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Beedrill #3829 the Undead Beedrill [Hoenn, Floater-inactive]



Beedrill #3829 the Undead Beedrill [Hoenn, Floater-inactive]

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:58 pm

Name: Beedrill ((Techincally Beedrill #3829))
Species: #15 Beedrill, The Poison Bee Pokemon
Approximate time of infection: A few days ago
Known Moves:
-Poison Jab
-Toxic Spikes
Height: 3’03”/ 1.0m
Weight: 65.0lbs/ 29.5kg

Even as a newborn weedle, number 3829 knew that he was part of a colony. He had a place to serve, he had a constant job to do, he was never supposed to divulge from this job, and that was how he liked it. He liked knowing he was a part of something, knowing that he would always have a hive to come back to, that there were always a place for him. As a weedle, his job was only to eat, and grow bigger so he can evolve faster, very simple. He quickly became a kakuna. Being a kakuna was probably one of the worst experiences, being completely immobile, and not being able to do anything except wait to become a beedrill.

When he finally became a beedrill, it was the happiest day of his life, he would finally be able to be of use to his hive. There were two jobs in just about all hives, to gather pollen for the hive and to collect either berries or leaves for the pokemon in the hive, and then there was to guard the hive from any and all possible threats. As much as he would have liked to become a guard for his hive, he was appointed as a gather.

Long before he was hatched, his hive had formed an agreement with neighboring gloom, vileplum, bellossum, and sunflora. They would be able to collect their pollen daily, as long as the beedrill refrained from attacking them if they got too close. Both parties benefited from it since beedrills liked to make their hives near trees with especially good berries, so the pokemon could gather those berries without fear of being stung.

It went like this most of his life, he’d spend all day collecting pollen, bring it to the hive, feed the weedles, and sleep at night. To others, it might seem like a stale life, but there was one thing that made it all worthwhile, the queen of the hive, the vespiqueen. While some hives only had combee’s and vespiqueen’s, or only the weedle evolutionary line, theirs was a bigger conjoined hive. There was a unspoken mindset that the real reason they guarded the hive was to protect their queen, for to them, the queen was everything. They loved their queen, her look, her smell, and her orders; to please the queen was to please themselves.

Their hive was set in a rather high mountain full of trees, so while the rest of Kanto had fallen prey to the new unknown forces of the undead, they remained completely oblivious. It was by some sheer force of bad luck that #3829 was the first to encounter it in the hive. He had been going on with his normal routine of going through flower pokemon to flower pokemon and collecting pollen. He hadn’t noticed that the forest was strangely quiet, so when he got to the pokemon, he didn’t pay any attention to the differences. He had even partaken of some of the sap from a few of the blossums like he normally did. So when he had taken the pollen he didn’t notice that it smelled different, that the pokemon were acting strange, he was just on autopilot as he returned to his hive to store the pollen he had collected.

But the other beedrill had noticed, and they did the only thing they could think of, they protected the hive. #3829 had not expected to encounter any sort of threat from his own colony, so when the beedrill attacked, they struck hard. He tried to block, but the guards had more experience, and they were stronger, his needle arm easily got shattered. It ended with a needle through the torso, going completely through his body. The last thing he saw was even his own Vespiqueen casting scornful looks on him. The beedrills carried the body as far away from the hive as they could, they did not like the smell of death falling upon the hive and scaring the other bug pokemon. When 3829 got up from the fatal injury, everything was different. He had no colony, no family, no purpose, and worst of all no queen.

User Notes:
-Recently dead, so he can still speak, though not much
-Wanders around looking for his purpose, killing those that have no answer.
-Carries around the burnt head of a vespiqueen(Lostcall's vespiqueen)
-Believes the head talks to him and tells him to do things.
-Is very protective of his queen's head.
-Now has a slight fear of fire.

((thanks to Lostcall for the image, and sprite))

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Re: Beedrill #3829 the Undead Beedrill [Hoenn, Floater-inactive]

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