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Re: (ACE) The PALLET Team

Post by Phoenix on Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:52 pm

Pallet Town | Late Morning
(29 - both)

"O-okay- let's- try rolling it, then." Akamu let out another sigh but nodded. Oliver didn't seem enthusiastic at all by that plan so the pup had no idea why he would rather try that than the lifting plan but he wasn't going to argue. Whatever got this thing out the door and outside where they could handle it properly worked just fine for him. "U-uh- okay l-lemme see-"

Oliver gave the large vase a little shove but couldn't really make any noticeable difference in its position. Moving over to the thing himself Akamu placed his shoulder against the vase, turning his head to the side and counting on Oliver to guide the vase once it started moving before using his powerful back legs to begin rolling it. They had to go slow, almost annoyingly so, but it was better than risking it breaking or getting away from them and shattering.

Eventually they outside and once he felt grass beneath his paws Akamu stopped pushing and stretch out his sore limbs and neck only to find himself wrapped up in the thick neck of his brother in the Mudbray's desperate attempt at a hug. A little concerned but glad for the comfort Akamu's paw gently pat Kaleo's nose and looked around. "What's the matter? Did something happen while we were in there?"

"N-No," Kaleo murmured. "I just...I was worried about you while you were gone. I usually can always see you and...I got scared..."

Hushing Kaleo affectionately the Rockruff hopped up onto his brother's back and nuzzled him until he felt the racing heart beneath his muscle begin to calm. Kaleo always enjoyed nuzzles, even if the rocks around his man sometimes hurt. "It's going to be ok bro. I promise. We got the vase, they can plant their bush, so all that is left is taking it to wherever they are crashing." Akamu's ears flattened and he looked back down towards the group. "Which...we have no idea where that is. Guess you guys gotta lead the way, huh?"

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Re: (ACE) The PALLET Team

Post by Maximum on Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:41 pm

Pallet Town | Early Afternoon [79]

Something shifted in the air as she watched, and Isolde's head snapped towards the sky. She was still looking at the clouds forming overhead when she heard the boys returned with the strange container, and she remained quiet as Kaleo and Akamu reunited. Normally, she would have asked questions about what exactly they had brought back but if what she was feeling was correct, they probably needed to get back to their designated base soon. She tuned back into what was being said when Akamu looked back at them and said, "Which...we have no idea where that is. Guess you guys gotta lead the way, huh?"

She replied, "Yes, we'll show you," before she floated over to the container and tested its weight. She had heard them roll the thing out, so she assumed it was too heavy for the small children to lift. She let it down gently before calling out, "Can you pull the... wagon? Over this way?" Even if she could lift their find, she wouldn't be able to carry it for long. Once the wagon had been rolled close by, she lowered herself again and grabbed the open end of the container. With strong flaps, she started to slowly lift it into the air and moved it over the wagon before lowering it. It landed a little more heavily than she would have liked, but as far as she could tell, it didn't break.

With the vase settled and the wagon attached to Kaleo, the wind started to pick up. Once again, her eyes went back to the sky, and she stated, "It's going to rain soon." With a rock, a ground, and a fire type, it occurred to her that none of them would enjoy being caught out. "We should hurry." Making sure that all of them followed her, Isolde started flying to the opening in the fence.

((I am a bad leader and I can't remember who has the wagon right now. I'm just assuming whoever was closer and able to pull it did, but if that needs to change, please let me know))

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Re: (ACE) The PALLET Team

Post by Starbits on Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:26 pm

Pallet Town | Late Morning | 111

As soon as they were outside, and Akamu had moved away from the vase to stretch a little, Kaleo gave the pup his best approximation of a hug, Akamu instantly distracted with looking after the donkey.

"What's the matter? Did something happen while we were in there?" Oliver tensed. Dear Arceus, he hoped not.

"N-No," came the little stammer, and Oliver's shoulders slowly began to relax. "I just...I was worried about you while you were gone. I usually can always see you and...I got scared..."

He made himself look away after a minute or two of watching Akamu comfort his brother, willing the light burning behind his eyes to go away. Something painful and bitter welled up in his gut and he scolded it. It was fine to miss Anne.

It wasn't fine to be jealous that they had each other when he didn't have anyone that close to him, yet. That was mean and unfair and he was awful for it.

Maybe Phobos-?

No, he snapped back. Phobos was a stranger, still. A stranger he was fond of, but someone he'd only known for a few days. He wasn't going to ask the ghost for a hug just 'cause he got homesick. Phobos probably couldn't even hug him, anyway. Ghost thing.

"It's going to be ok bro. I promise," Akamu soothed, and Oliver felt his stomach twist tighter. "We got the vase, they can plant their bush, so all that is left is taking it to wherever they are crashing."

He paused a moment, ears flattened, as he looked towards the rest of the group patiently letting Akamu calm Kaleo down. "Which...we have no idea where that is. Guess you guys gotta lead the way, huh?"

"O-okay- let's- try rolling it, then." It was best to just go along with him for now, if he was getting annoyed. "U-uh- okay l-lemme see-"

"Yes, we'll show you," Isolde promised, flapping over to their prize to test how heavy it was. She set it back down. "Can you pull the... wagon? Over this way?"

It took a minute to get it all put together, but once a rope was found and the container placed in the wagon, the wagon was hitched up to Kaleo (thumbs, the true MVP and probably his best asset to any group ever! at least it was something) and now maybe they could head back? Oliver looked hopefully towards their leader, nose twitching.

Something smelled wet.

Isolde glanced back up at the sky. "It's going to rain soon." Oh. Yeah, duh. That's why it smelled wet. Oliver inwardly rolled his eyes at himself. It's not like he'd never smelled rain before! "We should hurry."

He looked back up at the sky, himself, and winced. Oh, that looked... bad.

But mercifully there were no major roadblocks in getting back. They were only a few blocks away from their shelter.

Oliver went to unhitch Kaleo in the back yard (there were some steps leading up to the front door that nobody wanted to bother trying to get the wagon over when the back yard was easily accessable) before realizing with a pang that no one was left alive to care if they brought an outside toy inside. Upon bringing the whole thing inside, Oliver untied the rope.

He hesitated to suggest it, but maybe it would be a good idea to plant a berry now so the rain would water it without them having to worry about how to do that, themselves.

(Moving the story along a little since I don't think anyone wants to write another round or two of them just moving to the house.)


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Re: (ACE) The PALLET Team

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