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(ACE) The FROST Team


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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by NightDaze on Tue Jun 06, 2017 3:59 pm

Cottage | Evening | (5)

"I doubt a single human would do an entire city in like that. Most likely the infected pokemon had destroyed it all. If she was a killer than she's likely still alive." You know, for a second, Rae almost agreed wholeheartedly. Luckily she weighed the actual sentence in mind briefly until her hands flew up in bashful contradiction of Venge’s dry joke. “No, no, no, no, nothing like that,” she assured the Charmeleon. Aside from the fact Dazey would be mad she was referred to as a run-of-the-mill killer, the idea Raver was willingly associated with one didn't help her credibility. “She isn't a killer. I don't doubt she could off somebody, it's just that Venge here isn't as funny as she thinks.” Well, in Raver’s humble opinion at least. Deadpan humor was a tricky art, truly sad some didn't see the beauty in it.
"Sorry if I barged into it like that, I kinda worry about my master's butler." Rae stroked Salem’s back softly, her awkward grin falling into a sad smile. “I know how you feel, Drake. I wish them the best.”

"Clover, did you--"
Jack burst back into the room, rendering the Meowth’s question an afterthought. Probably everyone’s attention fell onto the little Pika at once, charging the air with a bit of confusion as he snapped at the Braixen.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner Finn! I'm seriously disappointed in you! I thought I could trust you!"

Tears spilled down Jack’s face reminiscent of blood flowing from a killing blow-- while not fatal per se, whatever the Luxray told him seemed to agonize the mouse. "Can you guys give me some time to be alone. I had some bad news and I don't know if I can cope with it right now." His aggression was nonexistent as of turning away from Finn. No, that anger dissolved into pure melancholy, of which Rae and Venge were ever so familiar with. You lost someone, didn't you…

Venge watched the yellow mouse retreat into the bedroom, indifference written over her face but inwardly she empathized, just like Rae did. Losing someone hacked and sliced your mind like a dull blade, leaving little to nothing able to compare.

The girl swung her feet to the floor and dropped off the table, bringing her backpack to her chest in a hasty search.
Meanwhile the Luxray stalked through the tense room, breathing not a thing on his way to the room Jack occupied.
"Guys, maybe we should cheer Jack up. Something's wrong with him and we need to be there for him." Rae nodded in response, freeing her hand from the backpack to give a one moment, gesture to the Charmeleon before resuming her endeavor. It was just a few seconds after Drake walked out that she retrieved the ever elusive candy bar from her bag. “Be back in a jiff.” She smiled, striding towards the room with the others.

Wary she was of the Luxray nestled with Jack, but she still lay the snack on the bed as she crouched and spoke softly; “Trust me, a broken heart mends.” With a slow motion, she brought her forearm up vertically in front of her and allowed the dark fabric of her sleeve to slip down slightly. “The scars are just so you don't forget how strong you are.” The countless self inflicted marks disappeared back underneath her sleeve the same as she did through the doorway.

“What possessed you to give away the last human ration we have?” Venge questioned. A kind soul she may have been, but now she’d be one eating Pokémon kibble.
“Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
A hum was the Absol’s only response.

Rae sat back down on the table she claimed her own, adjusting a very bored Zorua onto her folded legs. “I would've stayed with him, but I dunno if being in such close proximity to a kitty that tried to zap me is a stellar idea,” she mused.
Salem rolled onto his back and stretched across her lap. “Scared?” A soft ugh fell from the puckish Zorua’s mouth as he was allowed to drop from her legs onto the table. Rude.
“Nope, Venge is right here and listening to absolutely everything, I’m sure,” Rae picked the slate gray fox back up and returned him to his previous position. “I’m just not a fan of poking sleeping bears. Or Luxray.”

“So anyways, Saffron~! Where were we?”

Kolven chuckled softly, a sentiment which Rae shared upon a momentary reflection on the entire situation and how it continued to starkly contrast the moments before-- it had been an odd day.
"Unfortunately I didn't get to see what happened to Saffron at the start of this, only the aftermath." Aftermath… that phrasing painted an awful grim image in her mind’s eye. "That's something you'd have to ask Clover. She lived their with our sister 'til a few months into it."
Raver patted the illusion Pokémon awkwardly, earning a scowl from the fox. “Ah, uh, if it doesn't dredge up any unwanted memories, I'd really appreciate it.” Salem interjected ‘stop, Rae,’ more than once, but his voice went unnoticed by the Trainer. That was, until he snapped her hand for a more evident request that she stop slapping the top of his head.

Raver snatched up the fox by the ribs and dropped him to the floor in irritation, then turned her sight to the little bite marks on her hand. As usual, he didn't break the skin, so she quickly brushed it off in lieu of returning her attention to the kittens.

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by ShadowCharizard on Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:53 pm


Finn had no idea what to say now that Jack knew and rebuilding trust with the pikachu won't be so easy now that he sullied the trust. Though the Braixen hated his trainer in every way, some of the things that the firefox was taught to hide bodies was imprinted into his head. Truthfully he wanted to tell someone to retrain him to become more of a better pokemon than he was. "Guys, maybe we should cheer Jack up. Something's wrong with him and we need to be there for him." However, after what happened the braixen knew that if he came in the bedroom to try to talk to Jack, it would result in him getting punched. He sat down and sighed knowing his likely chances of redemption is lower. It was hard to say whether Finn would decide to leave them or stick around. What bloody chances do I have. Going out into the storm would be real bad and I've done something that would make me not worth the trust anymore. I wish I could change my ways. It wasn't hatred, but it was more likely he was sick of himself.

Jack however, laid in bed continued to feel sadness. With the pain he's feeling though it would be a long time to recover from such a loss. Suddenly he felt something from behind and as he looked it was a luxray. Ark had came in to be a silent companion to the pikachu. With Ark there it was as if he had at least a friend that would be there to listen to his sorrow. Then the sounds of claws clicking on the floor was heard. "Jack? Are you okay little buddy?" It was Drake and he was concerned. "I don't know what happened in there, but you're our friend Jack. Besides, I think you're pretty cool for a Pikachu." The charmeleon gave a compliment, but it wasn't enough to cheer up the pikachu. Then what he said next was showing support. "We'll be here for you no matter what." Jack looked at the fire type with tears in his eyes still. After that Raver came in and she had some words of comfort to say. “Trust me, a broken heart mends.” Yet the pain would remain there. However, it does take time and this could either make him stronger or make him weaker. One thing for sure is that he'll get everyone off this frozen deathtrap of a mountain. “The scars are just so you don't forget how strong you are.” The way she said it sounded like she had lost things as well.

Finally Jack had began to talk though in sorrow. "Thanks you three, but I got nobody to return home with." The fact that Finn had deliberately didn't tell him made it worse. The Pikachu couldn't trust him anymore and the only way he could trust him again is if the fox can show that he truly is capable of being truthful. Jack looked over and seen a candy bar sitting there. It looked tempting, but he couldn't take it. He'd feel bad for taking something from a stranger, however he felt that she left it there for him in case he needed something to comfort him. The electric type continued to look out the window watching the snow fall from being blown in the wind into a gentle fall. Does Arceus weep for me? Does he understand my pain that I have? It was hard to tell, but whatever the nature is, it at least made Jack feel not alone in his time of need. The Braixen looked at the two meowths and Rae talking with each other. Everyone wasn't afraid to tell each other their story and Finn kept his a secret. It was something he didn't want the others to know and he didn't want to make them feel like he's a criminal. However, he knew one day they would figure it out and press him for answers. "I just hope the day comes nobody finds out my past." Speaking it out loud wasn't the greatest idea, but he was good at making up ways to get them to let it go. The firefox went into the kitchen, looking for the back door. When he looked around, he realized that there wasn't a back door. The only way out was the front which he needed to go get some fresh air.

For the moment, Finn needed something to occupy himself. Though he hated the undead and talking to Clover wasn't a good idea after he made an impression of hostility towards her, the fire type looked around the kitchen a bit more and found something that looked like what Jack had on his head. "I better leave this up on the table for Jack. After the idiotic thing I did, the mate deserves to remember his trainer by." From that point Finn realized that telling Jack what he found in the kitchen would only worsen the pikachu's mistrust of him. Jack still had tears running down his face as he laid in the bed. Sobs and cries of sorrow still came from him. Pain was a thing that he never forgotten. Spot, Cory and a different braixen all suffered this day and with his trainer added to the losses, Jack hadn't forgotten the times he had with the three of the four. Yet, the pain in his heart had a crushing blow to him that could last a while.

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by Krajin on Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:09 am

38 | Nightfall | Cabin

Arkturus shook his head and just watched as folks came and went, his tail twitching about lightly, though not in anger or anything like that. Rather just a simple movement that was born from habit. He tilted his head as the trainer came in and left a candy bar on the bed, which jack took. "Thanks you three, but I got nobody to return home with."

Jack finally spoke up with some sorrow in his voice. Arkturus felt not pity but rather empathy for him, his loss. He knew it to well to know you had nobody to go home with, no trainer or companions. It brought the idea forward though.. What is home in this world? Where is it now? He gently licks the Pikachu between the ears in a comforting manner. "You still have us. I.. know its not the same but.. we're here." He said trying to be comforting. It might work, might not but at the very least, Jack would know that he had someone supporting him.

Arkturus laid his head down though, allowing the sharing of body heat so that neither would suffer in the cold and freeze. Unless the woman came in to steal the bed or something. She can use the couch. Or.. Drake as a heater.

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by ShadowCharizard on Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:22 pm

The Cottage|Night

Drake couldn't say anything else to the pikachu. Jack's sorrow was great, but like so, support will always be there for the little guy. Death waits for no one. No matter if your either human or pokemon, there is no stopping it. Rae came in the bed room and put a candy bar on the bed. “Trust me, a broken heart mends.” She must of had this feeling before as well. “The scars are just so you don't forget how strong you are.” Likely her words was to soothe the pain Jack was going through. With that said, Drake had finally decided it was time to let Ark handle the rest. "Thanks you three, but I got nobody to return home with." Home, how much he missed the large mansion he's lived in most of his life. Perhaps when this is all over he'll have the others come live there for a while until his master comes home, but it might be a while with the epidemic still going. Though the night before it began he did see a thunder stone that Jack could use.

The fire type got up and walked towards the door, but he didn't go completely out yet. "You still have us. I.. know its not the same but.. we're here." Ark's words was right though. Jack still has them to take care of. Hell, he probably would become even stronger from the loss of his trainer. Death does make one feel weak and helpless, but with a life taken comes new found strength to fight in their honor. Though Drake can admit that his line was known to have pride in fighting, he learns from his mistakes and finds a new way of showing his pride. "Jack, I know that this may not seem much, but though you lost something dear to you, never forget that you fight in their honor. With that honor it will make you stronger than any of us." Now that he said it, he should attend to the others so that the places stays warm. "I'll go keep the place warm for the night. Will you be okay alone with Jack?" The charmeleon asks Ark. As he walks out the bedroom door he goes back to talking with the others.

the lizard grabbed a log from the pile and puts it in the fireplace. "It might not be much, but once we get off this mountain, I could take you guys to my home. It's big enough for all of us and its got a lot of berry bushes in the greenhouse and enough water supplies to keep us going." For now though, they need to rest up for the night. Where should they all sleep tonight? Drake had his spot already chosen. Since he was tending to the fireplace, he'd sleep close to it to keep the fire going until morning. "What about you both?" The fire type asks Clover and Kolven. "I could share the comfortable spot of the fireplace if you want." He offered to the meowths, but Finn though. Where would he sleep for the night? He wasn't really worried about it, but his quarrel with Finn will have to wait for a while. Of course though it will truly end when Finn will spit out what he's been hiding. Like he said earlier, nobody's out to judge him on his past. As he looked at Rae, Venge and Salem, he wondered how far they traveled. "Rae? I'm curious, where did you three come from?" A question that he wanted to ask her earlier, but Jack was important at the moment. Now he can freely ask her.

OoC)) Everyone agree to a time skip after two cycles?

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by Dandelion on Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:34 pm

Outside Frost Cavern [Cottage] || Night
Clover 45 || Kolven 22

Clover licked the rough, darkened skin of her pads and ran her paw slowly over her skull. The remains of her tattered ear were stiff and resisted the action while any grit that had clung to her being was brushed off. Her chest heaved, almost as though a simple wash was too much, but she continued onto the proper half of her face as she was addressed. “Ah, uh, if it doesn't dredge up any unwanted memories, I'd really appreciate it.” Her paw came to a slow halt and descended even slower back onto the cushion as her eye lazy turned toward the human.

With or without consent the memories started to come back to her. They were fuzzy, like everything else, but strong enough to make it through her mental fog. "The humans were in panic." She breathed hoarsely. Within days of her father eating the Spearow everyone seemed to know something was wrong, and the exodus was massive. "They fled.. uproar! So many gone suddenly, and Pokemon acting strange." A small cough racked her chest, and she paused, putting larger spaces between bouts of words. "Our home was ransacked.. we sheltered where we could. Undead had moved into the streets already.. and those that were left to fight them were quickly eliminated."

"Undead went after living.. breaking into buildings.. Walls smashed, blood spilled.. Little was safe, and nothing was sacred." Looting was easy then, everything was still stocked, but the world had so many more fresh undead prowling about. "Took care of her... but Arsi was shattered.. ran in panic.." "That is the sister we are looking for," Kolven clarified, the interjection small and only for the others understanding. "Could not find her. Could not find anyone." Clover picked up her story without missing a beat, her red gaze boring into the human as her words grew more frantic. "The city grew empty! No humans, few allies.. They hurt me....." Another pause, her paws coming closer to her chest as phantom pains passed through her missing leg and eye. "..and there was no one to help."

Any memories after that moment of death were heavily blurred, her time spent alone past then being a muddled mess of blending days. "There was nothing there... so I left to find her." How close had she come, at any point? What if she had never gone the right way? A low, faint mrrw passed through her throat, mournful and ashamed.

Kolven remained quiet after his tiny input. The story of his home's despair always brought a knot into his chest but it was not a new story for him and he took solace in knowing how it ended already. "Most likely she left with the initial evacuation." Watching the human with eyes that fell to calm slits as he eased into his sleeping spot and made no reaction aside from a quick twitch of his tail as the Zorua nipped at its owners hand. The trainer did not seem concerned, the action brushed off as though normal, but faint alarm bells started to chime in the males head. He had no reason to think anything negative of the small fox, but even as a playful action such behaviors against ones own trainer could easily turn sour in the case of unfortunate events.

But that worry is quickly forgotten as another voice brushes his ear fur. "I just hope the day comes nobody finds out my past." The Braxian muttered aloud, his twitchy, suspicious behavior coming back once more. Kolven brought his tail toward himself in a tight curl. "Implying you have something to hide?" He meowed apathetically, the flux phrasing it as a question while it was more of a blanket statement. "We all have things we are not proud of." The sigh crept up on him, the truth in that a heavy burden. No one is completely innocent, but that does not mean they are to be punished. It's not like he was without fault; as the responsible brother he should of been their for his siblings, and Clover was testament for how royally he had messed that up. But the fox walked away and Kolven wondered if his words had fallen upon deaf ears.

Not long after Drake returned to the room and proposed something as he tended the crackling fire. Would it still have food and water after all this time? A greenhouse, if tended to properly, gave rise to hope. "Anywhere sustainable like that would be a good place to look." Her mused aloud, wondering if he sister could have possibly sheltered from the cold there. "And a safe place to stay would be highly appreciated." Then again, he had said the same thing about this place and that was supposed to only be temporary. Guess we will see what the morning brings. Looking down at Clover, her loose curl making her look even smaller and weaker, he wondered if she would have the strength to journey onward tomorrow. "What about you both?" He then asked, offering them warmth beside the heat.

Resting his head back on his paws the male smiled as she spoke. "Thank you for the offer but were both settled in right here." The being closer to the warmth would probably be more comfortable for him but the last thing he wanted was to move Clover now. Try to rest, sis. You'll need your strength.

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by Requiem on Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:11 pm

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