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Xerzaephes the Liepard and Ghost the Absol [WIP]


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Xerzaephes the Liepard and Ghost the Absol [WIP]

Post by Abysswalker on Tue Oct 14, 2014 2:29 pm

Theme Gem Shards [Steven Universe Soundtrack]
Text Color #513d8a
Item Reaper Cloth
Biological Sex Male
Chosen Gender Identity Agender (pronouns do not matter to him)
Age Aging Adult
Species #510: Liepard, the Cruel Pokemon
Height 3'7"
Weight 82.7 lbs
Pokédex Entry Stealthily, it sneaks up on its target, striking from behind before its victim has a chance to react.
Level 60
Ability Limber
Nature Impish
Characteristic Proud of their power
Moves -U-Turn (TM)
-Taunt (Lvl. Up)
-Torment (Lvl. Up)
-Night Slash (Lvl. Up)
Quote "What's the fun in that?"
History WIP
Bulbapedia "To be added"
Appearance A normal Liepard, the only thing to give Xerzaephes a way to stand out is the tattered Reaper Cloth tied loosely around his neck. He has a thinner frame suited for someone who has been trained to be quick and agile, but also has enough bulk and muscle to give him physical strength to back up his speed.
Religion Giratina, Yveltal, though less as gods and more as just role models.
Motivation who knows?
  • Xerzaephes wants power, and the epidemic has given him the means to do so. No longer bound by a trainer or Pokemon far stronger than himself, Xerzae is free to pursue control-and he not above using any and all means to get it. Cruel, callous acts are nothing but a means to an end to him, and the suffering of others won't stop him in his tracks.
  • He loves tricking others, and making them complacent by pretending to be on their side. He'll work with someone before pulling the rug out from under them, all to see the look on their face when they realise how badly they have messed up trusting him. Xerzae places little value in trust or honesty, utilising them only when he actually wants to.
  • The only ones who truly earn his respect are those with the mental fortitude to withstand his mind games. He admires such strength, and would rather keep those he admires alive, as they could very well be useful to him. However, if said person has proven to be too volatile to let live, Xerzaphes will attempt to kill them outright.
  • Xerzaephes has an inflated sense of self-importance; hubris is often his downfall, and many of his schemes have gone awry due to arrogance, though he has never once admitted to messing up or failing. Despite the fact that he is intelligent and good at getting into people's heads, Xerzae always thinks he is five steps ahead, often blinded to what others may be hiding.
  • Despises the notion that good luck exists, and is obsessed with the misfortunes of others, strongly believing that everyone needs disappointment and suffering in their lifetime. If he doesn't think they've endured those yet, he'll deliver such trials himself, because nobody is allowed to escape them.
  • Xerzaephes is outwardly charismatic, often acting friendly towards strangers and is fond of conversation and debate. While mostly used just to learn more and have more ammunition against others, some part of Xerzae loves social interaction, though he's long forgotten what it feels like to have an actual friend and doesn't really care about having another.
  • His feelings towards his former friends are conflicted-on one hand, he hates them all with a passion, but he also wants to see them again-and not kill them, either. Xerzaephes is reluctant to try and figure out exactly what his attitude towards them is, and prefers to simply ignore any stray thoughts involving them.

  • wip
  • User Notes
  • EJ adaption of personal OC
  • Usually goes by male pronouns, but it really doesn't matter to him what's he called.
  • Team notes TEAMNOTES
    Affiliations Ericson: First friend he ever had. Xerzaephes nearly killed Ericson while being manipulated into believing that his best friend's death was a necessary sacrifice.
    Mathos, Nyaomi, Rabyros, Lania: His former friends
    Development Notes DEVELOPMENT


    Text Color:




    #359: Absol, the Disaster Pokemon


    103.6 lbs

    Pokedex Entry:
    It appears when it senses an impending natural disaster. As a result, it was mistaken as a doom bringer.




    Likes to fight

    -Perish Song (Start)
    -Night Slash (Lvl. Up)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    -Psycho Cut (Lvl. Up)



    -Full of determination, persistent. Refuses to give up or back down from a fight.
    -Brave to the point of recklessness; loves challenges and fighting others.
    -Appears shy and soft-spoken, but actually has a deep loathing for most Pokemon and silently judges them.
    -Violent, yet casual about it. Sees hurting and even killing someone as not a big deal.
    -Worships death, lives only to bring the "gift" upon those that have proven themselves worthy (whether someone is worthy is based entirely upon her own whims and rationale.)
    -Looks upon those who fear or abhor death with disgust and contempt.
    -Utterly loyal only to a "leader" (which changes only if the current one dies.) Cares little for others.
    -On very rare occasions, can bond with someone other than the leader. This has not happened in quite a long time.
    -Clever, patient; after deciding a victim, will never give up on trying to kill them unless commanded otherwise
    -Good at hiding emotions
    -Has difficulty communicating with strangers but can figure out ways to overcome this, depending on the situation.
    -Conditioned to be mute; the only exception is speaking to her "leader" (in this case, Xerzaephes.) Person of few words even to him, will not talk if others are around

    User Notes:
    -Based roughly off of a friend of mine (hi!)
    -Named after Ghost from George R.R Martin's [i]A Song of Ice and Fire


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