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Re: (ACE) The DRAGON Team

Post by ShadowCharizard on Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:33 pm

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Blackthorne City Dragon's Den Entrance|Mid Morning

The entire ceiling caved in blocking the tunnel of any further undead zubats or golbats. The dust covered the entire area blocking Dirk's vision to the point where he couldn't see anything in front of his face. The Druddigon looked around hearing wind starting to howl through the tunnel behind them. Yet, the wind was blowing against his face which could only mean one thing. The cave in created an escape route. The undead zubats and golbats were no more as they was crushed from the falling debris. The dust finally cleared and as Dirk looked around, Noiz and Clear was gone. Not a single trace of them was found in the rubble except for the bodies of the zubats that was crushed underneath the rubble. "Could they have escaped this cavern? I'm sorry my lady, but I must make haste back to the castle." That said Dirk started making his way out of the cavern. Climbing up onto the rubble, Dirk looked around seeing the sunlight touch the ground.

The Druddigon climbed out of the hole walking out into the open as he was ready to fly off back home. In his short time with them, he couldn't help but feel that his mission was just beginning. His master was still out there somewhere and he wouldn't stop until he found his human. The Dragon type turned around looking at Peregrine. With a smile, he nodded his head and spoke his final words to her knowing that he might not see her again in a long time. "Peregrine, good luck out there and hope we cross paths again in the future." Dirk started flapping his wings and lifted off the ground as he looked at Peregrine. The Druddigon turned around facing the northeast direction. He closed his eyes as tears rolled down his face. There was no way to know if Amitiel was even alive now with the tunnels completely blocked off. His eyes open as he wipes away the tears and flies off to the northeast towards his home. I wish you could come Peregrine, but I shan't forget the deeds you have done. Dirk thought to himself as he flew off into the horizon.

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Re: (ACE) The DRAGON Team

Post by Duma on Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:13 am

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||Blackthorne City [Outskirts] | Early Morning||
Peregrine sighed, her disappointment showing as the Noivern realized that her plaything was no longer there. Frowning, she turned and began to walk back, but was stopped by Dirk. "Could they have escaped this cavern? I'm sorry my lady, but I must make haste back to the castle." Castle? What the fuck was he on about? She didn't have time to ponder the Druddigon's words as they soon fled the cavern, getting up to the surface. Sighing, Peregrine, turned and continued along her path. "Peregrine, good luck out there and hope we cross paths again in the future." She scoffed loudly.

"If I see ye again, don't doubt that I won't tear ye throat out, Dirk. A word of advice lad, I am dangerous. Luckily for ye, I have bigg'r fish to fry. This will be the last time that ye see me, on good terms anyway. Goodbye, Dirk." She said, turning and walking the other way. Once she drew far enough away, she opened her jaws and let out a continuous high pitched screech that began to vibrate the cavern around her. The Noivern's Boomburst soon caused the cavern to cave in, and she lept from the hole, taking to the skies and flying away from the cavern. Perhaps Noiz had fled too, and maybe she would meet him again. Peregrine cackled at the thought, her tongue swiping across her sharp teeth and lips as she dipped her wings and turned, flying off in a random direction.

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