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Quentin the Quilava [W.I.P]


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Quentin the Quilava [W.I.P]

Post by Abysswalker on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:31 pm


Profession none
Text Color #f54d70
Item Orange collar
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/him
Age Adolescent (bordering young adult)
Species #156: Quilava, the Volcano Pokemon
Height 2'05"
Weight 35.7 lbs
Pokédex Entry Quilava keeps its foes at bay with the intensity of its flames and gusts of superheated air. This Pokémon applies its outstanding nimbleness to dodge attacks even while scorching the foe with flames.
Level 17
Ability Blaze
Nature Docile
Characteristic Quick to flee
Moves Extrasensory (Egg Move)
-Ember (Lvl. Up)
-Smokescreen (Lvl. Up)
-Leer (Lvl. Up)
History Born the youngest child and only son of a powerful Typhloshion, Quentin could have ended up just as strong as his many sisters-but from birth, a strange defect caused his own fires to burn him at the places where normal Cyndaquils could have used them freely. His back was inflicted with horrible burns over time, which rarely healed and left the young Cyndaquil in a state of near-constant agony. His sisters could not bear to see their little brother in pain, and thus several of them traveled to find ways to cure his affliction or simply ease the anguish. One brought back a collar studded with a shard of Nevermeltice and a Mystic Water, another brought a Pokemon experienced in the healing arts. While Quentin never recovered to full strength, true medical attention allowed him to actually move around and experience his surroundings. The Cyndaquil's sisters watched over him, and at his request, trained him with great care and precision. Quentin had a fierce belief that evolution could fix his health issues, but his training went at a glacial pace, and though his sisters were patient Quentin was tired of the pain and grasping at temporary solutions. He wanted to live normally and be just as great as his sisters. His mother repeatedly assured him that his problem did not make him any less of a Pokemon, but Quentin never believed it.

When he finally became a Quilava, Quentin did not achieve what he had been working for. His fires still harmed him, with greater intensity this time, and were no longer regulated to his back. Quentin's head and upper neck were blistered and burned too. Even with healing moves, Rawst berries, and anything else his sisters could think of, the Quilava was in too much pain to move. His family feared for his life, and kept a constant vigilance with the boy's health-his mother called in favors from old friends to gain rare healing materials, his eldest sisters mixed up poultices from the plants around their home. Anything that had the slightest chance of working, they attempted-and one day, Quentin opened his eyes and said the pain was not as bad as it'd been. Though still intense, he could function better. His mother believed that evolution had caused his flames to have enough power to burn away nerves, something his typing had prevented before, and forbade him from attempting to become a Typhloshion. Quentin did not protest.

It was roughly around this time that disaster struck. It began when his mother came home with a strange wound, purple and terrible-looking. Her condition deteriorated quickly, until at last she turned against her children, attacking and wounded most of the daughters while setting their home around them on fire. Quentin had no idea what was happening, only the roar of his deranged mother and the pain of his burns when one of his sisters picked him up and fled. How many survived, he never knew, only that most of them had succumbed to his mother's rage. Quentin wept as he was taken away by what could have been his last sister.

Such disasters were occurring all over, and nobody was truly safe. Quentin survived through the years, his sister risking her life so many times to get him things that would ease his suffering...he was beyond grateful, and angry with himself for having taken his family for granted in the years before. He would never see them again, and that broke something within the Quilava. When his last sister disappeared while out scavenging, Quentin knew he had to find his sisters, if any others had survived. For the past few days, he has looked for somewhere where he start, and chose a mountain he did not know the name of. Inside, he met a strange Firebird named Maxwell, who was decent enough company, and has been with him since.
Appearance While Quentin has normal Quilava coloration, there are notable differences in appearance from the rest of his species. First, he is of a smaller stature, and his posture only emphasizes it-Quentin often hunches over or simply tries to make himself look as tiny and unnoticeable as possible. Second, he has burns over his head, upper neck, and back from where his inner fires have harmed him over the years. These wounds require constant medical attention to reduce Quentin's pain and prevent infection; he can really only be left by himself for a short amount of days.

Around his neck, Quentin wears a tattered orange collar. At one time, there was a Nevermeltice and Mystic Water embedded in the material, but both were torn out during some point of time during the epidemic. It is really a miracle the rest of the collar survived intact.
Accent Undecided
Religion Prays to any and all water-type Legends, Kyogre in particular.
Motivation To find his remaining sisters
Personality Quentin is a docile and frightened Quilava, cowed by those with more aggressive personalities and particularly anxious around other Fire-types. He is nearly unable to make his own decisions when around others and is almost entirely dependent on his fellow survivors, which makes him completely loyal to those who have decided to help the Quilava. The loss of his family has left Quentin unstable mentally and emotionally; he is very sensitive and easily discouraged. Quentin is also prone to crying and doesn't hide any of his emotions, positive or otherwise.

Beneath the Quilava's anxiety and fear lies kindness and a desire for the affection of others. Those that show even the slightest bit of care or sympathy for Quentin earn his love and respect; he admires Pokemon that help out other survivors, and can befriend just about anybody. He adores his sisters more than any other living Pokemon and has dedicated himself to finding those that remain, even if it means going into dangerous areas. Quentin is adverse to harming other Pokemon and believes that one does not need to steal or kill in order to survive, even in situations where such idealistic views are completely unrealistic.

Due to his physical injuries and a lack of real training, Quentin is not very strong or good at battling, and prefers to hide from undead Pokemon. He usually has no energy and in a state of constant exhaustion, which leaves his mind sluggish and causes Quentin to make less-than-rational decisions.
User Notes
  • A strange birth defect makes it where Quentin's own flames burn him. Thus he always has horrible burns around his back and head, and is in near-constant agony.
  • The collar is a gift from his sisters; it once contained a shard of Nevermeltice and a Mystic Water they believed would slowly heal his wounds. Both items are long since lost.
  • Named Quentin because the named Daughters of Chaos in Dark Souls have "que-" names
  • Team notes Stark w/ Maxwell
    Affiliations Inspired by the Son of Chaos-aka the Ceaseless Discharge-from Dark Souls (link TBA)
    Development Notes to be added


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