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Minch the Munna [Chasm|Ace-Lead]


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Minch the Munna [Chasm|Ace-Lead]

Post by Abysswalker on Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:23 pm

Theme Karakuri Burst (Hitoshizuku-P)
Master Porky's Theme [MOTHER 3]
Porky Pokey Means Business [EarthBound]
Profession being a dick
Text Color #99182c
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/him
Age Adult, bordering aging adult(??)
Species #517: Munna, the Dream Eater Pokemon
Height 2'
Weight 51.4
Pokédex Entry This Pokémon appears before people and Pokémon who are having nightmares and eats those dreams.
Level 56
Ability Synchronise
Nature Sassy
Characteristic Somewhat vain
Moves -Nightmare (Lvl. Up)
-Psybeam (Lvl. Up)
-Barrier (Bred)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
Quote "Now do you see?! Now do you understand the sadness Master Minch bears now that he's Godlike?"
The eldest son of a Musharna and a Grumpig, Minch did not have a happy childhood. His parents were abusive, both physically and emotionally, taking out their frustrations and anger on their two children. Receiving the brunt of his parents' wrath, it seemed nothing Minch did was up to their expectations-there was always something, always some reason for punishment. When they did right, when they did wrong, but ended with nothing but harsh consequences, and Minch knew it was his fault that he and his brother were treated like they were. So he tried to protect his younger brother, but there was little he could do to stop them from targeting him as well. In a vain attempt to lessen the near-constant abuse, Minch began to emulate his parents' behavior and attitudes, hoping it would please them. But in the process, without realizing it, he began to take their actions and beliefs to heart, until it was no longer simply just copying.

Minch's emotional development was a ruin by this point, and picking up on the sheer arrogance and cruelty of the adults around him did nothing to help it. He became obsessed with status and with his image; Minch found himself twisted by jealousy and greed, but he didn't really care anymore. He wanted-no, needed power, so nobody could ever dare try hurting his brother again.
A plan formed in the back of his head, dangerous and vengeful, and it spurred him to slowly becoming more powerful over the years. His parents approved of how their son had so readily followed in their footsteps, and he simply smiled at them, hiding his true intentions. Finally, after using his so-called charms to get a young, gullible human to teach him a necessary move, Minch knew the time had come. It'd taken years of training, and lying, and planning, but now he was ready to set things into motion.

Killing his father went without a hitch, and was surprisingly easy-Minch had expected some emotion to try and overtake him, but there'd been nothing, not even when the Grumpig had begged. That should have worried Minch, but it didn't. Unfortunately, despite everything he had done to get to this point, the first part of the plan was the only part that went smoothly. After that, it began to slowly fall apart.
Minch knew what would happen if the others got their hands on him, so he acted first, fleeing from his home before anyone could catch him. They were too unintelligent and shortsighted to see that his father deserved to die, for hurting his brother for what Minch himself had done.
Minch didn't need any of them. One day he'd be back, and they would all pay, every single one of them. He'd find others who would accept him as one of their own-and if they didn't, he would have to make them.

Minch spent years drifting, and though he did find groups of wild Pokemon throughout this time, none wanted him around for very long with his personality. Though he would bitterly argue and sometimes resort to outright attacking other Pokemon, Minch eventually became both too bored and irritated to continue dealing with anyone. Keeping isolated, the Munna had nobody and knew it, though he blamed everyone but himself...that isolation, however, was going to change.
He found the Eeveelution alone; it was obviously a ghost type, but Minch didn't know the specific species. It couldn't have been more than a child, but the Munna cared most for the fact it was a Ghost-type, the bane of other Psychic types that he despised. Because of this, he took the phantom under his wing. The boy went to his side willingly, almost out of desperation, and it didn't take Minch long to realise that the ghost-type knew very little of himself. Obviously death had taken memories from him, and though the boy could recall his name and the family he had been waiting for, there was little of anything else remaining.

Minch realised what this meant: he could shape the boy's past, and even his mind to whatever he desired it to be. The child didn't have the mental fortitude to withstand such brainwashing, Minch was certain, and he wasn't going to simply let this opportunity pass by.
Slowly, piece by piece, Minch began to suppress the Phanteon's remaining memories, made him forget his own name, and worked on removing his emotions as well. The Munna knew that emotion had turned other Pokemon against him before, and he wasn't going to let it happen again. The boy would be left with only absolute loyalty to Minch, and was trained to become a Pokemon strong enough to carry out any order and to protect his master. The Phanteon became Minch's perfect creation: unable to betray him, unable to feel the physical or psychological abuse, obeying every command. As his servant grew up, Minch felt only a twisted pride in what he'd done.

The decades passed, and Minch grew ever more power-hungry; his servant continued to follow his every order, even as they grew ever more abhorrent. Minch took what he wanted, and did whatever he wanted for any reason he felt like. Boredom. Revenge. Anger. To show his power, for a few laughs...it didn't matter. Minch never truly matured, or realised the implications of everything he'd done. His pride, and his cruelty, and the control he held over his masked servant prevented that, even as Minch decided that even other Pokemon's very lives were simply a piece in his morbid games.

The epidemic was simply just another game to him. His servant's strength and his own were more than enough for the undead they encountered. The two stayed in isolation, taking no interest in other survivors, and things stayed that way for years...until another living Pokemon stumbled upon them. An Umbreon, one with the name of Terrence. Minch would have gladly ordered his servant to kill the Dark-type, but Terrence proved useful and especially easy to manipulate, so he was allowed to work for them.
Now, they have taken shelter in the Giant Chasm of Unova, where Minch was certain no other survivors could bother them.
Bulbapedia "Munna is a pink, nearly spherical, quadruped Pokémon of indefinable basis. It has four tiny tapered limbs and a tapered snout that largely obscures its sizable mouth. It has shiny, oval, red eyes with two discernible upper eyelashes. Between its eyes is an oval spot in a darker shade of pink, from which Munna can expel Dream Mist. Purple, five petal flower markings with dark pink centers ornament much of its body. It is able to constantly float in the air."
Appearance Having been born shiny, Minch's body is a bright yellow instead of pink, and his floral patterns are light green; his eyes are a dark purple instead of the usual red. Other than color, Minch is completely normal for his species, and fairly healthy-or as healthy as he can be in the epidemic.
Accent Unspecified
Religion Himself
Motivation Purely out for his own gain, no matter what
Personality Arrogant and self-absorbed; obsessed with his own self-image, everything has to be about him
cruel, callous, very little empathy or compassion. Really doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he gets what he wants
never properly matured, still childlike, immature, very playful and mischievous
avaricious and power-hungry, raised in an environment where status was everything, an attitude which has stuck with him throughout the years
pathological liar, fond of tricking and misleading people, then reveling in their confusion or fear
holds a very low opinion of humans and other Pokemon alike, deeming both to be useless in the long run
paranoid, terrified of betrayal, demands absolute loyalty-which is why he only trusts the Masked Man
insecure, almost desperate to prove he is superior to anyone else
very possessive
delusional, though good at hiding it-believes himself to be an immortal god, above everyone else, a viewpoint that only becomes very obvious when he's under extreme stress or suffering a mental breakdown
Minch deep down wants to be liked by other people, but at the same time also wants to be separated from them for good
Practiced and quite good at hiding his true intentions and personality from others, though he usually just doesn't bother unless it is necessary
Cannot stand boredom, having nothing to do drives him mad, causes him to be even more volatile than usual
Manipulative, will do anything to bend others to his will, preys on emotional/mental issues to further control them
Fakes benevolence and concern for others to get on their good side, make them more suspectible to his influence

  • Likes Eeveelutions...especially fond of kidnapping and brainwashing them to be his loyal servants
  • Uses Nightmare to force others to relive his horrible memories in their dreams
  • User Notes
  • Completely based off of Porky Minch from EarthBound/MOTHER 3
  • Collab with renegade's Masked Man
  • Refers to himself as "Master Minch"
  • Art by rayniecloud on dA (it's not mine lol)
  • Team notes Chasm Team, bitches
    Temporary leader (and by "temporary" I mean "for a hella long time")
    Affiliations Masked Man: Kidnapped the Eeveelution at a young age and brainwashed him into being completely loyal. Refers to MM as his slave, little monster, and occasionally even as "son", though he never calls him the Masked Man or by any proper name.
    Development Notes break in half
    like puny toothpick
    Maybe something positive after because I'm a sap

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    Re: Minch the Munna [Chasm|Ace-Lead]

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    Re: Minch the Munna [Chasm|Ace-Lead]

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    Re: Minch the Munna [Chasm|Ace-Lead]

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