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Pokemon Trainer Sara-Anne [Fallarbor, Hoenn]


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Pokemon Trainer Sara-Anne [Fallarbor, Hoenn]

Post by Starbits on Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:13 pm

Sara-Anne Etan
Text Color #FF7D8E
Theme(s) If You Only Knew - Shinedown
Item universal communicator, a gold, heart shaped locket, and a backpack in which are
-android phone that can't be use to call anyone anymore
-couple spare pokeballs
-tiny but bright flashlight
-a small pack of cards
-a notebook with a pencil in the spiral spine
-a hoodie
-handheld game system and a handful of games (small cartridges)
-a pair of extra shoes
-a tiny wrapped present that has a rainbow bead braclet inside
-a tiny sack that has a snowflake pendant inside
Weapons hunting knife, lead pipe, her pokemon
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Birthdate July 2nd
Age 25
Species Human
Weight 94.6 lbs
Height 5'0"
Region of Origin Sinnoh
Religion atheist-leaning agnostic
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Gardener
Party She has lost two Pokemon; the Torterra and Empoleon are not part of her original team.  They were her brothers' starters; the Pokemon of hers that have died are a Luxray and a Cherrim.
Pkm 1
Species- Chimchar
Name: Flame
Gender: ♂
Level- 58
Ability- Blaze
Attack list-
-Flamethrower (Learned)
-Shadow Claw (TM)
-Scratch (Learned)
-Acrobatics (Learned)
Text Color - #FF4120
**wears a little red bandanna around his neck with an Everstone pin in it
Pkm 2
Species- Gardevoir
Name: Joy
Level- 57
Ability- Synchronize
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Moonblast (Start)
-Thunderbolt (Learned)
-Heal Pulse (Learned)
**Text Color: #FFDD4D
**pink bow in hair
Pkm 3
Species- Lucario
Name: Mattimeo
Gender: ♂
Level- 56
Ability- Inner Focus
Attack list-
-Aura Sphere (Learned)
-Force Palm (Learned as Riolu)
-Metal Claw (Start)
-Extreme Speed (Start)
**Text Color: #E02824
**Expert Belt around his waist; the spikes on his chest and hands broken because he doesn't want to accidentally stab people
**taller than most Lucarios--is 4'11" instead of 3'11"
Pkm 4
Species- Empoleon
Name: King
Gender: ♂
Level- 57
Ability- Torrent
Attack list-
-Surf (HM)
-Drill Peck (Learned)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Metal Claw (Learned)
**Text Color: #7C8096
**the plates on his flippers are scratched
Pkm 5
Species- Torterra
Name: Quake
Gender: ♂
Level- 55
Ability- Overgrow
Attack list-
-Wood Hammer (Start)
-Earthquake (Learned)
-Synthesis (Learned)
-Giga Drain (Learned)
**Text Color: #2A701F
Pkm 6
Species- Altaria
Name: Arlene
Gender: ♀
Level- 56
Ability- Natural Cure
Attack list-
-Sing (Learned)
-Sky Attack (Start)
-Dragon Pulse (Learned)
-Dragon Dance (Learned)
**Text Color: #4C50FF
**larger than average; instead of 3'07" is 4'09"
**Wears a gold ribbon around her neck
really dumb things she'll say:
"What the fuck is this I call bullshit."
"Oh my god shut uuuuuuup."
"Fuck off."
"Aaaaand fuck you too good sir."
"This is such a bad idea."
"I love us we're awesome."

"I'm not even sure why I'm still going.  What's even left?"
History **usernotes explain what an "Pure Arceist and a "Legandist" are

Sara Anne's existence began with the marriage of two unlikely people--an Pure Arceist and a Legendist.  Despite this rift in religion, they had many things in common and dated for a few years before marrying; they bought their first house, and a year later, their first daughter was born in Jubilife, Sinnoh.  As their first child Sara was deeply doted on and beloved by both parents, though she was very noticeably a daddy's girl in the beginning.  The girl's maternal grandmother came to live with them to watch over the baby while the parents were at work.

The beginning of her life foreshadowed problems to come; both parents agreed they wanted to raise their daughter in a religious environment, and her father left her mother to choose a church for the family; he would go worship at his own church, and his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law at theirs.  He came to regret that decision at first, as their child started repeating what she had been taught and he did not like what he heard.  Approaching his wife, he told her that either their daughter would go to a different church or not at all, and she picked a different place.  Sara Anne would remain unaware of this until much older.

The early years were otherwise uneventful.  She grew older, learned to talk and walk and count; learned that fire is hot and ice is cold and that it could be dangerous to touch both.  She learned about Pokemon; the different types, about the gyms and the Gym Leaders.  About Champions and the ways in which Pokemon work with humans.  She learned about the Legends, about the old stories surrounding them and why this certain thing in this old story meant this moral and nothing else.  She learned about the afterlife, about how there was a good place and a bad place, about how bad guys went to the bad place and the good guys to the good place.  She learned how to be a bit stuck up, looking down on people who didn't believe Arceus was the only god worth believing in as good, and those poor souls who don't know; they should be saved from their beliefs and taught the truth.

Sara's mother had not picked a church that taught their daughter anything different.  It was truly a fluke that the girl did not repeat anything she learned from this second church; perhaps her mother saw it as an act of Arceus himself.  One can only speculate.

Sara didn't bother mentioning her beliefs outside of church; why should she?  There were books to read and other kids to color with, and games of dress up to play, and school to slog through, and teachers to chat up, and cats to pet, and so, so much more.

But then she learned in third grade what happens when you do try saving someone--they think you're nuts.  The church had warned her about this.  "They'll get mad, they'll get defensive; they want a life without consequence, so they'll deny Arceus's godhood in favor of the other Legends, who would let them do what they want.  But the other Legends can't save them from hell, so you have to try to get them to understand anyway."'

She didn't want to fight with anyone, though.  She wanted to be friends.  Even a child as young as herself could understand that an eternity of suffering was a horrible fate, and rather than try to save anyone from that supposed fate and risk making enemies, she burrowed herself further into her reading hobby.  It wasn't entirely due to religion--honestly, books were very nice and reading was fun.  Quietness was fun.  She enjoyed it.

The brother her mother had given her when she was three was enough of a friend for her, anyway.  They got along exceptionally well for two siblings with a three year age gap; it wasn't long before they were making up stories together and acting them out with their toys.  Thomas was the perfect playmate and the perfect friend; she didn't need anyone else, nor did she really want anyone else.

Time marched on; she grew to love video games, and her second brother was born.  Her parents decided Matthew would be their last child, and as the youngest he was doted on endlessly.  This would not have been so bad, if the doting hadn't extended to acting as if the child could do no wrong even when he was old enough to actually do wrong.  Matthew wasn't a stupid child and once he was old enough to comprehend this, he would use it to get away with things the older two children couldn't.  He took this to the extreme when their grandmother cared for them, to the point where Sara and Thomas cheered silently the one time he did land himself in serious trouble with her.  A rift cracked open between Sara and her once beloved grandparent; they argued daily, constantly, and if the girl went what the grandmother perceived as being too far she would spank the child, furthering the rift.  On top of this, problems began to arise with someone she trusted.  Her extended family being very large, all living in the same area, and all believing that the closeness of family was the most important thing in their lives, she was forced to be around them often.  They would use any excuse to form a get-together.  In the early years this didn't bother her, but as they grew, one of the girl's cousins--whom she had been very close with--began to change.  He grew more arrogant, more violent, more cruel.  He bullied Sara and Thomas relentlessly, but oddly enough was perfectly fine with Matthew and never bothered him.  Almost spitefully, as if to say "everyone likes your brother more than you--even I do."  At school things were worsening; once having been a loner voluntarily, Sara now longed for a friend or two her own age, but because she read so much and didn't know how to socialize, the other children thought she was weird.  She was no good at any of their games and since the majority of the class were highly competitive, this made them dislike her even more.  Most of the kids didn't truly hate her--they just liked everyone else more.  There were, however, a small group of boys who actively attempted to make her life miserable when they could, going so far as to actually lay hands on her to pull her off the stacked bleachers she was climbing when she decided to imitate an Aipom that had visited the school earlier that week.  That particular incident brought the school's attention to it, but it wasn't until a few more incidences that they actually made any attempt at helping out.  The boys became afraid of her since anything she said could ruin them, something that disturbed her; she didn't want them to fear her, she just wanted them to stop.  

For the first time her grades were suffering; math had gotten to the point where it was too hard, and she could not keep up.  Her parents, taking school very seriously, turned each failed test into an interrogation of "what did you do wrong" that tended to end with "you did not try enough; you did not study enough; you place more importance on your video games; maybe we should take them away from you so you'll pay attention."

She tried several times to explain what video games meant to her--how they were just as rich a source of imagination as books could be.  She was shut down each time, her father offhandedly mentioning once that she sounded a little obsessed, perhaps it'd be best if she stopped playing, and maybe he should do something about it.

He never did, but if there's one thing Sara had trouble forgetting, it was threats.

Nothing was going right and each day seemed worse than the last.  Still very young, Sara first contemplated running away and then, when she realized she'd never survive that, death.  For two years she suffered suicidal thoughts; the depression lessened for a year, but then returned when she was denied the chance to venture out on a Pokemon journey.  Starting high school, she was old enough to start a Pokemon journey, but her parents would not allow it.  There were enough Pokemon Trainers in the world and quite frankly they thought the entire system of battlers, gym leaders, and champions was silly; they wanted their daughter to be just about anything else than a Pokemon trainer.  With no other choice, she enrolled in a Legendist high school and spent the summer deeply depressed, unable to enjoy it.

The first year was actually surprisingly good.  The school she'd chosen was not affiliated with what she thought was "the truth;" she chose it because was small, which eased her social anxiety, and was an all-girls school, which soothed her more after her tormenters of earlier years had mostly been boys.  Though she struggled to fit in and never really managed it, she did make a close friend. a couple friends, and a few good acquaintances, including many teachers.  The second year passed in much the same way.  Her depression started to lift a little.  Maybe not being a Trainer wouldn't be so bad.

Being older, Sara's friend graduated at the end of her second year, and then within a few months stopped almost all contact.  Her classes grew more intensive, and the girl struggled with sitting through the religious ceremonies, uncomfortable with knowing that the religion they believed in so deeply was not the truth and that everyone around her was most likely going to suffer eternal damnation as a result.  She wanted to save them from that, but she had made friends and couldn't bear to ruin that.  She feared for her best friend, but also feared to contact her, scared that she might be overstepping a boundary.  She finally began to become interested in people in a romantic sense, but her gaze wandered almost exclusively to women, which she knew her mother would not approve of in the slightest.

Things were falling apart so badly.

So she turned to the internet.  Finding an RP site for one of her favorite games, she joined it, and within a few weeks befriended someone younger than herself, a boy named Vincent.  They bonded fast, quickly exchanging information and spending a lot of time speaking over video chat, texting, and IM.  The new friend and quickly formed bond helped ease the strain--it distracted her from her suicidal thoughts and gave her positive things to look forward to and enjoy, something she desperately needed.  Her relationship with Matthew eased, the boy now old enough to understand the wrong things he did.  Hooked on roleplaying, adoring the creation and carrying out of stories and characters, Sara signed up for another site, befriending someone else by accident-- a girl named Lynn, whom she came to know as "Max" because of a nickname given to the other girl as a shortening of her username.  The miracle Vincent's companionship was repeated itself again, much to Sara's shock; she'd never expected to forge or maintain such a close bond ever again, but lo and behold, history repeated itself.  But even these good things, these two amazing friendships as comforting as they were, could not hold her above water forever, and eventually she broke down in tears during a test.  She locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out.  Sara was eventually coaxed out by the guidance counsellor, who spoke to her parents and asserted that school might not be what was best for their daughter.  Though her parents genuinely loved their daughter, they oftentimes loved their reputation more; the idea of letting their child go off to be a Pokemon Trainer when the entire Etan clan thought the occupation a lazy waste of time repulsed them, and they accused their daughter of just throwing a tantrum and took away her phone and computer, assuring themselves it was the internet that had persuaded their daughter to act out by putting ideas in her head, accusing her of talking to people online... what exactly was so awful about this they refused to try to justify.  Sara was too frightened to rebel but was unable to keep the charade of being okay up any longer.  The staff at school could see this, but it took several more months before they finally got her parents to relent, the Etan clan's reputation having taken a hit for being so closed minded that they wouldn't even allow one of their own what she needed.  Begrudgingly, they gave her permission to start her journey a week after her sixteenth birthday and returned her things to her.

The fact that they only did this because their reputation was hurting was painful, but she did her best to shove it aside.  Finally, finally she was going to get to do what she'd dreamed of.  The girl wasted no time bidding herself goodbye to her brothers and getting herself to Sandgem, choosing a Chimchar as her starter, a rambuctious little thing who loved to eat, play pranks, and climb trees.  She let Vincent and Max know what had happened to her and at last her trek began.

Over the next five years she would slowly rise through the ranks, keeping in constant contact with Vincent the whole time, finally stopping at her sixth gym before returning to Floaroma Town with the intention of settling there to take a break for a year or two. Making travel plans, she decided she would make a surprise visit to Vee as soon as she was able, and afterwards, return home to wait for Max, who would run away to Sinnoh after starting her baby cousin off on his journey in order to escape her family to grieve properly over the death of her Pokemon.  She bought a couple presents for her friends-- a rainbow braclet for Vee, and a snowflake pendant for Max.  Sara (now going by Sara-Anne) did not get to enjoy her vacation, however; shortly after she rented an apartment and got a job at the local flower store in the small, flower filled town, the epidemic broke out.  When the first inkling of it having reached Sinnoh got to her, she was quick to leave with her Pokemon, hoping to get to her family before the infection did.  What she found was the city in ruins, the infection having gotten to Jubilife before she could.  However, at her family home she found her brothers' starters guarding the house; as she would later learn, the parents had broken their sons' pokeballs to force-release the boys' Pokemon before taking their kids to try to evacuate.  FInding no sign of death in the house itself, she concluded that perhaps they were alive and set out to find them, the Turtwig and Prinplup coming with her.

They spent many years searching Sinnoh, losing the lives of two teammates along the way as well as contact with Vincent as the cell phone towers fairly early on in the Epidemic.  As for Max, she'd never been able to contact her after the outbreak at all. Eventually they swung back around to Floaroma Town to scatter the ashes of the cremated bodies of their friends among the flowers she and her Pokemon had loved so much.  As she watched the wind take their ashes away, she realized that wherever her family was, they were probably no longer in Sinnoh.  It was time to start looking elsewhere.

And thus, she decided to start with the first region that came to mind.  Hoenn.

She giggled, a small sound of hysteria.  Maybe she'd even find Vee there.  There was no hope for Johto and therefore none for Max, but maybe Vee...

Aw, who was she kidding?
Appearance -she is very short, only five feet tall
-she's emaciated, having gone a long time without food so that her Pokemon can eat; healthy ideal weight for her is supposed to be 100 pounds
-brown hair, hair having been cut to her shoulders unevenly
-pale skin; is not supposed to be that pale but the apocalypse does not lend itself to her health
-absolutely filthy; her clothes, hair, face, and hands are all dirty
-necklace with a charm at the end shaped like a key
-white backpack
-black sweater with white shirt beneath it and black leggings with a pink skirt; sometimes wears the pink hoodie in the backpack
-the hoodie has cat ears on the hood
-black boots up to her knee; they're tall for the purpose of travelling through the marshy parts of Sinnoh
-brown eyes, long lashes
-tends to have her Chimchar riding on her shoulder or at her feet

  • avoidant but friendly
    -She won't talk to you if she can help it.  It's not you; it's her.  She likes solitude (though has had too much of that lately) and is a general misanthrope.  You might not know that by actually speaking to her though; she can very easily slip into someone who seems super cheerful; while she does not like people in general, she gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, and thus they get the standard "hi I'll smile at you and make small talk" until the conversation ends.  She'll be genuinely pleasant but then just... not speak to them again.  Unless approached again.  Even if she enjoyed their company
  • cannot socialize for long
    -she can only be around people for so long before she needs to recharge and spend some time alone
  • LOUD
    -maybe it's her debatable hearing loss, maybe it's her tendency to forget trivial things like volume in the face of excitement; either way, expect her to yell a lot
  • spiteful
    -tends to be only in thoughts or words to other people, but has potential to be devastating should she act on it
  • cruel
    -she knows how to tear people down very well and will sometimes do it even if not necessary (example is that the fight has already been won but she's still going).  She does not attain any real pleasure from having this knowledge until she meets someone she really wants to rip into.
  • coward
    -undead scare her; she might not be cowardly to the extent that she'd throw someone to the wolves, but if shit goes down and her Pokemon can't handle it she's taking them and running for safety as soon as she can
  • holds grudges to the end of the fucking earth
    -she will sometimes forgive but never, ever forget; even then, forgiveness is mostly reserved to those she cares about or those whose transgressions weren't that great
  • misanthrope but also naive?
    -while not a fan of humans in general, she does tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.  "Maybe they're just having a bad day."  The dislike of humans tends to come into play when viewing the horrible things humans have done, whereas the naivety happens when she is struggling to either keep an open mind or just spite the memory of her judgemental parents.  This means she can both be taken advantage of, and be in a horribly foul mood about it afterwards.  Joy.
  • LIES
    -she lies.  A lot.  Because she inherently pretends she is totally fine (and can do so with a perfectly straight face)
  • debatable level of tact
    -she sometimes shoves her foot in her mouth by meaning one thing but picking words that most people would interpret as something totally different
  • daydreams, has trouble focusing
    -she has trouble focusing on anything she does not enjoy; will daydream and will not appreciate it if you interrupt her thoughts, but thankfully she will not be rude as a result
  • does not easily feel guilt
    -she just doesn't
    -she can, and this usually pertains to when someone gets seriously upset, but otherwise not really
    -she will, however, apologize in the face of realizing she fucked up, because she realizes her lack of guilt does not translate into "that was okay"
  • stubborn
    -if there is a problem and she thinks she can fix it she would literally stay up all night until she does
    -no, sleep does not matter there is a thing that needs to be done you do not understand
  • loyal, loves easily
    -watching humans do bad things is what has made her dislike people in general, but it's hard for her to hate anyone who's nerding it up with her about some cartoon show they both watched as kids.  The individual has very little problems melting her heart
  • excellent secret keeper
    -she knows how not to blab stuff
  • gentle
    -she's very careful with fragile people, or people who might be fragile
  • huggy, affectionate
    -when she knows you and likes you she will not mind if you touch her and will in fact touch you a lot (with your permission); this could include hugs, cuddles, hand holding, etc.
  • humorous; likes to laugh and make other people laugh
    -her sense of humor is bizarre and tends to be anything from nonsense humor, to gallows humor, to sex jokes, to slapstick, to friendly insults, to sarcasm, to something actually clever
    -mostly the insults
    -with the exception of angry yelling, thinks yelling makes everything funnier
    -she treats "nerd," "dork," "loser," "geek," "moron," and many others as terms of endearment used both while joking and while being serious, but only with people who she knows will take it as terms of endearment
    -check her tone of voice to see if she's being serious or not; if she's mad then guess what not joking
  • Affiliations
    Sara Anne's Relationships:
    Vincent "Vee" Sage: One of her two dearest (and only) friends, Sara-Anne adores him and considers him one of the few people she trusts without question.  She and Vincent click in a way she does with few other people, the two in sync a surprising amount of time considering the great distance that spans them; was especially protective of him following being cut off from him for a while, an event that she never completely recovered from and still feels guilty about.  Seeing him as a younger sibling and openly referring to him as such, Vincent is one of two people who she has bared more or less her entire soul to.  Calls him "Vee," and was the first person to do so.  She planned to fly to Hoenn to surprise him with her very first visit, but the outbreak occurred just a week before the date that had been set could arrive.  She still hangs onto the little present she bought him: a rainbow bracelet.

    Should be noted that Vee knows some things about Sara-Anne that Max does not.  Unwilling to bother Max with just how awful her mental illnesses can get, Vee has born sole witness to most of the ugliness in her, the twisted bitterness, despair and emptiness, and has even conducted long, exhausting conversations with her about these emotions.  This is why she has such faith in him-- he has seen her worst, and still loves her.

    She believes Vee is dead, painfully aware his own mental fragility probably killed him if the undead did not.

    Lynn "Max" Snow: Sara-Anne's other closest friend as well as her only other one.  Meeting her through a different online roleplay site, Sara-Anne came to know Lynn as "Max" due to shortening her online alias to a nickname.  Becoming friends accidentally through the site's chatbox, they struck up a friendly acquaintanceship that became a close friendship the more time they spent with one another.  Sara-Anne feels very close to Max, due to sharing similar life experiences and the resulting consequences of such events; she feels a sort of kinship with her as well as admires her friend's intelligence, creativity, and beauty.  She has shared many feelings, emotions, and experiences with Max that she has not shared with anyone else, and it leaves her feeling very safe and comfortable in the other woman's presence.  SA is extremely protective of Max and it is not hard to offend her on Max's behalf.  She is one of few people to know just how many Pokemon deaths Max has endured, and always followed each loss by sending a care package and a heartfelt letter.  Always encouraged her to not give up on being a trainer, but also made it clear she would support Max no matter what choice she made on the matter as long as she didn't outright abandon her Pokemon, since that would be cruel to the Pokemon.  Was planning to visit Max after her trip to Hoenn, but never even got to make plans for it beyond deciding on and buying the gift she planned to present her with: a snowflake pendant.

    Note that as Vee knows certain things about Sara-Anne that Max doesn't, so to does Max know things that Vee does not.  Ashamed of some of the things her parents have done and unable to explain them to Vee without feeling slightly crazy, Sara-Anne has shared these with Max, as Max tends to have her own experiences she can use to relate to Sara-Anne's.  It's comforting in a way, making her feel less like she's just dreamed all this up, as well as giving her access to someone who is supportive.  While Vee has seen the ugly emotions relating to sadness and despair, Max has seen her anger-- and was in the process of learning just how bitter she is when the two were cut off from one another.

    She does not think Max is alive, even with Max's reasonably sturdy mental health; after all, Max lived in ground zero.
    User Notes
    -An Pure Arceist is someone who believes Arceus is the only god and the other legends are more akin to the Christian equivalent of Satan--this religion tends to focus more on hell and what can get you there (which is mostly since the only thing that can save you is believing Arceus is the only true god; if you don't believe that whoops you go to hell); a Legandist is someone who believes all legends are holy and good and focuses more on the aspect of the gods being loving and caring
    -her eyesight and hearing are of debatable condition--she doesn't need glasses, but only by the skin of her teeth, and sometimes you need to call her several times before she'll hear you
    -sometimes she can't hear you because she has her headphones on.  Don't pull them off her head.  She will kick you.  Just signal her attention by waving; she'll gladly take them off to listen to what you want. If you pull them off her head you're a twat and she'll tell you that.  While kicking you.
    -she and her pokemon take turns using the phone for music
    -she has a little girl voice but cusses like a sailor
    -her original Pokemon are all huggy as fuck, mostly because their trainer really needed Pokemon like that; ask for a hug and they'll be happy to oblige.  King and Quake, not so much.
    -she can't lift heavy objects.  Don't ask her to try; she'll pull a muscle
    -however, she does have commendable stamina and decent speed so if you need her to get someplace fast, she can probably do that for you
    -long term memory is excellent; short term memory is shit
    -she loves the color pink but also just most colors in general
    -she loves flowers, stars, glowy things (like Christmas tree lights, fireflies, paper lamps), paper flowers and other origami, generally anything with pretty colors or glowing lights or flowers
    -giant nerd; loves video games, cartoons, anime, most animation stuff really
    -underweight and exhausted
    -suffers from depression that was never officially diagnosed as well as suicidal thoughts--there are periods of time where she will be very suicidal but will refrain from carrying through with it for the sake of her loved ones; may also have ADD[
    -Max knows more about her life experiences, while Vee knows more about how those experiences made her feel.
    -the little wrapped present was for when she finally got to visit Vee and contains the rainbow bracelet
    -the locket can be opened; inside are three pictures: one of her brothers, one of Vee, and one of Max

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    Re: Pokemon Trainer Sara-Anne [Fallarbor, Hoenn]

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