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Miles the Houndour [another Balth wip]


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Miles the Houndour [another Balth wip]

Post by Abysswalker on Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:14 pm


Item Everstone
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #228: Houndour, the Dark Pokemon
Height 2'03"
Weight 23.8 lbs
Pokédex Entry
Around dawn, its ominous howl echoes through the area to announce that this is its territory.
Level 35
Ability Early Bird
Nature Sassy
Characteristic Strong willed
Moves -Roar (Level-Up)
-Bite (Level-Up)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Sunny Day (TM)
History backstory things
Appearance Other than having blue eyes and being slightly taller than most Houndours, Miles is average in terms of coloration and body structure. He wears a band around his paw with a piece of everstone attached to it; the Houndour thinks it's tacky, but would rather not evolve and doesn't want to carry an Everstone around constantly.
Personality -Upfront and honest, doesn't hesitate to state his opinions, especially the negative ones.
-Rather impatient, hates riddles and being lead in circles.
-Affinity for dark humor and sarcasm; uses dry jokes often. Not above insulting others if he is annoyed by them.
-Easily irritated by the overly-happy or optimistic
-Aloof, can appear to be detached and selfish, but is not entirely unconcerned for the wellbeing of others. For the most part, his loner attitude is used as a sort of defense mechanism.
-Tries to avoid bonding with anyone, seeing it as unnecessary emotional baggage
-Tendency to take risks and get himself into danger, mostly out of morbid curiosity towards the undead
-Very stubborn, doesn't get along well with those that have similar personalities.
-Fiercely independent; refuses to be ordered around and despises manipulative leaders.
-Extremely interested in how the epidemic began and how the infection works, but has no way to find out
User Notes
  • Text color is #8b795e
    -based off Miles from Outlast

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