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Orion the Human and "Smiling Tom" the Umbreon (wip)


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Orion the Human and "Smiling Tom" the Umbreon (wip)

Post by Abysswalker on Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:00 pm

(Profile image by the art goddess Duma)

Jeremy "Orion" Calbeck
Text Color #40664d
Theme(s) Two Men of the Hanging Tree (Machigerita-P)
Item Slightly Malfunctioning translator, backpack, five various Pokeballs (for team, attached to belt) along with one that used to contain Nocturnal but is now empty.
Weapons Crowbar, handgun w/ two bullets, a few knives (rarely used)
Gender Cisgender male
Age Adult
Species Human
Weight 157 lbs
Height 6'
Occupation Trainer
Pkm 1
Species: Delphox "Apollo"
Level: 61
Ability: Blaze
Attack list:
-Psychic (Lvl. Up)
-Fire Blast (Lvl. Up)
-Light Screen (TM)
-Wish (Chain-bred)
*Wish passed down from Delphox father
Pkm 2
Species: Leafeon "Persephone"
Level: 59
Ability: Leaf Guard
Attack list:
-Leaf Blade (Lvl. Up)
-Energy Ball (TM)
-Synthesis (Lvl. Up)
-Swords Dance (Lvl. Up)
*Slightly injured
Pkm 3
Species: Salamence "Ouranos"
Level: 64
Ability: Intimidate
Attack list:
-Dragon Claw (TM)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Fly (Lvl. Up)
-Dragon Dance (Bred)
*Former Pokemon of Jeremy's father
Pkm 4
Species: Dewgong "Urthemiel"
Level: 56
Ability: Hydration
Attack list:
-Dive (Lvl. Up)
-Ice Beam (Lvl. Up)
-Substitute (TM)
-Brine (Lvl. Up, Pre-Evo)
Pkm 5
Species: Zebstrika "Regulus"
Level: 60
Ability: Lightningrod
Attack list:
-Flame Charge (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Return (TM)
-Wild Charge (Lvl. Up)
-Agility (Lvl. Up)
Pkm 6 N/A
Appearance The muscle and strength of years past have long deserted Orion; his sickly and gaunt frame becomes more obvious by the day. Stress and self-induced starvation have struck at his health; often he is weak and barely able to move. Only caution and the strength of his Pokemon have allowed him to keep surviving in such a condition.

Orion has dark brown hair; it is tangled and oily due to him simply not sparing a thought for such things. 
His eyes are also brown, though not as dark as his hair; the skin under and around Orion's eyes is sunken in and dark due to extended sleep deprivation. 
Due to both his fragile health and tendency to only travel at night, Orion's skin is quite pale. He has several scars on his arms and back; most are from recent months, while some were received in the past when training with his Pokemon. None are particularly obvious due to Orion wearing several layers of clothing.

When it comes to apparel, Orion prefers to wear several layers of clothing with muted or neutral colors. Everything he wears will eventually become ragged and torn. The only thing he has kept from his old life is a worn belt, which is what the six Pokeballs containing his team are attached to.
-Shy around other people, not afraid to talk but just cannot handle lengthy conversations well
-Prefers not to speak up, more of a follower
-Trouble understanding other people, often misinterprets their words and actions
-Self-conscious; careful, almost overly-so, with his own words and actions
-Difficult for him to fully express thoughts and emotions

-Tries to understand others situations as best as he can 
-Quick to forgive
-Hearing about people who have been in situations similar to him causes Orion significant distress
-Not quick to judge or make assumptions about others

-Little concern for personal health
-Will forgo food for days to feed his Pokemon
-Hardly notices his plummeting health

-Constantly stressed, worrying about his Pokemon and other things
-His heart condition, though minor, is a major source of fear for him; terrified of heart attacks, and the episodic rapid heartbeats put him in a state of panic 
-Stress leaves him with physical pain (headaches, joint pain, etc.) that can range from mild to severe
-Smiling Tom's disappearance has left him even more anxious about the well being of his Pokemon. 

-Easily manipulated
-Not unintelligent but naïve, too trusting
-Believes the best of people, those good at faking emotions/lying could deceive him with ease

-Acute guilt for things he has done in the past
-Grieves for the infected/undead Pokemon he has killed, even though he is aware there was nothing else he could have done
-Blames himself for Smiling Tom's sudden disappearance

-Sensitive; questions about his past are particularly upsetting
-Despite being affected by insults, will simply tolerate them instead of retaliating
-Simple acts/gestures of kindness or affection will leave him overjoyed 

-Cares deeply for his Pokemon companions, putting their needs before his
-Genuinely concerned for the well-being of others
User Notes
  • Suffers from Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia, a condition that causes him to have episodes of rapid heartbeats. Unlike his past heart problems, it is not harmful.
  • Rarely ever discloses his real name despite hating his nickname. Being told his name is an absolute gesture of trust from Orion.
  • Though he isn't completely defenseless, Orion's deteriorating health leaves him dependent on his Pokemon to protect him.
  • It is exceedingly rare for him to not have at least one of his Pokemon out of their Pokeball and at his side. Apollo and Ouranos are the ones most commonly seen with Orion.

  • "Smiling Tom"
    Text Color #856363
    Item Dark brown collar
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #197: Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokemon
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 60 lbs
    Pokédex Entry The light of the moon changed Eevee's genetic structure. It lurks in darkness for prey.
    Level 60
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Highly persistent
    Moves -Flash (TM)
    -Curse (Breeding)
    -Feint Attack (Lvl. Up)
    -Psychic (TM)
    History The Eevee was given to a young woman when he was very young, one who had an affinity for raising Dark-types. Though his birth name was Thomas, the human would eventually coin the name "Smiling Tom" for him, as he never smiled. He was raised carefully by her alongside two Absols, a brother and a sister named Night and Ghost; all three were trained to fight, to protect their human at any cost. The woman who looked after them was stoic, quiet, and rarely showed any sort of emotion, which caused Tom and Ghost to take after her in this aspect; the former was also emotionally withdrawn, the latter selectively mute. The Absols and the human became Tom's family, one he cared for, even though he never admitted it to them. He was content with his training, which lasted into his later adolescence and years as a young adult.

    Tom was happy with his human, his lifestyle, and the Absols he considered siblings, and so one day he evolved into an Umbreon after beating a particularly difficult opponent. But there was something that set him apart from other Umbreons: his rings were faint, almost nonexistent, and gave off a weak, sickly light. Tom didn't think much of it, but he didn't miss the suspicious looks his human gave him, when she saw those rings. She'd always been a superstitious person, and Tom knew she wouldn't stand to have him around as an Umbreon, no matter how many years they'd spent together. Her Absols were too important to give up, but the same could not be said for a cursed Umbreon like himself. So Tom was sold to an unfamiliar man with a sour expression, and taken away from his human.

    Tom believed that the man would keep him, but he was given to another, this one a scrawny, pale, anxious boy. He was probably old enough to be considered an adult, but when Tom looked at him, at how afraid he was, the Umbreon could not help but think of his new trainer as a boy that needed to be protected. And so Tom stayed by the boy's side, even as he was forced into competitive battling by his trainer's father.
    Tom could see clear as day that Jeremy hated battling other people, and the fact he had to be alongside his father probably didn't help at all. He knew that the boy hated the nickname that gave to him-Orion-but simply didn't have the courage to speak up about it. When Jeremy slipped away when the day's battles were over, Tom would follow, well aware of the anxiety, the unwillingness to confront other people, every negative thing that plagued his human. The more he learned about Jeremy, the more Tom came to care about him, far more than he had ever cared for the woman that he had protected before.

    As Tom grew older, he became stronger through the battles, and was one of Jeremy's strongest Pokemon. He was inseparable from his human, ever-present as his silent guardian; the Umbreon unfortunately became biased against other humans, and rarely trusted any of them. How could he, when his trainer was so afraid to be around them? But Tom's presence always seemed to give Jeremy more courage than he ever had by himself.
    One day, they were made to go against an old rival of Jeremy's father in a single battle. Normally they would fight in doubles with him, but his Pokemon had not yet recovered fully from the last battle, and thus Jeremy was ordered to battle and beat his father's rival alone.

    Tom could already see his human cracking under the pressure. Both of them knew the consequences a loss would bring, as Jeremy's father had never been a patient or compassionate man; the Umbreon battled with all his skill, strength, and wits, along with the other Pokemon, but it simply wasn't enough for a victory. As expected, Jeremy's father was beyond furious, so livid towards and ashamed of his son's failure that he kicked him out of the house, despite the fact that Tom knew he'd been controlling his kid's life, keeping him there for his own selfish dream of molding Jeremy into a competitive battler. But somehow, despite the years of power trips, humiliating him by losing to a rival was enough to make him sick of his son's presence.

    Tom could sense the raw fear and shock from his human; Jeremy had been left on his own, with no money, no place to go, and six Pokemon to take care of. He struggled to find work wherever it was available, but Tom could do nothing to help with that-there were no jobs where a Pokemon could be useful, and Jeremy couldn't return to the competitive scene without nearly going into a panic attack, something they'd learned very quickly. Things got a little better the next year, but they were far from perfect.

    Then came something that changed everything. Jeremy had been acting even more on edge and paranoid than usual, but when he suddenly grabbed what little belongings he had and told Tom they were getting out of the city, the Umbreon knew things were bad, very bad. He saw feral Pokemon, humans lying motionless, so many things that he was simply not accustomed to seeing around there. They got out of the place in the chaos, and with the path they took, Tom knew immediately where they were going-the house of Jeremy's father.

    When they arrived, Tom was told to stay outside and make sure nothing had followed them there. The Umbreon could hear Jeremy's voice, and his father's, the latter surprisingly calm for someone so usually prone to bursts of emotion. Tom blocked out the conversation, not wanting to be distracted...but what happened next couldn't be simply ignored.
    When Jeremy walked back out of that house, his father's beloved Salamence was with him, but not the man himself, and Tom's human held a gun in his hand. He was in shock. Ouranos-the Salamence-would later tell him of how his trainer had been forced to put down his other Pokemon, and had asked his son to kill him, unable to live with the act, but at the moment Tom saw that gun, he knew Jeremy had gone to a place he could never truly return from.

    After...what happened, Tom's protectiveness of Jeremy grew even stronger. Even though there was little the Umbreon could do to keep his human from falling apart, he was not going to let anyone other than the boy himself decide when his death would be. Tom kept constant watch over Jeremy, barely sleeping or eating as the weeks passed. But one night, the Umbreon heard a noise he couldn't pass off as paranoia, and followed it to make sure nothing snuck up on them unawares. That was when he saw a flash, a rush of energy, and suddenly Tom's vision went dark and he was falling...

    When he woke, Tom barely knew who he was, or where he was...and though the former returned to him, the Umbreon still had no idea where he was. All he knew was that he was separated from Jeremy, his beloved human, and he had to find him. But as four years passed with no sign of him, Tom became increasingly bitter, cynical, until all of his goals seemed completely worthless, and only instinct spurred him forward.
    Appearance Smiling Tom is an average Umbreon. His long fur is matted and unkempt, easily concealing the multitude of scars he has from years of training and battling. The only noticeable of these old wounds is a jagged line located directly under his left eye. His dark brown eyes give away little of the Umbreon's emotions; his posture itself is very rigid and stiff. Contrary to his nickname, Smiling Tom almost never actually smiles.
    Tom wears a worn, brown leather collar that has a faded dogtag attached that reads "Smiling Tom."

  • Silent
    -Speaks very little, not fond of small talk
    -Intentionally mute to avoid conversation with complete strangers, though he will speak if it necessary
  • Introvert
    -Aloof, withdrawn; more involved in his own thoughts and disinterested with those of others
    -Not shy or afraid of other people/Pokemon, just dislikes being around most of them.
    -Cares only for Orion and his Pokemon. Sees them as his few friends and is still fiercely loyal to them despite the separation
  • Unfriendly
    -Cares very little about other's emotions or experiences
    -Should he hurt or offend someone else, will dismiss them as being weak
    -Not easily impressed, couldn't care less about one's appearance, strength, status, etc.
    -He has very little experience with close friendships, excluding the one he had with his trainer Jeremy. Because of how timid and afraid Jeremy was around others, Smiling Tom learned to view anyone around him as a potential threat, which in turn hindered him from actually bonding with anyone else. Though not inherently hostile, ST still holds this mindset today.
  • Literal
    -Doesn't understand sarcasm or humor
    -Often misunderstands what others are saying
  • Determined
    -Will not give up on a goal/objective even if it seems pointless or hopeless
  • Focused
    -Rarely loses track of a goal or specific task
    -Can be impatient with Pokemon that aren't as driven as he is
    -Often pushes himself to the breaking point-physically and mentally
  • Jaded
    -Very little affects him anymore, and most of his emotions are diminished
    -Has no trouble resorting to "desperate measures" to survive
    -Little regard for idealistic morals-if one needs to steal or kill to survive, then so be it
  • Guardian Mentality
    -Despite his cold personality, Smiling Tom is still dedicated to protecting people and Pokemon from the undead, though he doesn't do it out of the kindness of his heart
    -Constantly alert, it is difficult to catch ST off guard
  • Follower
    -Specifically trained throughout childhood to obey commands, Smiling Tom is not one who can lead.
    -Has no problem with following an authority other than himself. Unless said leader is leading everyone to their deaths, ST will never complain or rebel.
  • User Notes
  • Smiling Tom thinks of himself as a weapon more than a living being. Thus, he tends to not take care of himself properly. The Umbreon finds eating to be tedious-often forgoing food-and will not sleep for days at a time.
  • Will never kill a human under any circumstance. He will fight them and harm them if needed (i.e protecting another), but Smiling Tom refuses to actually kill humans.
  • His speech is quite monotone (and almost robotic in nature, if ST is talking to strangers.)
  • His collar was made for him by Jeremy's father. Tom does not feel comfortable without it on.

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