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This is what remains of the region after the outbreak.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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Solaris the Espeon


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Solaris the Espeon

Post by Abysswalker on Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:39 am

(Art by Baloo)

Text Color #daa520
Item none
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Species #196: Espeon, the Sun Pokemon
Height 2'11"
Weight 57 lbs
Pokédex Entry Its fur is so sensitive, it can feel minute shifts in the air and predict the weather...and its foes' thoughts. (Y)
Level 27
Ability Synchronize
Nature Rash
Characteristic Strongly defiant
Moves -Sunny Day (TM)
-Psybeam (Level-Up)
-Calm Mind (TM)
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
History lots of things occur
Appearance Very thin, lanky, though not starving he is certainly malnourished. His fur is of a normal color, though it has a tendency to not stay still-often spiked out to the side, very filthy due to epidemic conditions. He has light blue eyes, which is his only unique trait.
  • Quick to jump into a fight, though he needs a reason of his own to rationalize it; senseless violence is not his thing
  • Abrasive, acts quite arrogant
  • Hates expectations and the idea that he can be or do better.
  • Strong belief that he cant improve. Has himself trapped in the mindset and thus never tries to be a better person.
  • Very brash, stubborn, not easy to get along with
  • Vengeful, though not overly-so. Reserves killing for survival rather than revenge.
  • Selfish bastard, uses others to get ahead, doesn't really have any friends or allies.
  • Terrified of dying yet too prideful to ever admit it. He is haunted by the idea of turning into one of the undead, and thus is driven to survival at any cost. Also has an intense fear of pain and suffering
  • Usually only kills if forced to. Own fears prevent him from wanting to give others slow deaths or simply torture them.
  • Has no sense of self-worth, survives for no other reason than fearing dying, exists simply to exist
  • Fairly smart, though this is limited by his own short-sighted, rash nature.
  • User Notes -Based off of an older OC of mine I no longer use (probably because he was an irredeemable jerk)
    -Also inspired by John Murphy from The 100 am I wrong for having him as one of my favorite characters I really don't know


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