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Ericson the Arcanine [WIP]


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Ericson the Arcanine [WIP]

Post by Abysswalker on Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:49 pm


Ericson: The Hunter
Text Color #A62A2A
Item none
Gender Cisgender male
Age Aging Adult
Species #059: Arcanine, the Legendary Pokemon
Height 6'03"
Weight 341 lbs
Pokédex Entry Arcanine is known for its high speed. It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power. (ORAS)
Level 72
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Adamant
Characteristic Hates to lose
Moves -Double Kick (Breeding)
-Solarbeam (TM)
-Extremespeed (Level-Up)
-Flame Charge (TM)
History "It's not worth caring about. Just forget about it."

Ericson's home was a sprawling city, bustling with life and filled with different humans and Pokemon alike. He lived as a stray, and wouldn't have traded his ways for anything-he knew the streets and the alleys, where people went and why, what places had the best food to take. When Ericson met his best friend, a small purple cat with the unusual name Xerzaephes, things could have not been better; they were partners in crime, tangling with fledging gang members and taking what they pleased from the slow and stupid humans. As Ericson grew into a teenager, he only became bolder and arrogant, too shortsighted to see that he was still young, unevolved, and not as powerful as he believed. It only turned worse when he met Alarice, a young Vulpix from somewhere far away; she was fierce, clever, and had a sharp tongue that flayed anyone she met. To Ericson, the fox was perfect, and he fell in love-or, at least, thought he had. Even when Alarice rolled her eyes and called him a moron, the Growlithe was not discouraged from becoming reckless in order to impress her. For the next three years, Ericson became more and more involved with the darker side of the city, and gradually pushed away his friend Xerzaephes, ever oblivious to the feline's questionable mental state.

The turning point arrived when Alarice went to Ericson with the claim that she had fallen into deep trouble with one of the prominent streetgangs. He could see the terror etched in her face, and knew the Vulpix wasn't lying; despite how Alarice had treated him over the years, Ericson was determined to help her escape. They found Xerzaephes, who knew the city better than even Ericson did; the Purrloin was acting oddly but Ericson took little of notice. He explained the situation to his friend as fast as he could, knowing time was of the essence, and Xerzaephes took all the information better than Ericson expected. The feline approached them, saying he would assist in getting Alarice to safety and avoiding the many gangs that plagued the back-alleys. Ericson was elated that his friend was so willing to help and went to thank Xerzaephes for what he was doing for them. It was then the Purrloin lunged forward at Alarice and tore open her throat with his claws.
Xerzaephes gave Ericson no time to comprehend what had just happened, to overcome the shock and retaliate. Instead, he tore at the Growlithe with bloodsoaked claws, leaving deep gashes all over Ericson's body. The image of Xerzaephes covered in blood and walking away from the dead Alarice and mortally wounded Ericson was the last thing the Growlithe saw before he blacked out.

Appearance Ericson is an average Arcanine, with nothing unique about him in regards to appearance. He is healthy, and quite powerful thanks to both his species' natural strength and trainer upbringing. He has gray fur around his muzzle and jaw, the most noticeable sign of his age.
While not very sociable, and quite stubborn, Ericson recognizes that there is strength in numbers. If a group is strong enough, or very resourceful, he will tolerate being with them. However, the Arcanine will mostly keep to himself, and will leave should they become too much of a burden. If spoken to, and given a reply, one could not fail to notice that Ericson is direct and says what he likes.

It would not be wrong to say that the Arcanine is self-driven. Almost everything involves himself-his vengeance, his health, his priorities. He strongly believes that groups will not work in the long run and are only good as temporary company. While not trusting of most Pokemon's motives, Ericson is not afraid to be around them and knows he can handle himself in a fight.

Ericson is honest and open about himself and his past. He will answer all questions given him, even immensely personal ones, with a true answer. Lying is pointless to him, as he thinks his past is of little use to anyone but himself. Interrogative or questions simply meant to provoke him are also met with the same response; honesty and a pinch of not genuinely caring.

In almost all situations, Ericson finds it easy to keep his cool and not become either panicked or enraged. He has always been level-headed under pressure and in stressful situations, and the four years of the epidemic have jaded him against many of the horrors of the undead. Not all, but most. The Arcanine may not feel fear as acutely anymore, but it has hindered his ability to empathize with other survivors.

One of Ericson's main traits is a buried self-hatred, yet its subtlety prevents him from ever fully recognizing it. This root of loathing runs deep, working silently in his mind and expressed in tiny thoughts and almost unnoticeable actions. Yet it is the reason he cannot truly bond with anyone and stands in the way of Ericson striving for more from both himself and life, despite the circumstances. Worst of all, it has worked its influence in the most prominent part of his personality.

Ericson is, above all, driven by hatred and vengeance, not towards anyone but Xerzaephes himself. It can be seen in his eyes, a smoldering anger that has manifested for years upon years. This fierce emotion is what keeps Ericson going, what feeds him as he lives through the epidemic. Ericson's main goal is to find the Liepard and deliver what he considers rightful judgment. On a lesser scale, while Ericson can easily handle spats, drama, and personal insults, betrayal is an act that cannot be forgiven.
  • User Notes
  • Based off my first OC

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