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Aaron the Sylveon


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Aaron the Sylveon

Post by Abysswalker on Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:17 am

Text Color #1DA237
Item None
Gender He/him
Age Adult
Species #700: Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokemon
Height 3'3"
Weight 50 lbs
Pokédex Entry It wraps its ribbonlike feelers around the arm of its beloved Trainer and walks with him or her.
Level 60
Ability Cute Charm
Nature Gentle
Characteristic Good endurance
Moves -Moonblast (Lvl. Up)
-Psyshock (TM)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Light Screen (Lvl. Up)
History -adopted at young age
-raised by specific kid (idk a name yet)
-two become best friends over the years
-Aaron is kid's starter for his journey
-spend years traveling Kalos, training, fighting Gyms whenever they felt like doing so
-Aaron is at this point completely bonded to his trainer and a Sylveon
-High-leveled from being the main battler
-They decide to travel to a different region
-assorted stuff happens
-something interesting here
-Aaron loses his beloved trainer and friend
-completely devastated and broken
-only lives because suicide terrifies him
-four years spent helping other Pokemon because Aaron figures he has to do some good if he's still alive
-present day
Appearance A normal Sylveon in every aspect, there is nothing to seperate Aaron from his fellow Fairy Eeveelutions.
Personality ungodly loyal, once you've earned his trust and friendship almost nothing can break that bond
Generous, giving, almost too generous, gives more than he has
Compassionate and emphathetic to a fault, becomes too emotionally involved, will be almost obsessive and devastated by others' losses
extremely sensitive even though he won't outwardly express it
so focused on helping others he will push aside his own troubles and let them become progressively worse over time
trusting, almost naive in how much he trusts other pokemon
Will refuse to ever talk about his trainer and is still grieving their loss
Dying scares him more than he will ever admit
Despite being so high-leveled, he hates fighting other Pokemon these days, and is sickened by the idea of having to kill anyone. He has no stomach for extreme violence
loves to explore and find new things
struggles to stay happy and upbeat each day, forcing a smile on his face even when he feels like he's going to fall apart at any moment
Desperate to be accepted by other Pokemon, will throw himself into a group without even once doubting their intentions
Overbearing, constantly asks how others are doing and worries about their health, paternal
Anxiety-big time
Very affectionate and loves giving others compliments or seeing them smile
Extremely low self-esteem, poor self-image, though he gives compliments freely he won't believe any given to him
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