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Gareth and Alex, the Ninetales and Furret (Mahogony|Ace)


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Gareth and Alex, the Ninetales and Furret (Mahogony|Ace)

Post by Abysswalker on Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:01 pm

image here

Gareth & Alex
Text Color #8c1717
Item None (both)
Gender Male (both)
Age Adult
Young Adult (around 25-27)
Species #038: Ninetales, the Fox Pokemon
#162: Furret, the Long Body Pokemon
Height 5'08" (very tall)
4'03" (much shorter than average)
Weight 56 lbs
54 lbs (underweight)
Pokédex Entry Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1,000-year curse.
The mother puts its offspring to sleep by curling up around them. It corners foes with speed.
Level 48
Ability Flash Fire
Keen Eye
Nature Calm
Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
Likes to run
Moves -Payback (Lvl. Up-pre evolution)
-Flamethrower (Lvl. Up-pre-evolution)
-Hypnosis (Breeding)
-Dream Eater (TM)

-Sunny Day (TM)
-Slam (Lvl. Up)
-Shadow Claw (TM)
-Fury Swipes (Lvl. Up)
History Life was...normal.

Gareth was the first of the two siblings, born to a competitive breeder looking for the right traits with the baby Pokemon. Nothing of much interest happened in his life during this time, with the young Vulpix mostly staying around his Delphox father. When he was around five years old, Gareth received a sibling-a tiny Sentret named Alex. As they grew older, the two became inseperable, always together and side-by-side. The boys and their father were eventually given away to a trainer with a main interest in Fire-types; though the two were not yet old enough to start battling, they had various forms of training as the years past. Gareth, being the oldest, was the first to start being used for real battles, and he enjoyed it. Later, Alex would join; the brothers would be lucky enough to be mainly involved in double battles together.

This was life, for adolescence, for adulthood. The two switched trainers a few times, but it wasn't really that hard to adjust. Things were normal. Things were good.

That all changed with the plague, what others were calling the epidemic. The corpses, Pokemon and people alike dying fast...the brothers weren't used to death. The catastrophe was far beyond their own strength, yet still they fought on. Gareth, Alex, and their father managed to escape from the city they'd been staying in, and sought shelter in a nearby cottage. The owner-whoever it was-didn't trust any Pokemon, and refused to let the three inside.

Appearance Gareth is far taller than most Ninetales, surpassing them by two feet. He falls into the lanky category, his impressive height not supported by any sort of real muscle or great strength. Gareth is missing two of his tails, and his coloration is average.

He is often seen with his brother Alex on his back or curled loosely around his neck.

Alex, in contrast with his older brother, is shorter than most Furret, but like his sibling is also quite thin. He has no unique coloration. The Furret prefers to stay on his brother's back, and occasionally curls around his neck in order to see who-or what-is in front of them.
Personality Gareth:
Deceptively kind/charming, charismatic
Calculating, clever, cold, cares little for anyone else but himself and (kind of) Alex
Callous, quite cruel, hunts any and all living for sport, loves to torture them psychologically
Methodical, patient, confident in his abilities/ruse (almost overly-so)
Beyond paranoid, distrustful of everyone
No longer capable of guilt or remorse
Far from fearless, deep down terrified of dying, targets weaker Pokemon, avoids all-out confrontations
The more level-headed of the two, the one that keeps things under control should their hunt go wrong
(Usually) able to keep from panicking too much

Dependent on Gareth, always around him
Much more upbeat and relaxed than his brother
Also more energetic, talks a lot, generally more "sociable", usually doesn't actively look for victims (depending on his brother to do that instead)
Though he, of course, lies and fakes things, Alex is completely capable of befriending others and acting completely normal (before turning and ruthlessly butchering them with Gareth.)
Because of this, almost always the one that gains the trust of their victim(s) first
Equally capable of murder and hunting for sport, also has suppressed guilt and remorse, not entirely nonexistent but not acute enough to worry him
Not as patient, easily panicked, not good under pressure
Usually quite loyal to his brother and can follow orders, unless placed in a highly stressful situation
User Notes
  • Gareth is roughly five years older than Alex
  • They are indeed half-siblings.
  • Delphox father
  • Based off of Gareth and Alex from AMC's The Walking Dead
  • After the hunt, they eat their victims. Just FYI.
  • [/color]


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