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Simon the human


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Simon the human

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Simon Medford
thoroughly fucked
Text Color #707070
Theme(s) [url=???]Brick by Boring Brick[/url]
Weapons Hammer, machete, Capulet
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity He/him
Birthdate 5/22
Age 35
Species Human
Height 5'6"
Region of origin Kanto
Occupation Competitive & tournament battler, Pokemon collector
Party Original team consisted of Metagross, Beheeyem, Drifblim, Lapras, Furfrou, and Ariados. Capulet (Metagross) is the only Pokemon left.
Pkm 1
Name/Gender: Capulet [Agender feminine]
Text colour: #1e70fa
Species: Metagross
Level: 66
Ability: Clear Body
Attack list:
-Meteor Mash (Lvl. Up)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Ice Punch (Tutor)
-Hammer Arm (Lvl. Up)
**His starter and ace Pokemon; only one to survive the attack that caused the deaths of his other Pokemon.
Pkm 2
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "...I don't need fixing. I'm not a goddamn machine, Dan. Who do I need to sacrifice to your devil to make you see me as a fuckin' human?"
possible TW: emotional abuse in relationships, suicide attempts:

Sarah was not a happy child, but she never quite knew why. Born to a rather cheerful (and very religious) couple in Viridian City, Sarah was well-loved by both them and her older brother, Daniel. Though she experienced some of the joys of childhood, her years were marked by a pattern of deep depression and poor social skills that left her both friendless and excluded; Sarah's only companions were her brother and the family Pokemon, a Caterpie called Montague. The faith that her parents pushed on both her and Daniel never really settled well with her, either; for years, Sarah was beset by a growing belief that she had no purpose in life, and that she would never truly understand happiness. It was very odd, how the thought almost felt comforting. As she began to approach adolescence, Sarah turned to one of her many escapes-books. Any book she could get her hands on, Sarah read, more and more until finally, at the age of twelve, this drive lead her to an answer. It was an understanding of something she never even knew existed, until then-"gender dysphoria". Nobody had ever told Sarah about it before, but the concept shed a light on a fundamental part of herself, that dark abyss she had never been able to rid herself of. For months, Sarah wrestled with the idea in her head, a part of her entrenched in denial and refusing to surrender. It was a slow, almost painful process; coming to terms with it, however, brought a freedom Sarah had never known before. For the first time, Sarah used male pronouns, and everything felt right.

Still young and naïve, he could not wait to tell his parents, Daniel, even Montague needed to know. The first three listened patiently as Sarah excitedly explained everything he had learned and come to realize; even Daniel only fidgeted once or twice, perhaps unused to his younger sibling being so animated. But when Sarah was finished talking, that was when the trouble started. His parents calmly explained that what Sarah was feeling was not dysphoria, but simply a drawing away from their faith, even calling him a girl in the process. They weren't angry, but...Sarah didn't understand. He'd told them exactly how it worked, what did religion have to do with it? Dumbfounded, he didn't say a word as they kept talking, calling him "daughter" and offering him a way of getting rid of the feelings. But upset and in a moment of confusion, Sarah angrily refused and hid in his room, tears streaming down his face. Why had they shut him down like that...? Daniel would later come to check on him, and Sarah tried to appeal to his brother, hoping he at least would understand. But Daniel only rejected his attempts at explaining himself, and left Sarah to his own devices.

The next several years would become a living hell for Sarah, who would eventually take the name of Simon; his family's rejection of his identity prevented him from being able to transition, and his depression worsened with each day, until the world become so grey and lifeless as to be completely worthless. Trapped in a body he never asked for, Simon was convinced that dying was his only fate, and the only way to end his pain. Everything that could harm a human seemed to trigger an impulse in him, one he did not always manage to resist-more than once, Simon made an attempt on his own life, only to be put on a sort of "lockdown" by his family with each failure. They couldn't accept who he was and now they wouldn't even let him die. Simon was angry-and most of that anger was directed at Daniel, the bond they had in childhood long since splintered. The only solace Simon ever got was in the form of his only friend, a trans girl named Evelyn. Their experiences weren't the same, but with a mutual understanding of each other's issues, it wasn't hard for the two to quickly become friends. Evelyn was the only person Simon could truly trust, and the only person who he could think of in those hopeless times when he wanted to end it.

At the age of sixteen, Simon left his family behind to head to Vermillion, where Evelyn lived when she wasn't visiting other places. He wanted to see her again at least once before he left the region; Simon had no intentions to stay in Kanto much longer. With what little money he had, he bought a ticket to the region of Hoenn; before he left, however, Evelyn made him promise to keep in touch and then handed Simon a Pokeball, saying that "her name is Capulet." After they said their goodbyes, he was off to the tropical region, finding out on the journey there that Capulet was a sweet little Beldum, and now his only companion in the start of a new life. His family wouldn't miss him; surely they'd be glad to be rid of their little freak. A part of Simon couldn't help but feel guilt that he'd never explained to Daniel his intentions to leave, but that emotion was quickly overwhelmed upon his arrival in Hoenn.

Accent Northeastern American; thick, cracked voice from a lack of proper speech
Appearance Simon is a short, scrawny young man, and altogether average. His red hair is kept cut short, cropped, and that along with the overall shape of his face gives him an androgynous appearance. His eyes are a dark blue, and it is rare to see Simon without a scowl or at least some expression of irritation. His face has sharp features, especially around the cheekbones, giving him a stern look that makes Simon appear older than he actually is.

Simon almost always wears at least three layers of clothing, including his beloved hunting jacket that now has even more obvious signs of wear and tear than before. If Capulet is not out of her Pokeball, then Simon keeps the capsule obsessively close, often outright holding it or keeping it in the upper jacket pocket. When outside of the ball, Simon is always close to the Metagross, and never lets her out of his sight.
Religion Atheistic. Very.
Personality +Competitive+
-Simon loves the rush of a good fight, whether it be against people or Pokemon, and is always up for one. He's constantly comparing himself to others and how they act or think compared to himself, to unhealthy degrees; if he thinks that someone else is better (which is usually the case), Simon will do anything to prove himself and overtake them.
-He absolutely hates to lose, at anything and everything. Defeat means he is a failure, and deep down, Simon cannot see himself as anything but. To fight off this emotion he desperately throws himself forward without a care in the world for how he might be hurt in the process.
+Extremely emotional+
-His emotional state is very fragile and prone to sudden bursts of a specific feeling, such as anger, manic excitement, grief, etc. There is little predictability behind such occurrences, and Simon himself rarely acknowledges them as a true problem. Instead, he insists that whatever happened wasn't that bad and that either the one mentioning it is overreacting or trying to make him look insane. He's incredibly closed off about this aspect of him and tries to both bury and deny the sudden mood swings.
-Life really fucking hated Simon, and Simon really fucking hated life.
-He will never stop dwelling on the things that went wrong, regardless of whether they were caused by his choices or not. "If only I'd been born a boy," "If only I'd had a different family", "If only I hadn't done that," "If only I'd stayed with Daniel,"-numerous things gnaw at his psyche and affect both his physical and mental well-being, to the point where there are times Simon wished he had died, or could go through with killing himself.
-It's easier to handle life if you laugh in its face, and the same goes for both people and Pokemon. It'll hide how worthless he feels, after all. A bad, recurring habit from his days before the epidemic, Simon had genuinely been working to overcome it before the world ended and his best friends died in front of him; from then on, he has dropped the filter and the attempts at respect. If tearing someone else down gains him a spot on the mountaintop for awhile, then by God Simon will take that opportunity.
-Simon is incredibly easy to piss off, and can simmer in his anger for hours or even days at a time, even if he doesn't voice it (though that is not common). His temper is liable to be set off at any moment and by any person, regardless of who they might be. Capulet does the best job at calming him down, but sometimes the only thing that can be done is to keep him restrained and wait for the episode to subside. Perhaps the most obvious one of his aforementioned extreme emotions and also the most common.
+Can be cruel+
+Quick to judge+
+Inferiority complex+
+Lacking confidence+
-Everyone is better than him, it seems, and nothing he does will be worth something-so what's the point of even trying? Simon has all but given up hope on anything other than just basic survival.
+Mentally scarred+
+Afraid of the world+
+Closed off+
+Desperate to prove himself+
+Horribly lonely+
+Indifferent to his own health+
+Dependent on Capulet+
-The Metagross is his sole reason for staying alive at this point, and without her he would've been killed or even killed himself a long time ago. Being the one who knows him better than anyone else, Capulet is Simon's emotional support and crutch. As long as she's alive, he cannot bear to end it all; the Steel-type is his very last friend still with him, and to cause her emotional grief is something Simon cannot think of doing.
-She keeps him calm, gets him to actually eat and sleep, and basically has been the keeper of his physical and mental health for a very long time. Capulet would give her life for her trainer, and he would do the same for her in return.
+Internalized guilt+
-As much as he pretends not to be affected by the events of his life, Simon's mind has used his guilt and shame against him in a ruthless fashion. His greatest cause for guilt is his treatment of Patrick and Evelyn (his former significant others) and his role as the psychological abuser in their polyamorous relationship. It is something he will never forgive himself for, and allow anyone other than those two to forgive him over. So many things he has done wrong to others haunt him and cause a huge part of the self-hatred that will never truly leave him.
+Close to his breaking point+

Affiliations [url=???]Daniel[/url]: Older brother, had a close relationship with him in childhood before it was later splintered. Though they tried to fix it, the epidemic happened along with the death of almost all of Simon's Pokemon, causing him to ditch his brother. Pretends to not care about finding him again.
[url=???]Patrick[/url]: Former boyfriend whom he emotionally abused
[url=???]Rune[/url]: Knew her for a short while; neutral opinion.
User Notes
  • Inspired by both Carver from Dragon Age 2 and an older OC of mine, Aero. Kinda became his own thing after awhile, oops.
  • He and my other OC Daniel were not supposed to be a Bioshock 2 reference, they were originally made with no relation to each other (hell, I created Simon before I even got into the series). But when I saw their names, well, they had to be brothers after that. Because I'm garbage.
  • Big time vent character.

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