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Zeus the Jolteon (WIP)


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Zeus the Jolteon (WIP)

Post by Abysswalker on Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:57 pm


Text Color #d9d919
Item None
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #135: Jolteon, the Lightning Pokemon
Height 2'07"
Weight 54 lbs
Pokédex Entry It accumulates negative ions in the atmosphere to blast out 10,000-volt lightning bolts.
Level 49
Ability Volt Absorb
Nature Bold
Characteristic Somewhat vain ("somewhat")
Moves -Swagger (TM)
-Attract (TM)
-Charge Beam (TM)
History blah blah history
Appearance Though he is fairly average appearance-wise, Zeus makes up for this lack of uniqueness through the sheer amount of confidence and pride he puts into his posture. Head raised, chin up, and chest puffed out-this is how the Jolteon carries himself. Always one to be overdramatic, Zeus often creates small sparks around his fur to draw others' attention.
Personality Zeus is extremely prideful, to the point of arrogance. He sees himself as being above everyone else, but will give grudging respect to powerful battlers or those that have proven themselves (in his eyes, anyways). Due to him being full of exaggerated confidence, the Jolteon views his battle prowess as unmatchable-he is, in his own mind, invincible and unable to lose. Making no attempt to show humility, Zeus is stubbornly caught in a self-delusion of absolute power; everyone else should listen to him and follow his example, he insists. Such hubris makes him brash and temperamental-while he can shrug off petty insults, anyone who dares continue to doubt how amazing Zeus is more often than not find themselves challenged to a ridiculous duel.
The Jolteon is overdramatic, often exaggerating true events and making bold claims about his strength. He is quite loud, and seems to never stop talking-in other words, completely irritating to most Pokemon.

*will update later
User Notes -Hopelessly and dramatically in love with Ricxs' Hera.
-Will be leading the Dark Team (Poor Life Choices Team) should it be approved.
-Might be dualed with this guy.

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