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(ACE) The FROST Team


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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by Dandelion on Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:49 pm

Mountain Path || Morning
Clover 69 || Kolven 46

It was useless. Somewhere inside Kolven knew the fight was futile, but they had to try anyway, right? The dog just mocked them, cackling and putting on a show of its power as it went after the other Mightyena. It was Jack that took the initiative. He threw a thunderbolt as the alpha attacked Maka, and and while it did not connect Kolven knew it likely saved the young hound from further injury. Finn took his chance next by throwing boulders and flames alike, but other than small patch of singed fur it did little aside from tire him out.

"Fox all out of fire? Your the first to knick me, but...you'll have to do better than that." He continued to mock them like this was some sort of fun game, as if the  choice between making them it's puppets or next meal was all that rode on this battle. It attacked the last of its pack for legend's sake! With his eyes locked on Maka's wounded leg Kolven didn't even register the dark sphere forming at the beast's maw. He bound forward, trying to make it to Maka's side, when claws suddenly sunk into his pelt and sent him tumbling across the snow.

The world spun around like a tipsy Hitmontop. Snow, trees, and a creeping black aura blurring into one sheet of color as the cat rolled. Pain shot through his body both old and new. He was barely able to make out the sizzling darkness as he fizzled out on his arms when he came to a stop. Shaking his head in an effort to stop the world from spinning Kolven gasped upon seeing his sister in a similar heap a few feet away. He hissed, dragging himself up and to his sister. Clover was sinking her paws deep in the snow, her chest heaving as she coughed up dark blood. Her red eye shot toward him before he could speak up, and the darkened fur on her face became apparent. "Stupid," she growled, tail trashing as she got back to her paws. Blood dribbled from her mouth, a low moan behind her words that was not there before. "Fight."

The Molly staggered away from him, head down and breath wheezing. Had she, taken the attack for him. Tossing his head back Kolven could see the claws marks in his pelt. Again, she had saved him. Again he was a mockery of a guardian. Digging his claws into the snow the tom charged forward. Something about this place had made him soft but no more. Strafing to the west he practically roared as he shot a Thunderbolt at the alpha. His fire felt as though it was on fire but the Meowth did not stop. I will protect her.

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by ShadowCharizard Yesterday at 4:19 pm


The Pikachu was pissed, but was relieved that Maka can still fight. The fight though was more than just tough, it was a team effort to win this one. Kolven then got hit as well. Electricity was sparking from Jack's cheeks. You heartless bastard, filled with hatred and cruelty. Nothing could measure the anger of Jack's rage. He swore to end this fiend and help Maka as much as possible. Sending a lethal shock through the undead mightyena would satisfy the rage. "Fight." It was then Jack got off Ark and started walking towards the Alpha with both of his hands coupled into fists. The Alpha was distracted by the meowths. "Insignificant meowths, fight as you might, I'll have your meat inside me!" Finn used his psychic to toss a smaller rock to take the attention off the meowths, but missed his intended target. 

It was soon that Jack joined the battle by helping Kolven keeping the Alpha in a more confined spot. Thunderbolt after thunderbolt continued to rain down on the ground with one hiitting the Alpha. "Stay out of this rodent! You'll have your turn after I teach this traitorous meowth of the frailty of mortality!" This bastard was going to get his in the end once they get their onslaught. Finn ran over to Maka and Drake to think of something then it came to him. Why not use his psychic to lift others out of danger or even move something to block the attacker's path. "I thought of something mates. Trust me this time." Hopefully the others don't think he's betraying them. With his main offensive attack exhausted it was time him to go on the defensive.

Jack growled in anger as the mightyena continued to move towards Clover. Every thought was going through his mind of nailing this mightyena in his skull and popping the brain into a heaping mass of smoldering blood and organic matter. "Kolven! Pincer strike him!" Jack then ran using quick attacks to get to the other side to send attacks from the left side while Kolven would send some to the right so that Clover could keep his attention to her. "Alright you son of a bitch, you want to play with us all then we'll make you pay for your evil deeds!" The Pikachu was then watching each of the movements carefully. He had to have a weakness somewhere. The Braixen though was keeping an eye on both the meowths; watching for the alpha to get to close and in strike range.

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