekt
  • Possible chance of being infected during RP
  • Was given the balloon he now carries by the last Pokemon he traveled with.
  • Thunder Wave given to him by his mother; being a former trainer Pokemon, she knew how to properly operate TMs.

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    Re: Jeff the Phanteon and Balloon Boy the Espurr [Pallet|Ace]

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